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Florida Property Insurance, What you need to know before getting a quote online.

Most homeowners have a requirement commonly referred to as Florida property insurance, but it can be a rather confusing process.  If you are trying to find quotes for your unique situation, understanding the questions an agent will ask you is very important.  Understanding the most frequently asked questions will ensure that you are able to provide as much information as possible to get the right coverages, and great quotes.

Residence Type

Florida property insurance coverages vary greatly depending on the type of home you live in.  There are different coverage limits and policies depending on what type of residence you own, including:

  • Traditional Homes
  • Condos
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Rental Properties
  • Townhomes

Each of these residence types have specific requirements and types of policies, so make sure you have the correct information when you speak to an agent.

Age of the Home

Quotes for individual property insurance vary depending on the age of the home.  Older homes typically cost more to insure than newer ones, with brand new homes being the least expensive of all.  If possible, make sure you can provide the exact year of when your home was built to insure you get the great possible quotes.


The amount of risk changes depending on the area in which you live, and this seriously affects the quotes for property insurance.  Insurance agents will look at historical data to determine the amount of crime, potential for severe weather, and the possibility of flooding in your area to come up with the best possible quotes.  Understanding the history of your area will help you have a better understanding of the potential prices you may have to pay.

Building Materials

The materials used to build your home also influence the property insurance in Florida.  Wooden homes are more susceptible to fire and wind damage, while brick homes have the potential to better withstand these issues.  In many cases, owning a brick home can significantly lower your property insurance due to the added strength and stability.

Historical Status

If the home you are trying to insure has been granted historical or landmark status through a Historical Society, it will affect your Florida insurance quotes, as well as the type of policy needed.  If you know your home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places or Homes, make sure you have this information available when meeting with an agent.

Fire Protection

If your home is within five miles of a fire station, or 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant, you could see savings on your property insurance.  Take the time to see exactly how far away from these locations you are located so that you can provide this information to the agent.

Recent Claims

If you have had recent claims or property insurance losses (typically within the last five years), you will need to be able to provide this information when speaking to a Florida property insurance agent.

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