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Secure Your Home in Florida: Unlock Exclusive Quotes from Homeowners Choice Insurance Company!

Homeowners Choice Florida

Florida is a beautiful state with its stunning beaches and warm climate. However, it faces its fair share of risks, especially when protecting our homes. From hurricanes to flooding, it is essential to have a reliable insurance company that can provide comprehensive coverage. That’s where Homeowners Choice Insurance Company comes in. With their exclusive quotes and dedication to protecting Florida homeowners, they are the go-to choice for securing your home.

How would you like an insurance group with solid financial backing and a support system? How about an insurance company with many different areas of insurance plans to protect you and help you through the decision-making process to make it easier? Do you want an insurance company that strives to grow and strengthen its business so that it keeps investing to benefit you and your future? How about looking at Homeowner’s Choice Insurance, then?

When Did Homeowners Choice Insurance Get Its Start?

In April 2013, Homeowners Choice Insurance changed its name to Homeowners Choice Insurance Group for a few reasons. One of these reasons was to make it easier to describe the company’s business policies, such as its property and casualty insurance, information technology, real estate, and reinsurance plans. Another reason was to help distinguish between the company and its giant branch, Homeowners Property and Casualty Insurance Company, Inc. The name change will separate the non-property and casualty insurance group brands from the “Homeowners Choice” brands of insurance, which will improve the quality of and intensify the worth of all the brands. They also announced that, along with their name change, they decided that their more giant branch, Homeowners Property and Casualty Insurance Company, Inc., would operate under the brand name “Homeowners Choice.”

Homeowners Choice Insurance Opens In Florida

Homeowners Choice Insurance was started in 2006 in Florida after many damaging hurricanes caused the departure of many insurance companies in that state. State Farm was one of the major insurance companies to leave the state of Florida in 2009. The state-owned insurance, Citizens Property Insurance, became overwhelmed trying to keep up and provide homeowners insurance to the residents of Florida during this time. As a result, the state insurance regulator allowed many private market insurance groups to come into Florida to provide insurance to those living there. As a result, they began to increase by working through the form of owned Citizens’ Property Insurance through their take-out program. They acquired 60,000 policies from Citizens in 2012 and doubled their market share. These policies averaged around $2,500 per year, while the companies averaged $2,000 per policy.

Homeowners Choice Insurance also took over HomeWise Insurance in November 2011. Then, it acquired around 70,000 policies, cash, and premiums of over $53 million. This expansion has allowed the company to double its income and procedures. In addition, it gave them a substantial gain in the insurance market in Florida. In 2012, they valued their assets at over $121 million. Since Homeowners Choice began, they have produced a considerable return on their investments and continue to thrive in the insurance market in Florida.

Types Of Policies Offered by Homeowners Choice Insurance.

Homeowners Choice Insurance covers personal homes with Florida homeowners insurance, liability coverage, and personal possessions inside the houses. In addition, the company has a Condominium Owners Policy that protects the contents inside the condominium and liability coverage. They also have a Florida renters insurance policy to cover the contents. Moreover, it covers the personal possessions of the people renting a place to live. Finally, the company has a Dwelling Insurance Policy to protect any rented dwelling or possibly not occupied. However, it covers less than a standard homeowners policy.

Homeowners Choice Insurance decided its information technology group would perform under the “Exzeo” brand. However, its real estate program would operate under the “Greenleaf Capital” brand. Finally, its reinsurance program would operate under the “Claddaugh” brand. The company implemented these procedures to strengthen the company’s different brands and its vast spread of resources. While the company stays solid and committed to its insurance products, business transactions, and brand, they are thrilled about its other businesses. They are excited to take advantage of the advanced opportunities these brands offer.

IT Products

Homeowners Choice Insurance offers Information Technology Products and services through their Exzeo Division to help you maximize your money. Exzeo is a social business on the web that highlights a supporting real-time work area that offers a smooth combination of companies, people who work together, and partners in firms.

Real Estate Products.

Homeowners Choice Insurance has a real estate division called Greenleaf Capital. In addition, they manage real estate investments. Some of the real estate the company owns: 

  • Cypress Commons
  • John’s Pass Marina in Treasure Island, Florida
  • Gator’s Café & Saloon
  • Tierra Verde Marina 
  • Retail Center
  • 19 acres of property on Florida’s Gulf Coast waterfront
  • Several office buildings.

Reinsurance Products

Homeowners Choice Insurance also offers a reinsurance program primarily served through the Claddaugh reinsurance division. This program mainly rains through the giant branch of the company, Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty Insurance Company, Inc.

Get A Homeowners Choice Insurance Quote Today

Homeowners Choice Insurance has its set goals in mind, and one of these is to have a market share in Florida, with the capability to grow and advance into other states. The company aims to create more policies, add more agents, and take over more Citizens’ policies. They are also looking to acquire more in-state competition to continue growing and becoming a leader in the insurance industry. They strive to create new product offerings for their customers and expand with a mobile device application for their technology program through Exzeo.

As one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in Florida, Homeowners Choice Insurance is a top choice for the people in Florida. With state-of-the-art technology and the financial backing to take the risks they need, Homeowners’ Choice Insurance continues to flourish and impact Florida. They continue to look for opportunities to become even better and set out strategies to make this happen. The company has a variety of products and services, well-trained and highly experienced staff, and agents who are there to help you decide the right insurance policy for you at a price you can afford. In addition, they will stay in Florida if something should happen, as the other companies have. Instead, they will get you back on your feet and your life if another catastrophe happens.

Protect Your Home in Florida with Homeowners Choice Insurance Company!

When protecting your home in Florida, you need an insurance company that understands the state’s unique risks. Homeowners Choice Insurance Company has been serving homeowners in Florida for years, offering unparalleled coverage and peace of mind. With their extensive experience and expertise, they know what it takes to safeguard your most valuable asset.

One of the standout features of the company is its comprehensive coverage options. They offer policies that protect against various risks, including hurricanes, flooding, and theft. No matter what challenges you may face as a homeowner in Florida, you can trust that they have covered you.

Get Exclusive Quotes to Secure Your Home from Homeowners Choice Insurance Company!

Securing your home is about finding the right insurance company and policy that fits your needs and budget. Homeowners Choice Insurance understands this and offers exclusive quotes tailored to your requirements. Providing these Florida insurance quotes ensures you get the best coverage at the most competitive prices.

Homeowners Choice Insurance Company takes pride in their exceptional customer service. They understand that every homeowner’s needs are unique and are committed to finding the perfect solution for you. With their exclusive quotes, you can have peace of mind knowing you are getting the best coverage for your home.


When protecting your home in Florida, there is no better choice than Homeowners Choice Insurance. With their extensive experience, comprehensive coverage options, and exclusive quotes, they are the go-to insurance provider for homeowners in the state. Don’t leave the safety of your home to chance. Secure it with the Homeowners Choice Insurance Company, and rest easy knowing that your most significant investment is protected.

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