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Lotus Announces New C-01 Superbike

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Despite the present monetary troubles as well as shortages regarding notices concerning the future of its sporting car production, Lotus launched a latest motorcycle unit additionally revealing plans for C-01 superbike.  The C-01 will be Lotus’ first motorcycle even though all firms will have a considerable helping hand in developing it.

A latest motorbike unit, Lotus motorbikes, is actually any combined venture having Lotus racing partner Kodewa out of Germany plus car designer Daniel Simon as well as the Holzer Group. Thinking about the list of lovers, Lotus’ part is beginning to appear even more like a licensing offer than one of actual development and production.

Kodewa is actually the particular competition car constructor behind Lotus’ Le Mans and/or globe Endurance tools plus is involved with DTM as well as Formula One.

Daniel Simon, the previous Volkswagen cluster male, furthermore ended up being among the essential makers at the rear of the actual Bugatti Veyron’s form. More freshly, he’s been developing concerning Hollywood, aided by the ‘Lightcycle’ after Tron: Legacy being among his movie-associated work.

Simon, which is reputed for his neat and holistic principles, stated concerning the newer Lotus C-01: “We now have merely a single aspiration–towards creating an exclusive state-of-art machine. It really is an intense force with additional beauty type, the high-tech monster in a tailored suit.”

Lastly, all Holzer clusters are accountable for production regarding advanced content particularly titanium, carbon dietary fiber as well as aerospace steel. All may be featured predominantly in the building of C-01 superbike.

There’s already been small point output regarding anything motor that may power your bicycle, even though a 200-horsepower output has been confirmed.

More details on the Lotus C-01, including the first images, will be released in the next few weeks.

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