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You live in Florida, the land of sunshine and beaches.  It’s also the land of hurricanes, and flooding near the coastline.  Not to mention the countless other things, natural and man-made, that can damage your home – inside and out.  In other words, if you live in Florida, you need home insurance.

Home insurance companies in Florida run the whole scale of good to horrible, so you don’t want open the yellow pages and use the “close your eyes and point” method to pick one.  This is one of the most important decisions you as a homeowner will face.

After all, whichever home insurer you choose will be helping you during your time of need.  And if you pick a substandard insurance company, you can expect substandard service and poor claim payouts.

So, how do you find the best home insurance in Florida?  Do your research!

Know Your Choices

First things first, you need to know how much insurance needed and how much it will cost. has a tool for consumers to see how much a particular plan could cost them.  Now, this is simply for illustrative purposes, but it’s a great start before getting a detailed quote.

Consult an Expert

Clark Howard, the nationally syndicated radio consumer expert, has compiled a list of the highest and lowest ranked home insurers in the country.  USAA leads the list, but it only offers home insurance in the state of Florida to active duty military service members stationed within the state.  But not to worry, he has a comprehensive list of which company is good, which is bad, and which is downright ugly!  (And they may not be who you expect!)

He also gives some great tips for lowering your premiums, adding extra riders to ensure the proper amount of coverage, and getting the best policy for your money.

After you’ve decided how much insurance you need, have a general idea of how much it will cost you, and narrowed the field of insurers, don’t forget to check out the Better Business Bureau.  Doing this can help you see how local insurers are rated by their customers, and can help you narrow the field even further.

Let Your Fingers Do the Dialing

Now that you’ve got your short list of home insurance companies in Florida to compare, give us a call!  Talk to our local agents and see how responsive he or she is to your needs.  Get an exact quote and ask questions about what the policy covers, what riders are recommended and how much they cost, and what the claims policy is.

Finding the perfect insurance company may seem like a daunting task, but don’t let the process intimidate you.  If you start out with a good idea of needs and budget, do your research, and aren’t afraid to ask questions, choosing the company and coverage you need is easier than you imagined.

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