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To Buy or Not to Buy

To buy a life insurance policy or to not buy a life insurance policy. That is the question many people ask themselves. It doesn’t necessarily matter where you live, be it the Rocky Coast of Maine, or the Sunny Coasts of California or Florida. What does matter, however, is not necessarily where, but how, you live your life. Your lifestyle and overall health determine which type or policy to purchase, along with how much life insurance you should buy. If you live in Florida, there are many Life Insurance Products Florida available to you. All you need to do is a little research, and the web is perfect for this.  As with all life insurance policies, they fall into two categories. There are term policies, which translates to pure insurance coverage, and there are many varieties of whole life insurance policies. Whole life policies combine an investment product with what is called pure term insurance, and with this type of policy you’re able to build cash value. However, be aware that policies that contain an investment component can cost much more than term policies.


Proceed with Caution with Commission Based Policies

Agents sell the vast majority of life insurance policies written in the United States. Be cautious though, because the life insurance industry, like other sales industries, operates on commission. And in this case, high commission. Life Insurance Products Florida also operates in much the same way. Because whole life policies are expensive, many people are unable to afford an adequate face value, which leaves them underinsured. You may feel you’re making money off of these products, but in reality, the returns quoted by the agents are merely guesses and estimates, based on how the market is progressing. As a general rule of thumb, when dealing with Life Insurance Products Florida, (or anywhere) keep your investing and insurance separate to avoid later misfortune. Purchase enough to fill your needs, period.


Purchase When You’re Healthy to Avoid Higher Rates

While this is a given, not everyone follows this “back to basics” advice.  Buy life insurance when you are healthy to avoid increased rates due to pre-existing conditions or illnesses. Also, since Florida has a large senior citizen population, it is important to think ahead. Purchase Life Insurance Products Florida when you’re young and healthy if possible to receive the best rates.


The Simple Truth

We teach our children at an early age to tell the truth, yet, many of us fall short of that task as we become older. It is of the utmost importance to tell the truth when you’re considering purchasing a life insurance policy.  As simple as it seems, not everyone follows suit. And the simple truth is, if you are not forthright and honest, it inevitable will come back to haunt you later, often times in your wallet, not to mention potential fraud charges, etc. Avoid such situations from the get-go by simply telling the truth.

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