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Florida life insurance

The AIG Florida Life Insurance Settlement Is A Win For Policyholders

Florida regulators must pay back some $25 million in unclaimed property to residents. In addition, the money has returned to the state in a settlement agreement with American International Group over AIG Florida life insurance settlement advantages.

What Was The Issue?

AIG consented to settle the case stemming from the Florida life insurance provider’s problem. Moreover, this problem arose from comparing policyholder lists. Furthermore, the comparison was made from the Personal Protection Death Excel at Register to uncover beneficiaries of existing insurance procedures.

Regulators billed AIG’s troubles, resulting in thousands of residents not knowing they were due insurance benefits. Farther along, regulators mentioned that the insurer would not follow government legislation. In addition, this legislation demands the insurer to report the policy’s value to Florida’s Bureau of Unclaimed Property. However, the carrier only says when AIG could not find a beneficiary. This Bureau serves as the Florida clearinghouse for citizens.

What Happens After The AIG Florida Life Insurance Settlement?

Florida Insurance Quotes anticipated the twenty-five billion settlement to take several payments from AIG to the government. Florida’s settlement with AIG is the 5th this kind of agreement the government has settled. As a result, national insurers are utilizing the Personal Security information database. So far, those settlements have generated around 98,000 accounts, with more than $87.25 million paid to Florida residents through 2022.

Now that […]

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life insurance companies Florida

They Put Life Insurance Companies Florida Residents Love At Their Fingertips.

It often gets to a point where people ask themselves, do they need life insurance? However, unfortunately, people seldom want to contact life insurance companies in Florida. Consumers assume that it is extraneous to their already existing monthly obligations. Life insurance in Florida can be a situational type of insurance policy. For example, people without dependents generally do not need life insurance. They may not want Florida life insurance if they do not generate most of their family’s income. However, life insurance companies Florida residents love are at their fingertips.

There is no shortage of life insurance companies in Florida. However, it is essential for people who contribute significantly to their household by providing their income, paying a mortgage, or other recurring bills. In other words, life insurance companies in Florida look for those who have financial dependents or support their entire household with their income. In addition, Florida life insurance companies will provide money in the case of their death. Therefore, their dependents will have funds to care for their end-of-life proceedings. 

How Much Coverage Does Pople Need?

 It is difficult to determine how much life insurance a person may need. Deciding on such a thing relies on factors the provider and their Florida life insurance company must discuss. These factors generally involve:

 Their sources of income.

  • The number of dependents in their household.
  • Their […]
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Life Insurance in FL

The “Ins And Outs” Of Purchasing Life Insurance In Florida.

Living Life To The Fullest

Want to live life basking in the golden sunshine of the Florida coast? Furthermore, reach the “Golden Years” and wish to migrate South to mingle with the other seasonal snowbirds. Better yet, decided the Sunshine State is where everyone wants to be? If so, it is time to consider life insurance in Florida. Unfortunately, many people do not know where to begin when choosing a life ins. Policy: Knowing the “ins and outs” to get the most for the money is essential.

Information At The Click Of A Mouse

With the different varieties of policies on the market and a host of agents driven to sell based on high commissions, it is imperative to do homework first. With easy access to the internet, knowledge is at their fingertips. Use a search engine and combine keywords such as life insurance FL. Shoppers will be amazed at how much information they will find. Additionally, daily webinars are free to help navigate customers through the process. In addition, it helps them determine their needs and which policies are best suited for their specific lifestyle. Remember, knowledge is power, and doing their homework first puts them in a position to know what they want and need and precisely what they do not like and need.

Interview An Agent

Once shoppers have preliminary research, it is time to schedule an appointment with an agent to discuss policy purchasing options. Do not let anyone sway or talk the customer into anything they do not feel is right. There are two types of policies in FL: term and whole life. The latter of the two can earn money on a policy. However, it is much more expensive.

Furthermore, those are typically the agents’ policies […]

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Florida Life Insurance Costs Less Than Shoppers Think.

Many people typically have some car insurance policy, a health insurance policy for their entire family, and home or renter’s insurance for their residences. These insurance policies are considered necessary assets for improving our quality of life most of the time. The thing is, something is missing from those selected insurance policies. Even though some people do not realize it, Florida Life Insurance costs less than they think. It is not something that eager insurance agents sell to shoppers on a whim just because they can. Instead, it is an insurance policy designed to protect loved ones after their life ends.

Life insurance is a contract between the buyer and an insurance provider, otherwise known as an insurer. The insurance company promises to pay designated benefits upon the insured person’s death per their contract. The insured person could be another person within the family, generally responsible for carrying most of the financial burdens within […]

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Florida Insurance Quotes

Florida Life Insurance Goes Unpaid More Than People Realize.

A few years ago, Sharon Likins learned about the state government’s bounty of unclaimed revenue flipped around by banks, insurance companies, and others. So, the Florida retiree started the state’s “treasure hunt” website and discovered three hundred dollars in her late mother’s name. The Florida life insurance policy was a little incentive from an existing insurance policy with Prudential.

Sharon Made A Significant Florida Life Insurance Discovery.

The discovery had been a pleasant surprise, though it raised a question. Just what occurred to the initial policy that Likins had not known about? They did not discuss anything about having an existing Florida life insurance policy. In addition, they resided in the same Palm Coastline home their mother had lived. In addition, they stated that the company did not have a policy record.

Likins’ late mom was among hundreds of thousands of Florida citizens from Miami to Jacksonville. Furthermore, residents had obtained Florida life insurance policies worth enormous amounts. However, those unwitting will never pay out the proceeds. That is because Prudential and other significant life insurance providers in Florida have neither found the survivors nor notified their unclaimed benefits to the government.

Florida Regulators Get Involved.

Four years ago, Florida regulators established a flaw in the business. As a result, the government reached a settlement deal in 2011 and 2012 with the top three Florida life insurance companies: John Hancock, Prudential, and MetLife. The agreements required the insurance companies to improve their techniques. In addition, develop new practices for tracking when policyholders have passed away. Finally, send their benefits to Florida if the life insurance companies cannot locate beneficiaries.

However, reading a recently unsealed lawsuit from a company specializing in recovering benefits states the state’s system is deeply flawed. Lawyers […]

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How To Get The Best Florida Whole Life Insurance

Part of adult life is shopping for insurance. However, there are too many versions to list, confusing which customers need. In addition, customers might not need insurance. However, that does not mean ignoring options. Florida Whole Life Insurance is but one example. In addition, if shoppers want the best Florida whole life insurance, they must know what to do.

What Is Florida Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life is just a permanent version of Standard Life Insurance. It protects things like:

  • Cash
  • Valuables
  • Death benefits
  • Premiums
  • Other things

However, whole life also makes it possible to receive dividends. That is advantageous as it allows the policy to grow in value over time. Florida Insurance Quotes can even increase the death benefit for those left behind.

Who Needs Florida Whole Life Insurance?

Anyone can apply for and obtain a policy online at Florida Insurance Quotes. It is generally considered a good idea for just about everybody. However, Florida Insurance Quotes primarily designed it for some specific individuals. These individuals include those who need protection for their entire life, not for a limited period. It is also suitable for those who want to make consistent monthly payments. In addition, those looking to contribute more over time for tax reasons tend to favor whole life insurance policies. Lastly, suppose customers wish for a cash amount they can obtain and use while alive. In that case, whole life insurance policies are a good idea.

How To Get A Good Quote In Florida

Like any coverage, get the best possible quote for Life Insurance online. In Florida, shoppers have multiple options for carriers too. So the first step is researching options. […]

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