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Some of the bigger Florida boating trends you might want to jump on.

If you are lucky to own a boat, or have spent any amount of time out on the water, you know how many trends can seemingly explode out of nowhere to completely and totally transform this industry – catching everyone by surprise.

In fact, it wasn’t all that long ago that boat shoes all of a sudden became the “must have piece of footwear” across the globe – a trend that is continuing to have a tremendous amount of steam as of late, showing no signs whatsoever of slowing down. Boaters thought that they were the only ones aware of just how amazingly comfortable, cool looking, and fun to wear at these shoes really were – just showing how the boating industry in general can shape and mold the rest of our modern life.

However, there are a number of big boat trends that surprised a lot of people, and a number of boat trends that might explode in popularity next year. Giving you a chance to get in on them early. Here are just some of our favorites!

Luxury private yacht ownership exploded exponentially all across the planet

The luxury private yacht ownership world exploded all across this giant blue marble – and looks to continue to trend upwards in the years to come. A number of truly elite level luxury yachts recently completed their construction process (including the one that Steve Jobs had commissioned before his death – sadly, he wasn’t able to enjoy it, but now the rest of the world can), and high-end luxury yacht producers continue to pump out amazing seaworthy vessels at an almost alarming rate.

We are beginning to see a number of new construction materials prop up in the production and manufacturer of these boats, and high-end finishes galore are starting to creep into even the smallest personal and private yet spirit we’re talking about all different kinds of aluminum, amazing quantities of stainless steel, teak like you would have never believed, and other glass and precious material finishes found all throughout the ships.

Luxury private yacht ownership numbers have continued to swell, and the secondhand market is taking full advantage of as a swelling in ownership to boost the values of these “used yachts” dramatically. The value buys might not be there in the same way that they were just a few short years ago, but you can still find some if you are willing to look a bit longer.

Sailing club membership levels are also on the rise

Another big trend in the world of boats would have to be that sailing club membership levels all over the planet are also on the rise – a remarkable swing in the up trend that most industry analysts simply could not have anticipated or expected.

In fact, according to some industry reports, sailing boat and sailing club membership levels were at an all-time low of about four or five years ago, and though that number had ticked slightly upwards most of these clubs and organizations had absolutely no expectation of gaining new membership in the years to come.

That’s a trend that is definitely well worth watching, as well as a trend that you’re going to want to focus on moving forward. There is no better opportunity to learn how to sail then at one of these organizations, and it’s a picture perfect way to easily afford a fleet of ships and boats that you never would have been able to own otherwise.

Trends that are worth paying attention to

Now that we’ve talked about two of the biggest trends as far as boats are concerned, it’s important that we try and take a look into the future to see what I might be exciting, interesting, or transformative.

More people are focusing on smaller and more modern boat designs than ever before

The “green movement” is in full swing as far as the boating industry is concerned, with a number of larger yacht manufacturers focusing on smaller, more efficient, and speedier yachts and boats and then ever before.

This will obviously take up less construction materials, use a less resources to produce, and can help these manufacturers produce more and more boats then they would have been able to before – making everybody in the boating world far happier as well as keeping those that care about the environment happy, too.

Wooden boats are making a big wake in the boat ownership world

Now that we’ve talked about the overall “green movement” when it comes to the modern boat industry, it’s important to understand that there is a big movement in the secondhand boat world to breathe new life into wooden boats, wooden ships, and other almost “ancient” vessels – literally making them seaworthy once again so that a whole new generation of boat owners can enjoy them.

This is happening all over the world, but more specifically in the United States, Canada, and the rest of North and South America. Wooden boats and wooden ships have a number of design aesthetics that simply cannot be duplicated by anyone else on the planet using modern materials, and there’s nothing that can quite compete with the old-fashioned charm and elegance of a wooden seagoing vessel.

That these are just a few of the trends that you might want to pay attention to moving forward, just a few of the trends that can help you get in on the undercurrent of a new trend before it is oversaturated. Keep your eye glued to the horizon to spot new trends before they begin to develop, and we’ll refocus on these trends in about a year’s time!

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