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Take an in-depth look at private health insurance in Florida

According to the United States Census, nearly 25 percent of Florida residents under the age of 65 do not currently carry health insurance.

Quite simply, it’s a shocking statistic and an overwhelming issue that has plagued Florida, and the entire nation, for decades. Many people who haven’t carried insurance in the past might be employed, but simply cannot afford to pay the monthly premiums.

Of those people who do not carry private health insurance in Florida, many are considered working families or young adults who don’t see a need to spend their hard-earned money on health insurance as they are young and healthy and they simply don’t anticipate needing it.

Private health insurance takes away the “what if”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Carrying even the minimum catastrophic coverage could mean the difference between financial stability or financial ruin. Even a minor vehicle accident, which may or may not be your fault, can cause long-term damages to your body that require on-going physical therapy and could possibly take months or even years to recover from.

Efforts to ensure every American has access to health insurance led to the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare. As of March 31, Americans were mandated to enroll in one of numerous Exchange Plans offered, or face a stiff penalty at tax time.

Those individuals or families meeting certain income and other qualifying factors could possibly qualify for government subsidies to obtain lower insurance premiums, in addition to claiming an annual tax credit.  Millions of people took advantage of this newly created access to health care, yet many still remain uninsured.

Even though you may pay a penalty on your 2014 tax return for not obtaining insurance by the March 31 deadline, there are plenty of options for private health insurance Florida that can not only get you covered, but help you avoid paying any penalties.

Are you a Florida resident? Weigh your private health insurance options to see what’s available

There are numerous factors to consider, such as how much of a premium you can afford to pay, and how comprehensive you want your coverage to be. Oftentimes, private health insurance in Florida could cost you less, but a lower premium could also mean fewer benefits and a much smaller coverage network.

US News & Health publishes annually a list of insurance ratings for private health insurance plans in Florida. Those interested in obtaining private health coverage should research some of the more well-known insurers, including Humana, Coventry Health Care, Cigna, Aetna and Florida Blue. There are many others insurers available as well, so it will take some time and research on your part to find the plan that works best for you, or your family.

Oftentimes, people forego private health insurance because they think it’s out of their financial reach. There are numerous private health insurance options in Florida that are not only affordable, but offer quality and comprehensive coverage.

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