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What’s the best health insurance in Florida?

I’ve seen the options! But what’s the best health insurance in Florida?

The bill comes in the mail, and you’re suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of anxiety and worry. Medical and hospital bills can decimate a family, and lead to a bankruptcy filing or even the loss of their home.

It’s a situation you never want to find yourself in. Unfortunately, though, many people find themselves in that exact situation because they lack the health care coverage they need to protect them from financial ruin from unexpected medical expenses.

How do I find the best health insurance in Florida?

It’s the question of the year, it seems. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans were scrambling this year to not only sign up for health care coverage, but to find the best health insurance available for themselves and their families.

The same is true in Florida, where residents of the Sunshine State are offered a variety of plans through the official Obamacare Health Exchange Plans, or dozens of private health insurance brokers and companies.

Determining which one is the best coverage for you can feel like an overwhelming task, but signing up for health care coverage is now an absolute necessity unless you want to be penalized when the tax man cometh.

Which plan works for you?

Florida, like many other states in the nation, now offers several tiers of coverage. The minimum plan of coverage is catastrophic, which can save you or your family from financial ruin if someone suffers a huge medical event that leads to astronomical medical bills. However, signing up for the minimum coverage only can mean important preventative care such as annual mammograms or cancer tests will not be covered.

Lower-tier plans such as bronze or silver are available for people who are in reliatlvey good health and want to pay less money up front in premiums. Again, though, these plans will not offer you comprehensive, all-inclusive coverage.

If you’re in a secure financial position, you might consider one of the higher-tier plans such as gold or platinum. Oftentimes, these plans offer a high level of coverage, but come with a high price tag as well in the form of monthly premiums.

Purchasing a plan from a private broker or company will be relatively comparable in cost, and offer similar coverage. Each company varies, however, and to determine the best health insurance in Florida, you will need to ask yourself several questions before you sign up.

First, determine your “want” versus your “need.” If you have a pre-existing condition that requires more frequent doctor visits or medical tests, you should really consider opting for a high-tier coverage plan. It’s true the monthly premium will be higher, but you’ll find more extensive coverage of tests and procedures, as well as a broader network of health care providers enrolled in the plan.

Secondly, what can you afford? We would all like the best health insurance on the market place, but sometimes we simply can’t afford it. If you’re a younger person who is in relatively good health, you might consider a lower-tier plan now so you can pay less up front. As your financial situation improves, you can consider changing your plan to one that offers broader coverage.

Lastly, ask yourself what comprehensive coverage is worth to you. There are literally hundreds of insurers offering a variety of plans to Florida residents. Simply cutting out or reducing certain expenses out of your household budget can give you some wiggle room to possibly purchase a better plan. Your health is important. Treat it that way, and sign up today for the best health insurance of Florida for you and your household.

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