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Finding the Best Homeowners Insurance in Florida can be difficult.

Finding affordable homeowners insurance in Florida takes work. It is not easy to find deals because Florida has the highest average cost of homeowners insurance in the US. The high prices are primarily due to the significant risks living in Florida brings. The increased threat from hurricanes scares away most companies. However, this should not be surprising considering Florida’s coastal geography. These perils cause thousands of dollars worth of damages in claims every year. Unfortunately, the average cost of homeowners insurance in Florida increases yearly due to the frequency of storms.

Use the information in this article to find the homeowners’ insurance Florida customers adore. Florida Insurance Quotes is here to help you determine what kind of policy you need. In addition, we point out which companies you should avoid. This information can save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually. You apply the tips and tricks included below to get started.

Secure Your Home: Discover the Best Homeowners’ Insurance in Florida

Finding the best homeowners’ insurance in Florida is more complex than most people make it out to be. For example, you see an unbelievable price online. You call the number and get quoted a super low price. Moreover, they give a quote before knowing the home’s specifics. In that case, you are likely being lied to or under-quoted for insurance. The policy will not be the best value or completely cover your home if you need to file a claim.

Price Vs. Value

The first thing savvy shoppers will want to inspect when getting a quote online is the actual value of that policy. Of course, there is an adverse reaction to any price that seems too high. However, spending more money on a policy that provides extra coverage may be less expensive in the long run. Imagine how much it would cost you if a storm destroyed your home and its contents. Then, you discover you do not have flood insurance for Florida hurricanes. While it sounds unrealistic, it happens every time a major storm hits. This scenario is why everyone in Florida must ensure they do not skimp on homeowners insurance.

Make sure you choose the right Florida homeowners insurance for your needs. Then, select a reputable carrier that is financially sound. Florida Insurance Quotes will help you meet both criteria. Then, you will have precisely the level of coverage required. In addition, we will outline the prices you can expect to pay in a detailed quote. The last thing we want is a surprise when it comes time to sign. 

How Much Florida Homeowners Insurance is Needed?

To many people, Florida’s sky-high home insurance rates are a surprise. New homeowners to Florida find it odd that the Sunshine State has such costly insurance rates. However, Floridians know that expensive homeowners policies have become the norm.

Florida boasts some of the highest home insurance rates in the entire country. Everyone needs to consider this when searching for their first home. You must know that a homeowners’ policy will be a significant expense. However, Florida Insurance Quotes will help you find the best rates online.

Why is Homeowners Insurance so Expensive in Florida?

Homeowners insurance in Florida is now twice the amount of the national average. A key factor in Florida’s growth, until recently, is its reputation for low-cost living. However, this growth is being affected by the increasing insurance rates. Some people are leaving Florida in search of cheaper living costs. Moreover, young people are reluctant to move here because they fear they cannot afford a house. As a result, fewer people are relocating to our beautiful state. Anyone can tell that this can negatively impact the economy.

Florida’s average cost of homeowners insurance is nearly double the national average. However, this average rate is exaggerated due to the Tri-County area surrounding Miami, FL. As previously mentioned, this increase is because of the risk of damage from severe storms. As homeowners may already know, insurance carriers calculate the cost of the policy by assessing risk. To understand risk, ask yourself, “What are the chances that something bad will happen?” The higher the chance of something wrong happening, the more expensive the policy is. Due to crime, weather, and home values, homeowners insurance is more expensive in Miami, FL.

What is the Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Florida?

It is not just the Florida homeowners affected by the skyrocketing insurance rates. In addition, the state’s economy is beginning to feel the pinch. Due to the high prices that homeowners must pay, many budgets are starting to strain. The strain means that Florida’s economy is not doing as well as other states. According to the 2022 National Association of Insurance Commissioners report, the average premium for home insurance in Florida is around $1933. This rate is four times the price of a similar policy in Idaho, the least expensive state for home insurance.

A Profitable Time for Insurers

Many experts argue that having affordable Florida homeowners insurance is critical to the economy. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners report, which compiles data from 2022, shows why homeowners insurance is so expensive in Florida. Companies have made significant profits due to avoiding paying hurricane claims. However, 69% of rate requests submitted to Florida regulators were for increases. This reality means the problem is only going to worsen.

Even political leaders have started questioning the Sunshine State’s high premiums. As a result, Florida’s chief financial officer recently asked the Florida Insurance Commissioner to research why Florida homeowners insurance is so expensive. Their oversight will likely result in lower quotes in due time. However, we can save you money once something changes. So, let us help you find an affordable policy today.

What Does A Typical Florida Homeowner Insurance Policy Cover?

