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Getting Behind Florida Boat Insurance

Although it sounds extraneous, boat insurance is actually an important component that goes into the care of any water-bound vehicle, or most notably, a boat.


Any boat owner needs some type of Florida boat insurance policy, even if they think they don’t need one. Insurance policies, in general, protect people against sudden accidents, liabilities and other situations that fall out of their control.


Insurance also helps cover payments for important things that simply improve one’s quality of life, most notably their health. So, boat insurance is important because it can protect a boat and the owner from various elements throughout the year.


Behind boat insurance


Boat insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects a boat and its owner, as mentioned, in the event of any type of loss. This type of insurance policy covers all motorized water vehicles, which can include fishing boats, jet skis and yachts.


Since this insurance policy mainly covers motorized water vehicles, boats and other water vehicles that aren’t motorized don’t have coverage. This includes water vehicles like canoes, kayaks and paddle boats. Some home insurance policies, however, do provide some coverage for the aforementioned non-motorized water vehicles.


The most standard coverage options for boat insurance are generally the following:


  • Property damage and/or body injury liabilities.
  • Uninsured boaters.
  • Medical pay.
  • Collision coverage.
  • Comprehensive coverage.


Most, if not all Florida boat insurance companies – especially in the state of Florida – will have some type of standard boat insurance policy using one […]

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A Sea of Florida Boat Insurance

A Sea of Insurance options in Florida

You love your boat.  You love sailing it around the beautiful waters off the coast of FL.  Whether you’re on the Gulf side or the Atlantic side, or even down near the Caribbean, you want to protect your investment.

Florida marine insurance is there to help repair or replace your ship should it get damaged.  Just because you pilot it safely doesn’t mean every boater on the water is as safety conscious.  All it takes to ruin your day on the water is an inexperienced, intoxicated, or careless boater to hit your boat.  Or a storm could come up.  There are many risks inherent in boat ownership.

Float Your Boat

Boats are designed to be in water.  That brings a whole new level of risk to the table for you and your insurance company.  And before you think your homeowner’s policy will cover your boat, read it.  Ask the company before you take that sail boat or power boat for a spin.  If it doesn’t cover it, and it most likely doesn’t, you need specific coverage for your boat.

Did you budget for nautical coverage?  Many owners don’t, as they assume – albeit incorrectly – that their homeowners policy covers their boat.  If not, never fear, cheap boat insurance Florida compliant is available.

Compliance is a word you hear a lot.  It simply means that the coverage is in line with current coverage laws and regulations.  Start with the company you use for your homeowners or renters policy.  If they are different from your auto insurance company, get one from the auto agent, too.

Bundle Up Tight

Don’t forget, a great way to save money is to use one company for everything.  So, while you’re getting a quote, if your home and auto policies aren’t bundled, […]

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Boat Sales Jump in Florida Yet Again

The National Sea Providers Organization established now that recreational boating has got an yearly economic worth of $121 billion dollars, a number which includes brand new and additionally used product sales, create and trip sales and additionally work revenue.

“Every little thing that touches boating is an element of that learn,” NMMA spokeswoman Sarah Ryser explained Trade Solely Now. “It is the first time the NMMA possess done something of this particular magnitude.”
The information showed which Americans spent more cash upon yearly boat trips than in almost any different classification, potentially reflecting the 6 % rise in boating participation. They even spent even more upon maintenance, maintenance and also components when compared to upon new boats, motors and also trailers.
“Create and also trip” shelling out in the United Claims calculated $83 billion, which include new boats, motorsand trailers, accounting for $twenty.7 billion; used vessels, motors and additionally trailers, making upwards $eleven.74 billion; “yearly craft spending,” or perhaps maintenance, parts and also maintenance at just $23.64 billion; and also vessel trip shelling out at $27.72 billion, Ryser stated.
The business allows 964,000 American jobs and 34,833 businesses, contributing $39.9 billion dollars in yearly work revenue. The findings happened to be part of data accumulated for the annual U.S. Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract, that will be revealed later on in June.

Though the couple re a little percentage of total sales, brand new sailboat shopping happened to be upwards 29.2 percent in 2012, providing new-boat sales a little push all-around.
The NMMA had estimated which sales total rose 10 percent – the biggest gain seen because the economic slump s onset – starting a media blitz covering the business s rebound. New-boat sales had been in fact upwards ten.7 %, to 163,245, with powerboat sales rising […]

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Some of the bigger Florida boating trends you might want to jump on.

