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Frontline Insurance

Frontline Insurance Florida

Insurance is one of the essential parts of being an intelligent consumer. If you are going to make large purchases, insurance is a necessity, if not legally required. In the Southeastern United States, there are many insurance companies to choose from, but Frontline Insurance is a company you want to take the time to get to know.


History of Frontline

This insurance company has been operating for over 20 years in various states in the Southeast. Frontline offers multiple insurance services for customers in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas. They are based in Florida and have helped customers get through over 13 major storms. They have paid out well over $1.2 billion in claims, so you know they can be trusted to provide coverage for you and your family. There are numerous types of insurance that you can purchase from them, such as home, high-value, condominium, flood insurance, and more.


What Does Frontline Offer You?

Frontline Insurance specializes in insurance on your most expensive possessions, where it is needed the most. They had developed a reputation in the Southeast for being there for their customers when they needed insurance.

Ownership of a home must have insurance to cover unforeseen damages or issues. Frontline offers a complete Home Solutions package to ensure you are fully secure and comfortable in your home. They will come to your house and send the inspector to work checking out all of the vitals of your home. They will take pictures of things like electrical panels and water heaters and give you a report on the current conditions. You can then use their vendors’ list to help get necessary repairs. This can give you peace of mind, knowing that your most important possessions are being taken care of. This insurance can also be used on any secondary homes or properties. That is huge for consumers who have other properties that are not occupied. In some cases, it can even be out of state.


High-Value Insurance

Frontline may have you covered for any consumers with properties worth more than $10 million. They have specific policies, even more so in Florida, that will protect your costly investments in the face of a tragedy. In addition, residents of Florida will have options to insure properties on barrier islands and even those on the beach. Living so close to the ocean is always risky, but you will be covered if you choose to go with one of these policies.


Condominium Insurance

Frontline also offers condo owners protection from various situations that may come up. This insurance is not nearly as comprehensive as homeowners insurance, as it is for secondary and seasonal residences. However, this is still an excellent option for protection, as it will cover costs for the entire condominium and all your belongings. You can never be too safe in the southeastern United States when it comes to weather, so better to be safe than sorry.


Rental Property Insurance

Many rely on rental properties to make an extra income or pay off their mortgages. If you are renting out property that you own, you need to have the right coverage. Frontline Insurance offers customers a variety of coverage options, which a specially trained agent will be able to go over with you. The agent will be able to help you decide which type of protection is best for your rental property.


Flood Insurance

Their flood insurance is big business, as it is one of the most common causes of people having issues with their homes and properties. They formed a partnership with a national policyholder and can offer some of the best protection. This insurance is backed by the National Flood Insurance Program, which means you have a lot of resources in your corner if you have to deal with flooding. It could prove an invaluable product if you ever need to use it.


Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property coverage is currently not available in every region they serve. For example, you can now get insurance only in North Carolina and Florida. However, they have tailored a unique suite of products to help with all business insurance needs. Frontline and its partners in commercial insurance have earned very high grades for financial stability and their reinsurers. This shows that they can be relied on in your business’s time of need and will stand by your side. Owning commercial property can be challenging, and Frontline is there to help. You will have a specialized commercial agent go over all of the different coverages that are available. This way, you can tailor the plan to your needs and specifications. You have five other options to pay for the protection; it is just that easy.


Frontline: Covering Your Home and Business

When it comes to home, rental, and business insurance, you have many options to look at these days. It may be overwhelming even to start looking at all the coverage that is out there. If you live in the Southeast, you owe it to yourself to look into what Frontline offers. They are highly reviewed and have served customers for over two decades in the area. Their policies include many coverage and payment options to ensure you buy exactly what you need. They have helpful agents during every step of the process and will answer any questions and provide insight into what you may need. So if you need home or flood insurance, make sure you shop around and take a look at their products. A quick phone call or web click could save money, stress, and even heartache.


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