Florida homeowners insurance policies cover loss or damage to a property. Moreover, they provide a sense of security in a disaster. No one expects to lose their home and possessions. However, lots of people go through it every day. A home insurance policy from Florida Insurance Quotes protects everything when the unforeseen occurs. In Florida, additional coverage may be necessary to protect a home entirely. For example, carriers require additional coverage due to hurricanes during certain months. Contact Florida Insurance Quotes today if you need Florida hurricane insurance quotes.

In addition, Florida homeowners insurance policies cover accidents and home invasions. Furthermore, liability insurance will cover any lawsuits if an injury occurs on the property. General homeowners insurance has similarities in every state. However, there are quite a few differences that are specific to Florida. We have made a list of eight specifics regarding home insurance in Florida that everyone should know before they start getting quotes.

Even the best Florida home insurance rates are climbing yearly. Florida is subject to some of the most extreme weather in the nation. When many homeowners make claims, rates typically rise in the following years. If shoppers are trying to save money on home insurance in Florida, shopping around for the lowest price is not the only way they can do it. Suppose they understand the most common claims they will likely make on insurance. In that case, they can tailor a policy to save money today. Instead of filing a claim, spending money out of pocket looks less risky to the insurance company. Avoiding this risk will save money long-term by allowing them to do business with the best Florida home insurance companies.


The Best Florida Home Insurance For Water Damage

Water damage is the most common claim on homeowner insurance policies in Florida. Many homeowners incur significant expenses when they need more water damage coverage. However, it is a mistake to think Flood Insurance will cover you in case of any water damage. Flood Insurance, while helpful, only pays for damage due to flooding when it is part of a natural disaster. For example, suppose one of the plumbing pipes bursts and wrecks the home’s interior. The homeowner’s standard insurance policy will pay for the repairs. As a result, they would not require flood insurance. However, the best homeowners insurance in Florida should include high coverage limits for flooding from hurricanes.


Lightning Strikes

Florida’s climate makes heavy storms prevalent. Because lightning strikes are often associated with heavy rain, homeowners assume flood insurance will cover them adequately. Still, the damage from a lightning strike most often results in claims considered fire damage. Therefore, homeowners concentrating on water damage coverage must consider fire insurance limits. However, Florida Insurance Quotes can adequately insure a house against lightning strikes.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is confusing to most homeowners. Florida’s best home insurance policies have substantial coverage for water damage, giving policyholders a false sense of security. Unfortunately, flood insurance is different than water damage. It comes to homeowners only through the Federal Emergency Management Administration policies. The city or community must agree to abide by certain floodplain management practices to be eligible for Flood Insurance. Then, the homeowner must purchase the insurance directly through the federal government. In flooding damage during a declared emergency, the policy will pay out damages up to the policy’s limits.



If you live in a high-crime area, consider increasing their policy limits for stolen property with a low deductible. In many cases, deductibles can wipe out the entire loss without paying the insured a penny. However, more than one burglary or theft can force homeowners to spend much out-of-pocket to replace their belongings.

Home Office Equipment is Not Covered

The policy may only cover minor losses if damages occur in a home office. If you work from home, your best bet is to get a second policy. This additional policy would cover home office equipment more than the basic policy. Bringing equipment home from the office may help you finish work assignments on time. However, it would be best to review your employer’s insurance policy. That way, you ensure the equipment is safe while in the home. Florida Insurance Quotes can address any questions regarding the coverage of office equipment.

Some Policies Ban Coverage For Certain Pets

Dog owners may have heard of people having difficulty finding developments that allow certain dog breeds. It should come as no surprise that Florida homeowners insurance is no exception. Some insurance carriers have policies against species based on the dog’s size. As a result, large dogs, like Rottweilers, can find coverage challenging. Discuss it with your agent if you require coverage against pet damages. Unfortunately, customers may see a premium increase for specific breeds.

Jewelry And Other Valuables May Need Additional Coverage

Everyone knows jewelry can be expensive. In the event of a home break-in, jewelry and guns are highly targeted items. However, Florida homeowners insurance will quickly pay for any losses regardless of the type. However, you must provide proof of purchase to verify the item’s value. Moreover, some carriers may require an additional policy to cover expensive items stolen from the home. Your best bet is to ask what valuables the policy covers when shopping for insurance.

Not Paying Premium Can Get Policy Canceled 

Did you ever have to wait to pay a bill? If so, you may have received a letter that the policy is ‘pending cancellation’? The same rules apply to Florida homeowners insurance. If someone misses a payment, their coverage will lapse. As a result, the home will temporarily not have coverage. This oversight could be tragic if anything terrible happens.

