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Florida Homeowners Insurance Explained in Detail

Florida homeowners insurance policies cover loss or damage to a property and a sense of safety in a disaster. Of course, no one expects to lose their home and possessions. However, lots of people go through it every day. A home insurance policy from Florida Insurance Quotes protects everything when the unforeseen occurs. In some states, additional coverage may be necessary to protect a home entirely. For example, carriers require additional coverage due to hurricanes during certain months. Contact Florida Insurance Quotes to receive a free Florida homeowners insurance quote today if they need hurricane insurance. 

Many home insurance policies cover accidents and home invasions. In addition, if an injury occurs on the property, liability insurance covers any lawsuits. General homeowners insurance is pretty basic stuff in every state. However, there are other details specific to Florida that others may not know. We have made a list of eight specifics regarding home insurance in Florida that everyone should know before they start getting quotes. 

Home Office Equipment May Not Be Covered

The policy may only cover minor losses if damages occur in a home office. If someone works from home, their best bet is to get a second policy. This policy would cover home office equipment more than the basic policy. Bringing any work equipment home from the office may help them finish work assignments on time. But, first, they should review the employer’s insurance policy to ensure the equipment is safe while in the home. Florida Insurance Quotes can address anyone’s questions about the coverage of office equipment. 

Some Policies Ban Coverage for Certain Pets

Dog owners may have heard of people having difficulty finding developments that allow certain dog breeds. They might find it surprising that getting homeowners insurance can be just as hard. Some insurance companies have policies against species based on size. Large dogs make it a challenge to find coverage. Rottweilers, for example. 

Discuss with an agent if coverage includes any damage a pet causes. Customers may see a premium increase for certain breeds, too. 

Jewelry and Other Valuables May Need Additional Coverage

Florida residents’ homeowner insurance will quickly pay for any losses regardless of the type. In the event of a home break-in, jewelry and guns are highly targeted items. They may require an additional policy to ensure they will be covered if damaged or stolen from the home. The best action plan asks what valuables the policy covers when shoppers get an insurance quote. 

Not Paying Premium Can Get Policy Canceled 

Has anyone ever forgotten to pay their car insurance? If so, they may have gotten a letter that the policy is ‘pending cancellation’? The same rules apply to homeowners’ insurance. If someone misses a payment, their coverage will end. As a result, the home will not have coverage if anything terrible happens. 

The best way to avoid this is to set up an auto-pay. Auto-pay is a system that automatically pays the homeowners’ insurance bill before the due date every month. That way, they will not forget to make a payment. In addition, if someone loses their job or has financial difficulties, their agent may help change the payment schedule. 

Make a List of Items in Home

If a disaster occurs, homeowners can become upset. Emotions could make them not notice missing or damaged items at the claim. We suggest homeowners list items in each room of their home. This information needs to include video and photographs of the house and property. 

This record gives the owner proof of any damage that occurs. In turn, this can speed up the claim process. It also helps if they forget to claim something valuable damaged or stolen from the home. The list is an insurance policy within a homeowners’ insurance policy. 

A Credit Score May Affect the Premium.

Many factors affect a premium. Most have to do with the property’s location. For example, inland rates are much more favorable than coastal regions. However, personal details can also raise the cost of a premium. Unfortunately, the credit score is one of those personal details. While shoppers may not be able to increase their credit score before getting insurance, there are other ways they can lower a premium. Read more below or ask any agent with Florida Insurance Quotes. 


Update a Policy After Any Home Improvements

If anyone thinks their homeowners’ insurance policy covers all repairs to the home, they would be wrong. Insurance only covers losses due to an accident or disaster. For example, the homeowner must pay for the repair if their pipes burst. The home insurance policy will pay for the water damage, but only if they have flood coverage.

Adding a porch or swimming pool will increase the value of the house. These are considered home improvements. However, the addition must add them to the home insurance policy before the contractors begin work. Contact an agent before construction begins because some additions to the house may need special coverage. Homeowners do not want to complete the repairs only to suffer a disaster. Then to make matters worse, find out if any damage to the new area of the house is not covered. 

Home Safety Features Can Lower Premium

Car insurance policies offer discounts for safety features such as daytime running lights. Many home insurance carriers also provide discounts for safety features. For example, burglar alarms and smoke detectors can help lower the premium. The reason is that these features help prevent damage from happening to their home, effectively reducing risk. Many insurance companies also offer lower premiums if a certain amount of time passes without any claims made on the policy. The insurance agent will have more information on what safety features shoppers can put in their homes to lower the premium. 

Bottom Line

Homeowners’ insurance is essential in Florida. Because we live in a state where our home is at the whim of Mother Nature, we never know when or where disaster will strike. Do not wait. Protect the house and personal belongings by contacting us today. 

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