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Geico Insurance Florida

GEICO in Florida is also known as the Government Employees Insurance Company. They are known as one of the best auto insurance companies in Florida. Since 2007, the auto insurance company has provided auto insurance for over 13 million vehicles owned by over 12 million policyholders. They are now the second-largest direct car insurance insurer in the United States. The company currently provides auto insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It also takes a unique approach to selling its insurance to millions of policyholders and prospective customers.


Geico In Florida Is Well Known.

Geico in Florida is known for its direct-to-consumer sales model to sell insurance directly to customers. As a result, direct-to-consumer eliminates the middleman in selling auto insurance to customers. In contrast, they sell policies through their in-house services via phone and website. However, the company does have several offices around the country that serve consumers who want to work with an agent.

The auto insurance company is one of the few with a significant advertising presence. Their advertising presence is so large that they are known for having not just one famous mascot but several. As a result, GEICO in Florida can dedicate otherwise spent on insurance agents to advertising. That allows them to run multiple advertising campaigns in several different markets simultaneously.

GEICO was founded in 1936 by Leo Goodwin and his wife, Lillian. They founded the company to provide auto insurance directly to federal government employees. While the company founders named it for this initial service, GEICO now serves all customers who live in the United States.


Advertising And Logo Of GEICO In Florida

GEICO is well known for its advertising. Their advertising campaigns make up some of an insurance company’s most memorable advertising efforts. So, they can only talk about GEICO’s advertising if they mention why they are still a famous ‘favorite’ advertiser: the GEICO gecko. The most famous advertising campaign from GEICO involves their official mascot. An anthropomorphic day gecko is The Gecko, created by The Martin Agency. The GEICO Gecko initially appeared in a 1999 advertisement campaign when the Screen Actors Guild strike prevented the use of live actors.

The original commercial featured the Gecko, voiced initially by actor Kelsey Grammer. He climbed onto a podium and spoke into a microphone (with a Cockney accent), expressing frustration with people confusing him with GEICO. Since the original ad, the Gecko underwent some visual and voice changes to make him seem more like the ‘guy next door,’ expressed by The Martin Agency’s creative director, Steve Basset.


They Love Mascots.

GEICO also has several other mascots they use across their commercials. For example, the GEICO Cavemen, used in their ‘so easy a caveman can do it’ ads, even became popular enough to spawn a short-lived sitcom. Maxwell the Piggy is another commonly used GEICO mascot, appearing in radio and commercials. He utters his trademark, ‘Whee.’ Besides their mascots, GEICO has a collection of advertisements that express their unique sense of humor, appealing to various audiences, both young and old.

As for their logo, the GEICO is a simple bold ‘GEICO’ in all capital letters, usually printed in bold against a light or transparent background. Some variations of this logo have the GEICO gecko sitting on top of the logo itself. Other early variations had the ‘GEICO’ printed in different colors, such as the yellow and black versions used sometime around the millennium.


The History Of GEICO

GEICO was first founded in 1936 by Leo and Lillian Goodwin. They founded the company to provide auto insurance coverage to federal government employees and their families. Before launching their auto insurance company, Leo Goodwin worked for another company that only offered military personnel insurance. GEICO, founded as the Government Employees Insurance Company, provided Leo Goodwin the insurance coverage he needed after receiving no more insurance benefits from them as an employee.

Due to his work experience, Goodwin based GEICO’s original business model around assuming that federal employees would be a ‘less risky and financially stable group of insured people. As a result, although the company started providing insurance to federal government employees, GEICO has remained privately owned and not affiliated with the government.


The Company Continued To Expand.

By 1937, the Goodwins took GEICO from San Antonio, Texas, to Washington, D.C., later reincorporating the company as a D.C.-based corporation. They reincorporated the company because it would work best with a high population of federal employees. GEICO relocated to Chevy Chase, Maryland, in 1959, where they still reside. In 1965, company president David Lloyd Kreeger helped GEICO become an insurance enterprise that would reach the country. Starting in 1948, he formed a group of investors who bought stakes into GEICO before going public in the same year. By 1974, GEICO became open to the general public, shortly after real-time computerized driving records became commonplace. Setbacks from 1973 to 1975 would make GEICO experience financial losses, causing the company to reorganize during the following years to recover. However, long after their market recovery, GEICO eventually became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.


Services For GEICO In Florida

GEICO, as mentioned, is best known for its auto insurance policies. They provide auto insurance for both consumers and commercial businesses. Customers can even use their website to learn about their current auto insurance policies and get a free Florida auto insurance quote directly online. They also provide information about their insurance policies via phone or directly from nationwide insurance offices.

Some of the policies that GEICO in Florida offers for consumer and commercial auto insurance include:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage
  • Property damage liability coverage
  • Medical payments
  • Personal injury coverage
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Underinsured motorist coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive physical damage coverage
  • Combined single-limit coverage


Other Types Of Coverage Geico Offers In Florida.

Besides their auto insurance policies, they offer insurance for various other needs, such as protecting their home. That form of home protection comes from their homeowner’s insurance, condominium insurance, and renter’s insurance policies. All three policies cover various residential properties. In addition, their homeowner’s insurance policy provides broad coverage for most homes at an H03 insurance coverage level. As a result, policyholders receive protection against the following:


  • water
  • roof impacts
  • building collapse
  • household theft of valuables

Condominium and renter insurance policies offer the same coverage for those dwellings, typically specified perils.


The insurance company also provides the following:

  • life insurance
  • flood insurance
  • overseas insurance
  • collectibles insurance
  • Personal Umbrella Protection
  • Identity Theft Protection

Final Thoughts.

Additionally, GEICO in Florida continues to provide affordable insurance options for United States military members. As a result, we are providing the military with special discount programs. In addition, there are various service options for people regardless of where the army deploys them. Therefore, get a Geico insurance quote in Florida today.

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