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What to do for Florida health insurance when fails you?

The Affordable Care Act is something residents of this great nation have been hearing about for the better part of two years. Essentially, the ACA mandates that all citizens of the United States (with a few exceptions) must have enrolled for health care coverage early in 2014. Millions of people took to the Internet to examine the different plans available in their state. Many of those people took advantage of now having access to affordable health care coverage, and they quickly signed up.

However, millions of people are still living without some type of health care coverage. Aside from paying what could turn out to be a stiff penalty on your 2014 tax return, you can still sign up for health care coverage and expect to be covered in 2015. It’s always best to check with a certified professional, or speak to your tax preparer to find out all the rules and regulations surrounding a late sign-up. But primarily speaking, there’s still time to sign up so you can avoid future financial penalties.  The list of Florida health insurance providers is quite expansive, and there are numerous options for residents of the Sunshine State to choose from.

Many of these insurers can be found online by going to, the official site to sign up for Obamacare. At the site, you’ll be able to look at numerous Florida health insurance providers currently listed on the Health Insurance Marketplace. Before you start the process, give yourself a head start by having all your pertinent information on hand, such as your social security number as well as last year’s W2 or tax return. You will also need to include income from other sources, such as unemployment benefits, pension, alimony or child support.


Can’t find anything on the market place? There are numerous private Florida health insurance providers

 For a variety of reasons, many people opt to purchase health insurance from a company or broker that isn’t listed on the market place exchange and that is certainly okay and acceptable. New regulations and restrictions surrounding the health care insurance industry now mean that you’ll pay roughly the same price for coverage, no matter where you purchase it, whether it’s online, directly from a broker, or on the online marketplace.

In any case, be prepared for extensive and lengthy paperwork that will need filled out. If you simply don’t understand the process, ask a friend or colleague to assist you, or call representatives from any of the numerous Florida health insurance providers currently offering their services. Some of the more well-known agencies you might try contacting include: Humana, Molina Healthcare of Florida, CoventryOne, Florida Healthcare Plans (FHCP), Cigna Health and Life Insurance, Ambetter from Sunshine Health, Preferred Medical Plan, Health First Insurance, Florida Blue, or Aetna.


What’s the right choice?

Well, it depends on your situation and what type of health insurance coverage you want, and need. Your best bet is to contact us today for a quote from every one of these providers. Regardless of your situation, there are plenty of options available and an array of coverage benefits exclusive to each plan. Do your homework, and choose wisely. Your health depends on it.

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