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How do I find cheap insurance in Florida?

How to Find Cheap Insurance in Florida

Everyone needs at least a couple forms of insurance. Literally, some are legally mandated. Others are so important they might as well be. However, this doesn’t mean insurance is any more affordable. In fact, the mandate often means insurance companies can charge an arm and a leg. So if you’re looking for cheap insurance FL, you’re far from alone. Fortunately, the below options can help.

Limit Your Risks

Insurance is all about risk. The insurance company is betting it’s worth to provide you a certain amount of coverage at a certain price because they don’t think you’ll actually need it or, if you do, that the amount you’ve paid will make it worth their investment. On the other hand, you’re betting that the amount you pay is worth it because it offsets the risk of not having it.

In any case, if you can make yourself less of a risk, insurance companies will reward you with cheaper premiums. Everyone needs health insurance and you can do yourself a favor there by quitting smoking, eating better, joining a gym, etc.

When it comes to different types of insurance in FL, the same holds true. Companies will generally be very upfront with you about your options for lowering your premium too, so feel free to ask.

Don’t Pay for What You Don’t Need

Many people are missing out on cheap insurance FL because they’re paying for things they just don’t need. It would be like filling your grocery cart with food you have no intention of eating.

So assess what your actual needs are. Even legally mandated forms of insurance have wiggle room. For example, right now you may only be able to afford the most basic form of insurance. Get that for now and drive as safely as possible. Then update it in […]

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Weird insurance policies

Insurance has been around for centuries. The Chinese started practicing it to protect their wares from risks as they distributed them and traveled along treacherous waterways. Soon it became a practice to also insure the lives of people.

Today, we have it for just about anything. If you can name it, an insurance policy can be written up to cover it.


It’s spooky

When haunted houses became popular as a form of entertainment, boo! Insurance policies became the norm to protect haunted house owners from claims that visitors were frightened to death. Seriously, it happened in St. Louis when a teen’s family filed a wrongful death suit against a haunted house owner when the teen, who had asthma, suffered an attack (supposedly because of the fog machine) and passed. Haunted house owners now must have a general liability policy.

In fact, an owner of any kind of attraction should engage an agent to set up a liability policy to protect their property against a lawsuit.

By the way, with the increasing popularity of so-called ghost hunters, policies have been developed to protect the ghost hunter business with professional indemnity and public liability coverage,


War of the worlds

There are tons of people who believe there are other life forms in the universe. Not only that, they also fear being abducted. Don’t laugh. Some of the biggest insurers in the country actually have policies available in case of alien kidnapping or abduction. One even has an option to insure your property and yourself against a UFO accident or crash.

The truth is out there. How about this truth: there are more than 30,000 people out there that have purchased alien abduction policies. By the way, there are also policies available for protections from werewolves and vampires, too.


Famous body parts

There was a song out once called “Bette Davis Eyes,” but that […]

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Need A Florida Insurance Quote?

Looking for quality Florida insurance seems as easy as looking up information via a search engine—and going from there. If you just find a website like and enroll from there, you’re going to end up getting the best deal possible. The thing is, although you might think you have a good policy now, it doesn’t mean that it’s that good.

You might even end up overpaying every month or have policy features that don’t match to what your lifestyle actually requires. Thanks to this, it’s important to look into the type of ins. you can get, right before you enroll in any policy. Perhaps one of the best ways to accomplish this involves actually finding out the amount of money you could potentially spend on a policy from month to month. Florida Insurance Quotes is a type of tool that can help you find a rate that’s suitable for your lifestyle.


Getting accurate quotes

A quote is known as an estimate of what your rate could be with a potential carrier. As long as you provide enough information, you can get an accurate quote in as little time as possible. In fact, the more information you provide to generate your quote, the more accurate it will become. Overall, it takes as little as 30 seconds to get an accurate quote from Florida Insurance Quotes. In most cases, it takes less than two minutes to fill out our form, though some people may type a little slower than others or need to find information they might not know off the top of their head.

You don’t, however, always have to rely on an online Florida ins. quote generator to get an accurate estimate. Many people call in directly to request a quote from one of our agents. Don’t believe it? Give us a call and find out. In Florida, there are many providers that cover a wide variety of types. Florida insurance […]

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Why You Might Not Get Accurate Florida Insurance Quotes

Interestingly enough, there are ways to get insurance quotes that are more accurate than the results that you might usually get. You can get them online by having a site generate the results for you—of course, after entering in the relevant information that will help them find the quotes you need to find first.

Though, sometimes, even generating the quotes with all the information that you could possibly provide doesn’t work. In fact, sometimes, these Florida Insurance Quotes can be pretty inaccurate if you’re not careful. So, if you’ve actually used a website that generates Florida Ins. Quotes, is there a way to get more accurate quotes? There is, actually. To start, even if you do enter in the right information, sometimes, that might not be enough. And, here’s why.


Getting insurance quotes

The easiest way to get Florida ins. quotes nowadays involves using a website, who will have the quotes you need generated in a short amount of time.

This usually happens after you enter in your information. After submitting your information, the quote website, as an intermediary, submits the information to several insurers, who will take that information and access it. Usually, they check your credit history, driving record and other important information before sending back their finalized rate.


Why you might get inaccurate quotes

Due to the nature of how this process works, submitting certain information at one time and getting a finalized quote during another can cause somewhat of a discrepancy between what’s accurate and what’s not. In other words, the state of things like your driving record and credit history can change your actual quote. Yes, if big changes happen to any of your personal records, there’s a big chance that could affect how insurers may generate your quotes. One month, you may […]

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What You Didn’t Know About Rising Insurance Premiums

Many people have probably glanced at their statements and saw that the price that they’ve been paying for the past few months ended up mysteriously rising in cost.


