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Braishfield Associates Insurance Company

Braishfield Associates Florida

Are you looking for an insurance company to cover any insurance need? What about an insurance company that offers all you could ever need in one location and can easily be your “one-stop shop” for insurance? Why have your policies in different places when you can have it all in one convenient insurance company and feel safe and protected knowing all your insurance needs are met? Braishfield Insurance can be the insurance company you have been looking for. They offer many types of insurance policies to help you in every area of your life.

Braishfield Associates Was Founded

Braishfield Associates began in 1984 at 100 Wall Street in New York, New York. Braishfield Insurance started as a property and casualty and employee benefits retail broker. Two years later, Braishfield Insurance opened offices in Clifton, New Jersey, Boston, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In just a few years, Brashfield Insurance had established a client list of people in Fortune 500, International, and middle market businesses. Braishfield included all major insurance markets and offered a great alternative to the “old school” insurance brokers, who were more popular in the later part of the 1980s.

Braishfield Associates Expands To Florida

In 1992, Braishfield Insurance opened a branch in Melbourne, Florida. In 1998, Braishfield Insurance moved this Florida location to the larger area of Orlando, Florida, into a larger building to accommodate its growth. Braishfield Insurance comes from an English thoroughbred horse born in 1917, with its ancestry traced back to the late 1600s. With this history of producing horses that were champions, the Braishfield name and logo represent a stable of winners, which is what Braishfield Insurance tries to live by every day.

Services They Provide

Braishfield Insurance has a wide variety of insurance plans to meet your needs. Their commercial insurance package is a comprehensive group of programs that cover many different types of business and are available in most states. Braishfield Insurance writes policies for these types of companies; 1-4 family dwellings, child care centers, fitness centers, golf and country clubs, hotels and motels, mercantile, caterers off premises, offices, premises liability only risks, restaurants which include fine dining, family, fast food, bars, taverns, nightclubs and can have liquor liability added if wanted, retail, specialty training schools, strip centers, and vacant buildings.


Braishfield Insurance offers premiums that range from $750 and up, and the minimum premiums vary by class. The business’s experience can vary, and many classifications will accept new and upcoming companies. However, there are some risks that Braishfield Insurance finds unacceptable to take. Braishfield Insurance will not get subcontracted work without certificates, accept aircraft, watercraft, or high-hazard exposures, and have no morally unpleasant vulnerabilities.


Braishfield Insurance also offers a Commercial Property Insurance plan that is competitive in all states. This plan features basic, broad differences in conditions (DIC), unique forms, “A” rated carriers, and a fast response time. Braishfield Insurance offers commercial property insurance to cover apartments, condominiums, health care facilities, hotels and motels, light manufacturing, offices, retail, and lessor’s risk that protects you against liability. Braishfield Insurance does, however, exclude some areas from this plan, and these are Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical, farming, marinas, motor truck cargo, jewelers block, and heavy manufacturing.

Additional Services

Braishfield Insurance offers building, business personal property, interruption, builders risk, crime, extra expenses, inland marine, ordinance or law buildings less than 20 years old, signs, and spoilage protections.


Braishfield Insurance also offers an Employment Practices Liability plan that features maximum limits of $5 million, minimum retention of $2,500, a minimum premium of $1,500, A XV rated carrier, a market of 1 – 2,000 employees to target, coverage available for complete prior acts, coverage available for punitive damages, coverage available for third parties, defense costs above the known limits, claims first made and reported policy, the duty to defend, consent to settle, the extended reporting period for up to three years, spousal extension, potential claim reporting and many available classes except for financial courses.

Specialized Products

Braishfield Insurance offers Director and Officer’s Liability to help protect the companies, directors, and officers’ assets against lawsuits. This plan covers $500,000 – $5 million limits available and $2,500 – $10,000 retention options for condominiums, co-operatives, homeowners associations, non-profit organizations, and even organizations for profit. Braishfield Insurance Director’s and Officer’s Liability plan is highly competitive, ranked an A+, and available in most states.


Braishfield Insurance offers a DIC (difference in conditions) plan that is there just for Florida residents only to provide the required coverage for condominiums, apartments, and homeowners association risks. This plan is better used in these cases than the primary damage property policy. It features an evaluation of replacement costs, particular forms not including the basic form perils and carriers that are “A” rated. It does not cover subsidized housing and is unlimited in property value.


These are just some of the many policies that Braishfield Insurance offers. They include a manufactured home plan, equipment breakdown plan, fidelity plan, general liability plan, loss of rent plan, umbrella plan, and more.

Get A Braishfield Associates Insurance Quote Today

If you are in the market for an insurance plan and don’t understand them all or know what you need, Braishfield Insurance can help you get what you are looking for at the price you want. Braishfield Insurance will customize a plan for you and work with you to ensure you are covered with the protection you need if something happens. They have highly trained and experienced customer service to help you with any questions or to get your claims filed and taken care of quickly. Braishfield Insurance knows its insurance and offers a lot of it. They are a championship insurance group and winners in the insurance industry, just like that old thoroughbred horse that their logo represents.

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