If you are lucky to own a boat, or have spent any amount of time out on the water, you know how many trends can seemingly explode out of nowhere to completely and totally transform this industry – catching everyone by surprise.

In fact, it wasn’t all that long ago that boat shoes all of a sudden became the “must have piece of footwear” across the globe – a trend that is continuing to have a tremendous amount of steam as of late, showing no signs whatsoever of slowing down. Boaters thought that they were the only ones aware of just how amazingly comfortable, cool looking, and fun to wear at these shoes really were – just showing how the boating industry in general can shape and mold the rest of our modern life.

However, there are a number of big boat trends that surprised a lot of people, and a number of boat trends that might explode in popularity next year. Giving you a chance to get in on them early. Here are just some of our favorites!

Luxury private yacht ownership exploded exponentially all across the planet

The luxury private yacht ownership world exploded all across this giant blue marble – and looks to continue to trend upwards in the years to come. A number of truly elite level luxury yachts recently completed their construction process (including the one that Steve Jobs had commissioned before his death – sadly, he wasn’t able to enjoy it, but now the rest of the world can), and high-end luxury yacht producers continue to pump out amazing seaworthy vessels at an almost alarming rate.

We are beginning to see a number of new construction materials prop up in the production and manufacturer of these boats, and high-end finishes galore are starting to creep into even the smallest personal and private yet spirit we’re talking about all different kinds of aluminum, amazing quantities of stainless steel, teak like you would have never believed, and other glass and precious material finishes found all […]

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Florida Yacht Insurance

If you are lucky enough to live in Florida and have a large boat, you need to educate yourself on how to protect your investment. Buying Florida yacht insurance is not like buying car insurance. While there are some similarities, there are some differences that you should be aware of when seeking out coverage.


One of the main things you need to establish upfront is the value of your yacht. This is an important point because in the event something happens to your vessel, you want to make sure that you will be receiving the correct replacement value.


When the underwriter determines the value of your yacht they take many things into consideration: the age of the yacht, the condition of the boat, the size, and the extras that are included. Make sure that you agree with the value that is established or you may find yourself unable to replace your yacht in the event of any future damages.


The coverage that you will need include bodily injury in case a person becomes injured while on your yacht or because of any actions caused by riding on it. You also will want property damage in case your yacht damages anyone else’s property inadvertently or due to an accident.  Physical damage is the coverage that needs to be in place in order to repair or replace your yacht due to an accident. Make sure you know exactly what the repairs and replacement options will cover.


Liability is a major concern and it covers bodily injury to others as well as the loss of life to anyone who was injured or died as a result of being on your yacht. Check to see if your coverage includes legal fees which could result in a major financial burden.


You should also consider comprehensive coverage for a large investment such as a yacht to protect you from vandalism, fire, theft, and flood. You should always clarify any scenarios […]

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Do You Have Your Boat Insured For The Winter?

Boat owners need to have some type of marine or boat insurance policy active throughout the year, especially during the fall and winter seasons that might become more inactive than you expect.


Boat insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers the damage and/or loss of different types of watercraft, including the likes of any personal motorized watercraft. Most boat insurance policies, however, don’t provide additional coverage for watercraft that aren’t motorized, which can include canoes and kayaks.


Luckily for most boat owners, preparing to insure your boat throughout the fall-winter season represents some of the better practices to take care of, right before getting comfortable with your boat insurance policy throughout the year.


Preparing your boat for… winter storage?


Even some of the best Florida boat insurance companies are encouraging their consumers to pack away their boats, the right way. Allstate, one of the nationwide boat insurance giants, recently informed consumers across the United States – and Florida – about the necessity of preparing one’s boat for the winter season.


The advice, as reported from local resources in October, mentioned that ‘boat owners should know that it’s also a great time for an insurance coverage check-up with their local agent, just to make sure that they’re maintaining appropriate coverage for the off-season period.’


In other words, boat owners in Florida need to ensure that their boat insurance policies are currently up-to-date to better serve the needs they may have. After all, you wouldn’t want an insurance policy that didn’t fit what you need, right?


There’s also a ‘problematic’ aspect of getting a boat insurance policy that most don’t think about—until […]

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Florida Boat Insurance Quote

Florida Boat Insurace

Boat insurance—it’s a type of insurance that most boat owners don’t realize they need. Boat insurance is a type of insurance that protects a boat and its owner against unexpected losses. This type of insurance applies to all types of motorized water-based vehicles, including fishing boats, yachts, jet skis and pontoon boats.

