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Motorcycle Insurance Florida

Bikers enjoy riding for many different reasons when they own a motorcycle. For example, they may use it to get away for the weekend. Furthermore, they may even use it as a means of transportation to and from work. Riding a motorcycle would help ensure their future. However, only when Florida Insurance Quotes adequately covers them with Florida motorcycle insurance.

Florida Motorcycle Insurance Makes Sense.

Motorcycle insurance is not a requirement in Florida. Still, it can make a big difference in the event of an accident that causes significant damage to the bike. While riders do not need this coverage to register the bike, they may wish they had protection if something happens. For example, suppose they are involved in an accident. In addition, the rider does not have the proper motorcycle insurance Florida riders use for bodily injury or property damages. In that case, it could result in significant ramifications. These can include:

  • Losing their license and registration of the bike
  • The requirement of paying restitution
  • Judgments against them in civil court proceedings
  • The necessity of an SR22 high-risk mandatory coverage for a minimum of three years to keep their license

A wide range of coverage options is available for motorcycle riders in Florida. While they may not need all available coverages, ensure they can provide significant protection.

Bodily Injury Liability

This coverage pays for another driver or passenger’s medical bills if the biker causes an accident with another vehicle.

Property Damage

In this type of Motorcycle Insurance, Florida riders must cover damages caused to another person’s property or vehicle. 

Medical Payments

Medical payment coverage will cover the medical expenses of the biker or a passenger while riding the motorcycle. These coverage options generally carry up to a $10,000 maximum range.

Uninsured Motorist

This insurance protects everyone involved in an accident with someone that does not have insurance. This coverage will also save the insured in an accident with someone who does not have enough insurance coverage limits to pay for the damages or injuries.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage protects the motorcycle from damages resulting from something other than an accident with another vehicle. For example, fire, theft, and vandalism are comprehensive coverage.

Collision Coverage

Collision Motorcycle Insurance in Florida covers and pays for any damages if involved in an accident.

Labor Or Towing Coverage

This coverage will help bikers pay for the costs due to a motorcycle accident or mechanical breakdown.

Gap Coverage

Gap coverage is beneficial if the owner owes more on the bike than it is worth. For example, suppose the motorcycle is considered a complete loss or totaled. In that case, this coverage will pay the difference between what they owe and what the bike is worth.

Most motorcycle riders love the bike more than life itself. While everyone thinks that they are great riders and will never have to worry about causing an accident, we cannot control the actions of other drivers. We may have to deal with many hazards on the road, including drivers who are texting, making phone calls, or distracted. Suppose we have the Motorcycle Insurance Florida loves with coverage options that everyone needs. In that case, if something happens on the open road, we will be prepared. Even though riders may not need insurance to register a bike, they must have enough funds to pay for damages.

Deductibles Can Save Everyone Money On Motorcycle Insurance In Florida.

Most Florida motorcycle riders will have a deductible. This deductible is the money we must pay before the insurance company pays. We can choose to have a higher deductible to lower the premium costs of the policy, or they can choose to go with a lower deductible. If they choose the lower deductible, the premium payments will be higher. When selecting the deductible amount that we are willing to pay, we need to make sure that we can afford the amount we choose. For example, many insurances offer a $5,000 deductible. It might be a good option if this is available at any time. However, if anyone knows they cannot come up with that kind of money all at once, they should opt for a lower deductible amount.

Regardless of which coverage options we choose to protect the motorcycle, we must understand how each covers us. Then, when we take the time to become familiar with the available ranges, we will be better able to determine which one best fits our needs.


No motorcycle rider wants to lose their bike due to an accident. However, purchasing a Florida Motorcycle Insurance policy will go a long way in providing us with the protection we need. Contact us today if they are ready for a quote on Motorcycle Insurance in FL. Our agents will set an appointment to ensure they, the motorcycle, and their financial safety are ready.

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