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The Best Homeowners Insurance in Florida

You’ve worked hard to buy your house.  It saw you through those early years of marriage when beanie weenies was on the menu several times a week, the birth of your daughter, followed quickly by the next two kids (both girls).  The house became awash in shades of pink, nail polish bottles and eyeshadow.  The backyard cemetery holds the remains of three hamsters, a couple hermit crabs, two chickens and countless numbers of fish.  At times it felt obsessively small, and when the kids had friends over it was overwhelmingly loud.  It protected you through the no-name storm, the hurricane that came alarmingly close to the coastline and dozens of summer thunderstorms that sent the kids scurrying to your bed in the middle of the night.



There’s No Place like Home

You’ve travelled around the world, but there is something comforting about turning down your street – you strain your eyes to catch a glimpse of the corner of the house, sighing with relief when you turn into the driveway – there is just something about ‘coming home’.

You keep your house looking good – the lawn stays mowed, the gutters get cleaned out every season and every few years she gets a new coat of paint to keep her looking her best.  The most important thing you can do for your house, however, is to make sure that you’re armed with the best home insurance in Florida possible.



Finding a Plan

Finding the best home insurance in Florida means more than doing a late night search on the internet trying to find the least expensive plan available.  It means doing some research, talking to your friends and neighbors, calling a few agents for a quote and then comparing them.

There is no one size fits all plan for homeowners in Florida – prices can vary depending on where in the state you live, how close to a coastline you are, if you are in a flood zone…a variety of factors can influence the plan you need.  It pays to do your research, however, as you can have a higher deductible with a lower monthly premium or find other ways to save on your payments.

Whatever plan you choose, check with your mortgage company to make sure that you meet the requirements of your loan and have sufficient coverage.  Periodically review your homeowners insurance plan to make sure that there haven’t been any changes to what is covered, and to make sure that the plan is still the best Florida homeowners insurance available to you.

Your house takes care of you through all kinds of seasons and weather – make sure that you’re taking care of her in the best way possible – by providing her with the coverage she needs.  Whether it’s a new house or you’ve owned your house for a while, you can always review your insurance plan to make sure that you’ve gotten the best plan possible.  With the right insurance, coming home can always be a source of comfort.

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