Boats like canoes, kayaks and paddle boats aren’t actually covered by most boat insurance policies, however, some homeowner’s policies may cover them. In states like Florida, where boating is relatively common, boat insurance is a necessity for any avid boat owner.


Boat insurance in Florida – coverage options


Many boat insurance policies have standard coverage for motorized boats, in addition to specialized coverage that handles ‘special’ aspects with covering the boat and its owner from losses. Most, if not, all boat insurance policies cover:


  • Personal and/or property damages.
  • Uninsured boaters and/or water vehicles.
  • Medical pay.
  • Comprehensive and/or collision needs.


Although these coverage options are generally applied to standard boat policies, some companies offer specialized options for boat insurance coverage. These options, nowadays, are available at most companies who provide boat insurance. Specialized coverage options can include:


  • 24-hour roadside assistance – insures trailers and/or other tow vehicles.
  • Emergency towing and/or labor – provides on-water towing services.
  • Wreckage removal coverage – covers the removal, raising and/or wreckage of damaged insured boats.
  • Replacement cost personal equipment – insured the policyholder’s personal possessions, including clothes, […]
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Palm Beach Boat Show a Hit

Organizers of the Palm Beach International Boat Show say attendance increased by 3.7 % from final year, and additionally producers and brokerages are really reporting that sales were powerful. “Whilst the crowds felt a little less heavy to you, people brought their checkbooks, and is great,” Denison Yacht Sales Chief Executive Bob Denison mentioned. “I in the morning grateful we did [the show] therefore could consistently dedicate in the show. From a brokerage’s point of see, it is everybody s favorite show because it possess an extremely trained audience as well as its casual and additionally its a well-run tv show.”

Denison stocks five companies – Greenline, Beneteau and Beneteau GT, Austin Parker and also Monte Carlo. The 2013 celebration ended up being the largest tv series because 2008, based on Efrem “Skip” Zimbalist III, CEO of Proactive Interest Media and also Program Administration, music producer of the four-day celebration that finished Sunday. The amount of terrain show area shot upwards twenty-two per cent to 89,000 square feet this year, compared with 73,000 in 2012. “We filled every accessible square inch and also went scrounging for additional area and additionally continue to had to shift away a few exhibitors,” Zimbalist stated at just a media breakfast on the initial day of the tv series. “The program has been growing multidimensionally. We have a few of the biggest ships we ever had.”

The biggest was the 223-foot Kismet. The amount of new vessels inside the H2O increased 31 percent, from 186 new ships during the 2012 tv series to 244 this excellent year. The fifty-eight ships which composed that increase consisted of 44 vessels under 60 feet; nine from 60 to 70 feet; and also five larger when compared to 80 feet. The amount of brokerage ships within the water ended up being upwards by 25 percent – there happened to be 299 in 2013, compared with 239 in 2012. Utter ships – […]

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United States Coast Guard 2012 Boating Statistics Report

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Coast Guard revealed its 2012 Recreational Boating Statistics Monday, exposing that boating deaths that 12 months totaled 651, the lowest wide range of boating fatalities on record.

From 2011 to 2012, deaths in boating-related accidents reduced from 758 to 651, a 14.1 per cent decrease; damages decreased from three,081 to three,000, a two.6 percent reduction; as well as the total recorded recreational boating accidents diminished from 4,588 to four,515, an one.6 % decrease.

The fatality speed for 2012 of five.4 deaths per 100,000 authorized recreational vessels reflected a twelve.9 % decrease from all the past year’s speed of 6.2 deaths every 100,000 registered recreational vessels. Property damage totaled approximately $thirty-eight billion.

“We’re very pleased that casualties are lower, and thank our companies partners for their work in the before 12 months,” said Capt. Paul Thomas, manager of Inspections and also Conformity at just U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters. “We will consistently stress the importance of being coat use, boating education courses and additionally sober boating.”

The report claims alcohol use was actually the leading contributing factor in fatal boating accidents; it had been listed of the leading factor in 1;7 % of the deaths. Operator inattention, operator inexperience, improper lookout, machinery troubles and excessive accelerate rated like the top five main contributing aspects in accidents.

Almost 71 per cent of all fatal boating accident victims drowned, with 84 % of these victims not recorded because sporting a being coat. Approximately 14 % of deaths happened upon vessels in which the operator had received boating safety instruction. The most common types of vessels tangled up in recorded accidents happened to be open motorboats, individual watercraft and additionally cabin motorboats.

The Coast Guard reminds everyone of the boaters […]

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