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Weird Florida Insurance Policies

Insurance has been around for centuries. The Chinese started practicing it to protect their wares from risks as they traveled and distributed them along treacherous waterways. Soon, it became a practice to cover the lives of people. Today, we have insurance for just about anything. Florida Insurance Quotes can write an insurance policy for anything. However, these are some weird Florida insurance policies we have seen.

Spooky Weird Florida Insurance Policies

When haunted houses became famous, weird Florida insurance policies became the norm. In response, companies created insurance to protect owners from claims due to fear. The first example happened in St. Louis. A teen’s family filed a wrongful death suit against a haunted house. However, the teen had asthma. They suffered an attack, supposedly because of the fog machine, and expired. As a result, haunted house owners now must have a general liability policy.

In addition, any attraction owner should contact Florida Insurance Quotes to set up a liability policy. It will protect their property against a lawsuit. Moreover, companies have developed guidelines to protect the ghost hunter business with the increasing popularity of so-called ghost hunters. Usually, they require professional indemnity and public liability coverage.

War Of The Worlds

There are tons of people who believe there are other life forms in the universe. Not only that, but they also fear being abducted. Do not laugh! Some of the biggest insurers in the country have policies available in case of alien kidnapping or abduction. One even can insure the property against a UFO accident or crash.

The truth may be out there. However, more than 30,000 people have purchased alien abduction policies in the real world. Furthermore, policies are also available for protection from werewolves and vampires. Now, that is what we call weird.

Body Parts Make for Weird Florida Insurance Policies

There was a song out once called “Bette Davis Eyes.” However, that was not part of her that earned special coverage: it was her waist. Celebrities and athletes have become famous for ensuring parts of themselves. Examples include:

  • Bruce Springsteen’s voice
  • Julia Roberts’ smile.
  • KISS band member Gene Simmons’ tongue
  • Proctor & Gamble has covered the hair of Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu
  • Heidi Klum’s legs are insured for $2.2 million by Braun
  • Actresses Marlene Dietrich and Betty Grable also had their million-dollar legs insured

Another Weird Florida Insurance Policy Covers Marriage

It had to happen: wedding insurance, another weird Florida insurance policy. Furthermore, it covers more than whether or not the bride or groom backs out. Policies are available to cover everything that could go wrong before the couple says, “I do.” For example, public policies cover the venue closing before the wedding. In addition, it can even cover injuries sustained by those involved in the upcoming nuptials.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

There are contests promoted where the sponsor puts a large sum of money on the line. However, that sponsor is usually intelligent enough to have protection to cover its financial responsibility. In other words, insurance if someone does get that hole-in-one or makes that shot from half-court. So, if they win, the promoter does not have to pay the money. The insurance company does. That is one weird Florida insurance policy.

Insurance Against Ransom

If you are afraid of being kidnapped, this policy is for you. There would never be a need to pay the ransom. Instead, your insurance agent would produce the money for your freedom. With the state of the world and anti-corporation sentiment at an all-time high, this policy is standard for wealthy people. In addition, many major companies have taken out policies that cover ransom for their employees. These policies are in case one of their executives is kidnapped, especially while visiting another country. Kidnapping has become such an issue that insurance companies have negotiators to meet the kidnappers’ demands. However, they will only go up to the policy’s value.

Twin Dilemma

Do you want a child but have a fear of having twins? There is coverage available for that. It is called multiple-birth coverage. It protects against the financial impact of having more than one child per birth. That one is weird, not because twins are rare. It is odd because most people do not consider twins to be a big deal.

Carriers can provide insurance to cover sight, smell, taste, and hearing. For example, a Dutch winemaker has insured his nose for $8 million. He claims his nose can detect thousands of unique scents. That makes his nose the critical component in his wine business. However, part of his policy limits his activities. He cannot play sports, ride a motorcycle, or breathe fire. The carrier listed these restrictions on his insurance policy. It does not get much more weird than that. Finally, the last word belongs to the tongue, of course. A coffee taster has a policy covering his tongue for $14 million. That is a ton of money to ensure you can taste coffee properly.


Florida Insurance Quotes can find you an insurance policy to protect it if it has monetary or sentimental value. While we specialize in Florida homeowners insurance quotes, weird policies are much fun. We want to protect the privacy of our clients. However, there are several celebrities and significant business owners on our books. Many famous people live in Florida. We can save them money just as easily as anyone else. Why wait? Click on “Get A Quote” now and let us help you save on your new insurance policy in Florida. Weird or not, we have you covered.

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