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FL Renters Insurance

Just because you’re not a homeowner, don’t think you don’t need to protect your belongings.   Renter’s insurance is an affordable and smart way to protect yourself and your possessions.  FL renter’s insurance can make sure you aren’t left with a huge financial burden should something happen to make your dwelling unlivable and that destroys all your belongings.


You’re probably already thinking that your possessions are meager, that you’re just starting out and haven’t acquired a lot of things.  But take a moment and look around.  Check out your closet and start making a mental note of how much it would cost to replace every clothing item you own.  (Don’t forget the essentials like all new socks and underwear!)


Then look through your kitchen.  Even if you eat every meal at McDonald’s you probably own some kitchen items like dishes, utensils and pots and pans, and what about furniture?  Even if your design style is early garage sale, what would it take to buy all of it again?


And then there’s the expensive stuff like electronics.  There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t own a TV (or 2), a computer, a cell phone.  Add in any other entertainment items like video game systems and you should start to realize the value of getting a renter’s ins. policy.


Your Landlord’s Policy Won’t Cover You


Too many renters mistakenly think that because they don’t own the property, their landlord’s policy will cover them.  Sadly, that’s a very costly mistake to make.  Your landlord’s insurance will only cover the building, not the contents.  You’re responsible for everything inside your apartment or rental home as well as everything inside your vehicle parked outside.  You’re also responsible for any injuries that might occur inside your apartment by your guests.


So, one awkward trip and fall by a friend, and you’re liable for their medical expenses.  Someone breaks into your car and steals your laptop; it’s out of your pocket.  If your dwelling is destroyed by fire or weather, you’ll need to live somewhere else until it’s repaired and guess who pays?  Suddenly, renter’s coverage is sounding like a pretty good deal, don’t you think?


Become Familiar with Renter’s Insurance


Make sure you educate yourself on the things that are covered by a renter’s policy.  There may be exclusions, especially for natural disaster related losses.  Living in Florida, you will want to make sure you are covered by damages from winds, floods and hurricanes.  If necessary, you may need to buy additional coverage for these situations.


Check for any and all discounts you may be eligible for.  Living in a secure community can possibly lower your premiums.  Likewise, having a sprinkler system, the age of the construction, even your age can all be potential discounts.  But don’t worry if you aren’t eligible.  Getting a renter’s policy is one of the most affordable types there is.


FL renters insurance is the best way to protect yourself from potential financial ruin should the worse happen.  It’s affordable and easy to purchase for anyone renting.

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