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What is the Deal With Mobile Home Insurance in Florida?

What Is The Deal With Mobile Home Insurance In Florida?

Mobile homes are a popular housing option in Florida due to their affordability and flexibility. However, mobile homes are susceptible to risks and damages like any other property. That’s why mobile homeowners in Florida must have reliable insurance coverage to protect their investments. This article will discuss the ideal way to obtain accurate mobile home insurance quotes in Florida. Moreover, we cover how Florida Insurance Quotes will help you find the right coverage.

Insuring a Florida Mobile Home is Different

Lots of people own mobile homes in Florida. Nevertheless, people are still determining whether they can purchase mobile home insurance in Florida. Therefore, let us clarify this confusion. Here is everything shoppers need to know about insuring a mobile home. A mobile home is perfect for Florida. For example, it is ideal because of the affordability and warmer weather the Sunshine State provides. One in every three houses built in Florida is a mobile or manufactured home. However, before buying a mobile home, they must understand everything.

Can anyone get mobile home insurance in Florida? The answer is obviously yes; they can. However, before purchasing a policy, they need to understand what insurance covers with this type of policy. Furthermore, the policy details will vary based on the company they choose.

What Does Mobile Home Insurance In Florida Cover?

If someone searches for “mobile home insurance in Florida,” they will determine that it covers:

  • The Structure
  • Personal Property
  • Personal Liability

First, the policy covers the structure of the home. Structure insurance is a standard coverage type. It covers the house from lightning, wind, and fire. In addition, it will protect the home and any buildings on the property. For example, it will cover a shed or carport. Personal Property Insurance, which agents also call belongings, is also covered. Some examples are furniture, clothing, and electronics. Moreover, Personal Liability would cover any liability if an accident happened on the property. 

There is always a chance of an accident occurring. So it would be best to be covered. Unfortunately, there are some things that mobile home insurance in Florida will not cover. For example, mobile home insurance in Florida does not cover flooding. Therefore, shoppers must consider optional coverage to ensure the carrier covers the home completely.

Manufactured home insurance customers must purchase additional Florida hurricane insurance due to the extreme weather. As everyone knows, Florida is prone to yearly hurricanes and tropical storms. No home is safe from damage, especially mobile homes. Customers will need a policy from us to protect their family’s finances.

The Two Types Of Mobile Homes in Florida

There are two primary types of mobile homes. These types consist of Modular homes and Mobile/Manufactured homes. First, a modular home is a pre-built home transferred in pieces. Once it arrives at the building site, contractors put the pieces together. Contractors may use a permanent foundation when setting up a mobile home. Workers construct a manufactured home in a factory with a permanent chassis. They are usually towed directly to the building site and are not attached to a permanent foundation. Customers should get a standard Florida home insurance quote if they own a modular home.

Who Can Provide Shoppers With Mobile Home Coverage In Florida?

Various providers offer mobile home insurance in Florida through Florida Insurance Quotes. Anyone can get the policy they need through several companies directly or through us. The advantage we offer is getting multiple quotes from all your options at once. We are the only one who specializes in Florida insurance. That is why we are the best. 

Here are a few companies that we work with who currently offer Florida mobile home insurance:

  • Citizens Property Insurance
  • Heritage Property and Casualty
  • American Traditions Insurance
  • Southern Oak Insurance
  • Florida Specialty Insurance Company

Remember that the company’s financial stability is critical. It is primarily due to the constant perils Florida faces each year. A large-scale disaster can easily affect a company’s ability to pay claims. Therefore, if they are ready to protect the mobile home in Florida, start collecting a quote with us. We provide shoppers with mobile home insurance in Florida. In addition, we can also get them signed up today. So, go ahead and get started by collecting a quote.

How to Obtain Accurate Mobile Home Insurance Quotes in Florida

Finding the right insurance coverage for your mobile home can be daunting. Finding the most accurate and affordable insurance quotes can be challenging, with many insurance providers offering different policies and rates. However, you can follow a few steps to ensure you obtain accurate mobile home insurance quotes in Florida.

Firstly, gather all the necessary information about your mobile home. This info includes details such as your mobile home’s age, size, construction, and location. Insurance providers will require this information to assess the risks of insuring your property.

Research is Key to Finding the Best Deals Online

Next, start researching reputable insurance providers in Florida. Look for companies specializing in mobile home insurance with a strong track record in the industry. You can also ask friends, family, or your mobile home park community for recommendations. Once you have a list of potential insurance providers, contact us to request insurance quotes.

When requesting quotes at Florida Insurance Quotes, provide accurate information about your mobile home. Any inaccuracies or omissions can result in misleading insurance quotes. Take your time to review each insurance quote. Then, compare the coverage and rates offered by different providers. This effort will help you make an informed decision and choose the policy that best suits your needs and budget.

Utilize Florida Insurance Quotes for Reliable Mobile Home Insurance Quotes

To make obtaining accurate Florida mobile home insurance quotes more accessible, consider using Our online platform connects mobile homeowners in Florida with trustworthy insurance providers. By utilizing these services, you can save time and effort. We empower Floridians to compare multiple insurance companies from a single form.

Florida Insurance Quotes works by gathering your mobile home information and insurance requirements. They then forward this information to our network of reputable insurance providers. These providers will then generate accurate insurance quotes tailored to your specific needs. This service lets you receive multiple insurance quotes from different providers, allowing you to compare and choose the best option for your Florida mobile home.


Accurate mobile home insurance quotes in Florida are crucial for protecting your investment. By following the steps outlined in this article and utilizing services like Florida Insurance Quotes, customers will ensure that they find the right coverage at the best possible rates. So, take the time to gather accurate information about your mobile home and research reputable insurance providers. Then, compare quotes to make an informed decision. Don’t leave the protection of your mobile home to chance. Get accurate insurance quotes today.

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