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Does insurance in Florida cost more for commercial drivers?

Most Quotes Don’t Cover Commercial Drivers

No one likes paying a lot for car insurance, but insurance is a requirement if you want to operate a vehicle in the state. Smart consumers often get additional riders on their policies to cover them for additional risks and get higher coverage amounts. It’s important to remember that FL car insurance quotes are only good if you accurately describe the type and amount of driving you’re planning on doing. If you misrepresent your driving habits, even unintentionally, you may end up voiding your insurance and incurring big liabilities with no insurance payout to cover them. The most common way to run afoul of car insurance requirements is to use your car for commercial purposes while only carrying a standard driver’s insurance policy.

The Difference Between Personal And Commercial Driving Isn’t Always Clear

It’s an easy mistake to make. There’s a gray area between normal car insurance policies and commercial insurance policies, and it’s possible for a driver to start using their car to do commercial driving without even realizing it. If you are a self-employed person, for instance, there are limits to how many miles a day you can drive your personal vehicle for work before it’s considered a commercial vehicle. If you’re transporting others for work more than occasionally, you might void your policy entirely.

Letting Others Use Your Car For Business Is A No-No

There are many other situations like these that call for discretion when dealing with the type of auto insurance you carry. Let’s say you start making deliveries on a regular basis. That will probably be a red flag for your insurer, so it’s best to check with them before you begin delivering things for a part-time or full-time job and use your personal vehicle to do so. In addition, if you allow others to use your vehicle for work-related uses like making deliveries, you’re potentially incurring huge liabilities that almost always won’t be covered by standard car insurance policies. Commercial auto insurance policies generally have much higher liability limits than personal policies for a reason.


Commercial automobile insurance policies will not only cover you and any employees or colleagues that are riding in the vehicle if there’s an accident, they’ll cover you if tools or other important items for you business are lost, stolen, or destroyed in an accident. Even lost wages can be covered under a commercial policy.

Don’t Run Afoul Of Law Enforcement Just To Save A Few Bucks

It’s not just the insurance company that will take an interest in your insurance policy if you have an accident while working in a car that’s only insured for personal use. The State of Florida requires higher limits for both personal injury and other liability for commercial vehicles than they do for standard passenger vehicles for personal use. If you have an accident, it’s possible for you to be charged with a crime for failing to register your vehicle and insure it for commercial use.


It’s better to be safe than sorry. Talk to your insurance agent about whether you need to upgrade your car insurance to a commercial policy before you are involved in an accident and find out you’re not covered.

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