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Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance Florida

When it comes to insurance companies, what do they consider the best? Are they looking for one that has been around, stood the test of time, knows how to do business, and will be here for many years? Are they looking for one that offers competitive prices and outstanding service to its customers and is there for them when they need it the most? Then, let Mercury Insurance handle all of their claims and be their insurance.


Who is Mercury Insurance in Florida?


Mercury Insurance began 50 years ago when it sold its first insurance policy in 1962. In a tiny office with only six employees, the founders formed it in Los Angeles, California. However, the founder, George Joseph, had a massive goal and dream for the future. As a result, it still makes its mark in today’s insurance industry, with Mercury becoming one of America’s biggest, most admired insurance companies.

Mercury Insurance understands that. In today’s world and economy, most people want the best insurance coverage but also need the best prices. They realize that customers should not have to choose which is the most important to them and should have insurance that offers both a customized and affordable manner. Mercury strives to be set apart from its competition by offering low rates, outstanding coverage, and local agents to help them. That sets them apart from the others, making them an obvious choice as Florida insurance providers.


Types of Mercury Insurance Offered

Mercury Insurance offers many different types of insurance. One of these types of insurance is auto insurance. Even though they may feel they are a good driver and have gone a long time without an accident or never had one, customers know that even though they are good drivers, that does not mean everyone else is. Therefore, it would be best to have the proper protection to cover them should an accident occur. Mercury offers Liability, Collision, Comprehensive, Medical, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), and Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists. They also provide the ability to add rental car coverage and roadside assistance.

Mercury Insurance offers Florida home insurance to help keep loved ones and the house safe in emergencies. A few of the options and coverages are:

  • dwelling protection in case of fire
  • lightning
  • smoke
  • damages from storms
  • personal property protection
  • fires
  • theft
  • Extended replacement cost to help rebuild the home at 150% of the dwelling policy limits
  • additional living expenses if the house is not able to be lived in
  • Personal liability protection for bodily or property damage
  • guest medical protection
  • identity theft protection
  • valuables such as jewelry and fine arts.


What About Mercury Insurance Discounts?

In addition, they offer discounts to help you save even more on an auto insurance policy. These discounts include:

  • Good driving record
  • Multiple car discount
  • Anti-theft devices installed
  • Being a part of associations
  • Good grades in school

Furthermore, they offer discounts for home insurance policies that you can customize and save additional money. These are:

  • Protective equipment such as smoke alarms
  • Material to build a fireproof house
  • Having a home that is not too old
  • A gate around the area
  • A higher deductible

Mercury Insurance also offers a discount when bundling home and auto insurance policies.


Condo Insurance in Florida

Mercury Insurance also offers condo insurance to help the owners of condo units if something should happen to them. A few of the options and coverages are personal property protection for items in the condo:

  • Fire damage
  • Storms damage
  • Theft
  • Personal property protection
  • Valuables
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Cabinets
  • Floors
  • Personal liability protection
  • Bodily injury
  • Damage to property
  • Guest medical protection
  • Workers compensation protection

They cover anything that can happen to get hurt while there. For example, condominiums are rented to others for protection if they rent out a condo and something happens. Mercury also offers discounts for condominium insurance policies. These have both apartment and auto insurance from Mercury to give a multi-policy value, smoke alarms, a gate around the area, a higher deductible, and a security system.


Florida Renters Insurance from Mercury

Mercury Insurance also offers Florida renters insurance that can protect personal property from:

  • fire
  • theft
  • other losses covered by the policy
  • valuable items
  • personal liability protection to pay for injuries to property or bodily injuries
  • guest medical protection to help settle if a guest gets hurt while visiting
  • workers’ compensation protection for someone working for them at the place that they rent

Mercury Insurance also offers discounts for renters’ insurance policies. These have both renters insurance and auto insurance from Mercury to give a multi-policy value, a gate around the area, a security system, smoke alarms, and a higher deductible. Mercury also offers Umbrella Insurance. Umbrella insurance kicks in if something happens too big for a basic policy to cover. This kind of policy will kick in and pay to prevent them from the hassles of going to court and having to pay even more for the lawsuit.


Mechanical Breakdown Insurance from Mercury

Mercury also offers Mechanical Breakdown Protection to help pay for when the vehicle breaks down. This plan also has a list of extra benefits at no charge. These are:

  • assistance along the road any time of day or night
  • rental assistance
  • protection for tires and the trip
  • can take the vehicle wherever they prefer to have it repaired
  • coverage across the nation
  • coverage can transfer from car to vehicle
  • There is no limit to how many times they make claims
  • unlimited claims


Business Insurance from Mercury

Mercury Insurance also offers Florida Business Auto Insurance that covers a wide variety of business vehicles in many different types of businesses and in a vast amount of options and coverages to meet the needs of a business owner. Mercury also offers Business Insurance that covers all kinds of companies, customized to fit the business at an affordable price, with extra coverage enhancements that will give the peace of mind that companies and business vehicles are protected if something should happen. Of course, all insurance types and discounts vary depending on their state, but they are worth checking.

Since Mercury Insurance began in 1962, they have provided various insurance products, from auto insurance to homeowners insurance to mechanical breakdown coverage. Mercury has loyal, highly trained, enthusiastic employees who work with their agents to help the company become the leading insurer in California and one of the fastest-growing insurers in the nation, with no plans to stop as they continuously build up their momentum.

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