The trouble with rising  premiums


It takes a lot of people by surprise, too—a lot of people usually don’t know that the things that they might do could potentially increase that premium they’ve been paying. After all… sometimes, the tiniest change can affect an entire premium… even when you least expect to see it.


Much of the ‘blame’ of rising Florida insurance premiums can be traced to the insurers themselves. Many Florida Insurance companies have their own standards and rules that help them efficiently calculate rates that are suitable for individual customers. So, not two customers actually have the same ins. rate for that reasons.


Though, is there a real reason why some customers just seem to have lower Florida Insurance premiums than others? Of course, there’s a reason. That main reason involves the fact that their own personal records may be influencing the low costs. The better those records look to insurers, the better their rates get.


Why your  premium may be rising….


Many insurers look for the ‘smallest’ reason to potentially increase a premium, mainly due to the fact that some customers may be more likely to file a Florida Ins. claim than others. That’s one of the reasons why these customers tend to pay ‘a little’ more than others who may be less likely to file a claim.


The influences


Credit scores. Your credit score is a lot more influential than you think. Many Florida Insurance companies use your credit history and, subsequently, your credit score to […]

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Who has the best insurance in Florida?

How to find the best Florida insurance for your needs

Those trying to find the best Florida insurance for their needs can find the process to be a bit of a headache and hassle.

There are going to be a tremendous amount of different insurance services and insurance agents promising you the best Florida insurance around – but as we all know, some are going to be much better than others.

In an effort to help you find the best Florida insurance that you are looking for, this quick guide has been put together. Pay attention to the three specific steps below and you should have no trouble whatsoever getting your hands on the true top-of-the-line insurance protection that you have been looking for.

Outline exactly the coverage that you desire

The first step in finding the best Florida insurance around is to first outline and understand exactly the type of coverage that you are after in the first place.

By outlining these expectations immediately, you are going to be able to avoid getting sold insurance coverage that you may not need, insurance coverage that will not help you, or insurance that falls woefully short of the kind of coverage that you had been expecting.

This is a necessary step in the process that often goes overlooked or ignored, but can end up saving you a ridiculous amount of time moving forward.

Outline your Florida insurance expectations

Secondly, you are going to want to outline your expectations for the overall Florida insurance selection process.

This means breaking down how many people you are willing to interview, what qualities you are looking for in the best Florida insurance agent, and a whole host of other details that you simply cannot afford to “wing” as you jump from one interview to the next.

By getting all […]

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How to Pick from All the Florida Insurance Companies

Everyone in Florida needs some form of insurance. Generally, individuals need a number of forms. However, perhaps tougher than deciding which forms of insurance you need is deciding from all the Florida insurance companies available out there. If you’re switching carriers or picking one for the first time, you certainly have a number of options available to you. Fortunately, the following tips will go a long way toward helping you make a smart decision.

Look for a Single Carrier

It’s always wise to get all of your insurance through one carrier. There are always exceptions, of course, but the benefits are tough to beat. For one thing, you’ll have one number to call and often one agent you need to deal with (or at least one point of contact). That will be a welcomed advantage if/when something goes wrong.

However, most carriers will match that convenience with an equally helpful price. They know you’ll go elsewhere otherwise and that convenience doesn’t always trump cost. So you can save a lot too by purchasing your insurance in bundles.

Decide What You Need

However, before you can do this, you need to think about what kind of coverage you need. If you drive, insurance is mandatory. So is coverage for your health. If you own real estate,  property insurance might as well be required. There are a number of unique versions out there, though, that may be right for you too, so be sure to investigate all your options thoroughly.

A good insurance agent will help you figure out exactly what you need, but you also must expect that they’ll push some choices on you too (like all salesmen). So doing your research upfront will help.

Check with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulations

Fortunately, if you live in […]

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Our domain has changed, but we are still the same great website. We felt that gave a more accurate destination for our brand, Florida Insurance Quotes. We still offer the best insurance quotes for the state of Florida. It will always be our policy to match you with the best possible solution for your particular needs. We work with nearly every insurance provider in the State of Florida either directly or indirectly.

Over the next month we will be reworking the website to maximize your experience. We value you as a customer and out of respect for your time, will focus on improvements to shorten the time it takes you to receive an instant quote from the most competitive insurance company.

Thank you for making Florida Insurance Quotes the #1 website for your Florida Insurance needs. We look forward to continuing our history of excellent service into 2015.

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How to get the best insurance agents to fight over YOU

Nobody wants to have to go through the headache and hassle of chasing down the best offers.

At the same time, nobody wants to deal with the major financial disruption that can be getting hit with an emergency that should have been covered by in Florida (but isn’t) – something that can completely cripple your financial future for years and years to come.

Luckily, it isn’t all that difficult (if you know how) to get the best insurance Florida quote offers delivered directly to your doorway (or email inbox) with shocking regularity. In fact, you can home (anyone can, for that matter) make sure that they are getting the best deal and best coverage  in Florida just by paying attention to the details included below.

Be upfront and honest with your Florida insurance agent

A lot of people think that you need to walk into an agency with quote that outlines all of the super expensive (and frequently on purchased) coverage plans to gain the attention of any agency.

They think that they have to walk in like they are a whale to get the big client kind of treatment, when literally nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, just by doing this (and then backpedaling) you are almost guaranteeing that you find yourself on the “blacklist”. These people are in the same business, jump from company to company with a shocking regularity, and aren’t shy about telling other agents that they work with about their real PITA clients.

If you end up with that kind of moniker or reputation attached to your name, you can bet that you won’t find any real beneficial offers coming your way for a while.


Regularly have your business up for grabs

Another great way to get coverage Florida Insurance Quotes offers over there are more than you can reasonably handle, […]

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