The best way to avoid this is to set up auto-pay. Auto-pay is a system that automatically pays the bill every month. That way, you will always remember to make the payment. In addition, if someone loses their job or has financial difficulties, their agent may help change the payment schedule.

Make A List Of Items In Home

If a disaster occurs, it is a stressful event for homeowners. Emotions could make them not notice missing or damaged items at the time of claim. Therefore, we suggest homeowners list items in each room of their home. It would be best if this information included video and photographs of the house and property.

This record gives the owner proof of any damage that occurs. In addition, this can speed up the claim process. It also helps prevent them from forgetting to claim something valuable damaged or stolen from the home. The list is an insurance policy within their Florida homeowners insurance policy.

Your Credit Score May Affect The Premium

Many factors affect a premium. However, most of them have to do with the property’s location. For example, inland rates are much more favorable than coastal regions. However, personal details can also raise the cost of a premium. Unfortunately, the credit score is one of those personal details. While shoppers may be unable to increase their credit score before getting insurance, other ways exist to lower a premium. Read more below or ask any agent with Florida Insurance Quotes.

Update A Policy After Any Home Improvements

If anyone thinks their homeowner’s insurance policy covers all repairs to the home, they would be wrong. Insurance only covers losses due to an accident or disaster. For example, the homeowner must pay for the repair if their pipes burst. The home insurance policy will pay for water damage only if they have flood coverage.

While adding a porch or swimming pool will increase the house’s value, they can also increase the premium. These are considered home improvements. It is essential to note that the homeowner must add the addition to the home insurance policy before the contractors begin work. Contact an agent before construction begins because some additions to the house may need special coverage. Homeowners do not want to complete the repairs only to suffer a disaster. Then, to make matters worse, find out if any damage to the new area of the house is not covered.

Home Safety Features Can Lower Premium

Car insurance policies offer discounts for safety features such as daytime running lights. Likewise, many home insurance carriers also provide discounts for safety features. For example, burglar alarms and smoke detectors can help lower the premium. The reason is that these features help prevent damage from happening to their home, effectively reducing risk. Many insurance companies also offer lower premiums if a certain amount of time passes without any claims made on the policy. The insurance agent will have more information on what safety features shoppers can put in their homes to lower the premium.

Build a Shortlist of Companies

When you have a shortlist of potential homeowners insurance companies in The Sunshine State, visit Florida Insurance Quotes and click “Get A Quote.” After answering a few questions, you will receive quotes from every company currently accepting new customers in Florida. This point is where all your research will come into play. Avoid any company that throws up red flags, even if they are the cheapest option. In addition, do not hesitate to ask questions. As the old saying goes, the only silly question is the one we do not ask. That old saying applies here. Take notes of the answers. After speaking with our agent partner, please compare their answers. Then, you will be ready to pick the perfect company for your needs.

Bottom Line

Homeowners insurance is essential in Florida. Because we live in a state where our home is at the whim of Mother Nature, we never know when or where disaster will strike. Therefore, protect your house and personal belongings by contacting us today.

A quick Google search for “Florida Homeowners Insurance” shows the consumer an overwhelming list of insurers. They run the gamut from national companies to local ones. Moreover, some are exclusive to one group, such as military members, and others will cover anyone. It is a difficult, if not daunting, task to choose, but here are some things that can make it easier.

Picking one out of all Florida Homeowners Insurance companies may seem impossible. However, if shoppers go at it with the right frame of mind and are not afraid to ask questions, they will have one picked out and ready to go in less time than they think! Florida Insurance Quotes is family-owned and operated. We are the premier source for helping Floridians save on insurance. Contact us to get a quote today.

How Can Everyone Find Cheaper Florida Home Insurance?

Florida Insurance Quotes can help you find the least expensive homeowners insurance in Florida. We specialize in the Florida insurance market. With homeowners’ prices steadily increasing, the easiest option is to let us do the work for you. We will help you quickly determine which companies have the best deals. So why not take the easy route and let us present you with a Florida homeowners insurance quote today?

Here is how we can find you the least expensive policy. First, our online system will compare rates from every company in Florida. Our calculator speeds up the process by eliminating the need to visit every company individually. How much time would anyone waste doing that? Hours? Days? Why do that when we can provide you with the best deal on homeowners insurance in under 30 seconds?

Even though Florida’s average homeowners’ insurance is twice the national average, Floridians still can find an excellent policy within their budget. We are here to help all Floridians save on their homeowners. If you are ready to start, click the gold “Get A Quote” button to begin saving. If not, continue reading to learn more.

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