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Do you have problems getting automobile insurance for either yourself or your business? Have you been denied automobile insurance coverage by private insurance companies? Are you frustrated with the auto insurance industry and feel like giving up? Why not give the Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association (FAJUA) a chance to help get you an automobile insurance policy to get you back on the road and put your mind to ease?


FAJUA is an automobile insurance company that began in 1973 and is based in Florida. FAJUA has auto insurance to cover, not only personal, individual drivers, but also commercial drivers as well, who may have trouble getting insurance through private insurance companies. With the nicknames of “Market of Last Resort” and “High Risk Market”, FAJUA takes pride in insuring those who couldn’t get insurance from anyone else.


FAJUA recently decided to upgrade their technology to make their entire insurance process become more efficient by removing any errors and improving the whole process of finding car insurance in Florida. This will help FAJUA to be better able to serve their customers in a up to date and more professional manner. FAJUA enlisted the help of Trumbull to get this process started to benefit FAJUA and their customers. Trumbull is a technological service that provides their products to property and casualty insurers to improve the ease of doing business, add flexibility to their daily operations and reduce their costs while improving efficiency. This allows any insurance company they work with, such as FAJUA, to choose the technology or outsourcing method that works the best for them.


FAJUA makes it clear that they do have insurance rates that are a great deal higher than the other insurance companies. With Florida being the state with the largest amount of uninsured drivers and FAJUA being most peoples last resort to get automobile insurance, some of their policies have rates that are up to 200% more than what their customers would pay for similar insurance elsewhere.


Also, because Florida is the state with the largest amount of uninsured drivers, FAJUA does not partial payments from their customers, although they do have plans to help their customers to reconsider payment plans. If customers are having trouble getting insurance, as a commercial or a personal driver, they can benefit from an insurance policy through FAJUA.


FAJUA also has an agreement with Dovetail Insurance Corporation, who are a licensed insurance company that produces property and casualty insurance policies for all licensed, insured drivers in forty eight states. Dovetail Insurance Corporation will help provide the technology and services to FAJUA to allow FAJUA to meet their insurance demands and obligations while making insurance products available to their customers in Florida.


FAJUA offers different types of automobile insurance policies. These are broken into either personal insurance or commercial insurance. The personal line of insurance that FAJUA offers is private passenger insurance which can covers cars, motorcycles and non-owned vehicles. This type of insurance only will cover physical damage to the actual automobile itself.


Some of the commercial lines of automobile insurance that FAJUA offers are Business Auto Insurance. This insurance can cover trucks, tractors and trailers, employers non-owned liability vehicles and either drive away contractors vehicles or motorcycles. The business auto vehicles can be special types such as ambulance, dealer and transporter plates, driver training programs, law enforcement, motor homes, etc.


FAJUA also offers commercial insurance coverage for public automobiles such as buses, migrants, social services, taxis and limos. So, if you own these types of vehicles and services, FAJUA may be the insurance carrier that you are looking for to protect your vehicles that your employees drive.


If you own tractor and trailers and are a long haul, over the road trucker and are looking for an insurance carrier to protect your fleet of trucks, FAJUA also has commercial automobile insurance plans to cover you for this type of vehicle too.


FAJUA also offers commercial insurance coverage for garages, service stations and parking facilities. This coverage is for $7,000 and over in premiums. FAJUA also offers endorsement insurance and cancellation insurance to cover private passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles.


FAJUA has policies that can be quoted and binded online, by telephone, text, email or in person where you can put the coverage into effect as a verbal agreement before you officially sign the contract.


FAJUA offers many plans to help those that need automobile insurance and have trouble getting it from other carriers. FAJUA offers customer support 24/7 and are there for their customers. FAJUA puts their agencies employees through extensive training and make sure they hold a current license and have registered and completed a Producer’s Contract and FAJUA’s continuing education courses to keep them well informed and trained. This allows the customer service at FAJUA to be exceptional. FAJUA employees can help you find an insurance policy to meet your needs and get you on the road again safely and securely if something should happen.


FAJUA strives to continue to grow and keep up with the technology changing in today’s world. That is why they put so much effort into getting the support and maintaining it to keep their technological advances up to date so they can offer their customers all of the new and important advances to the automobile insurance industry.


FAJUA may be higher in costs and a little stricter on payment options but they are there for you for the long haul when no other insurance companies will stand behind you. FAJUA has your best interests at heart and want to be sure you are protected out on the road and not running around in Florida taking risks without the necessary insurance protection you need and that is required to be legal. Let FAJUA help keep you from getting in an accident and feeling alone, not knowing what to do. Don’t be caught without insurance and don’t feel you can’t get insurance. Remember, Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association can help and are there for you.

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