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Southern Fidelity Florida

When it comes to finding reliable insurance coverage in Florida, accuracy is crucial. Residents must get the right coverage to protect their homes, belongings, and loved ones. Southern Fidelity Insurance understands the unique needs of Floridians and provides accurate insurance quotes that everyone can trust. With their dedication to providing reliable coverage, Florida residents can have peace of mind knowing that their insurance needs are in good hands. At the Southern Fidelity Insurance Company, they are professionals in the insurance industry and have vast experience and satisfactory service in homeowners and dwelling fire insurance.

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company’s History

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company (SFIC) began in 2005 and licensed itself in Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina. They use independent agents to work for them to sell their services and products. With their main headquarters in Tallahassee, Florida, Their primary area of expertise is insurance products for residential properties. In 2007, regulators approved Sthem to do business in Louisiana. They gave $7 million in grant funds through a program called “Insure Louisiana.”

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company has over $60 million in surplus from policyholders, enabling them to insure and protect your most prized possessions. With all of this combined, plus the outstanding customer service, state-of-the-art products, and the local and available for these areas, they show their appreciation and loyalty to their customers.

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company has an extraordinary team of professionals in the insurance business. They thoroughly trained their employees. This training gave them the experience to provide excellent service in the homeowners and dwelling fire market. In addition, they know how to manage their business in areas where catastrophes occur more often, such as Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina, and promise to keep providing the most effective service to their policyholders.

Types Of Insurance Offered By Southern Fidelity

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company offers Homeowners, Renters, Condominium Owners, and Dwelling Fires insurance policies. They work with independent agents through its managing agency, Southern Fidelity Managing Agency (SFMA), to represent the Southern Fidelity Insurance Company. They also took over 20,000 policies from Louisiana Citizens in early 2008. It could offer those customers lower rates than they were paying through Louisiana Citizens. Also, they provided the ability to pay premiums quarterly (4 times a year), semi-annually (2 times a year), or annually (one lump sum one time a year). They also have a financial score of A instability. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD accepted it in the housing market. These programs offer support and help for those who can’t afford a home and work with Southern Fidelity to help ensure your home and future.

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company’s Homeowners Policy will protect your home if there is damage due to storms, wind, or circumstances like these. Their Renters Insurance Policy will cover the renter’s belongings if something should happen to the dwelling they are living in. Their Condominium Owners Insurance Policy will provide financial help to the condominium owner if something should happen to the rented or leased condominium unit. Finally, Southern Fidelity Insurance Company’s Dwelling Fire Insurance Policy will help if there is a fire that would cause damage or destroy the dwelling.

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company also has Identity Theft Protection Coverage if someone steals your identity so that you can get your life back on track if this happens. Equipment Breakdown Coverage in case the insured equipment you use breaks down and someone needs to repair it.

What About Their Financial Stability?

So, are you wondering what the financial future of Southern Fidelity could be? They have met all of the financial qualifications of the Louisiana Department of Insurance (LA DOI) that it has to be allowed in the state as a new insurance group. They have received a Certificate of Authority stating this fact. Reinsurance companies support Southern Fidelity. That feature will allow for minimizing exposure by distributing the risk to various reinsurance companies if a catastrophe occurs.

Additional Products and Services Offered

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company has regular business hours but also offers after-hours services for you to call, provide information, and help you know what to do in an emergency. They also provide information on your bill and what coverages they have by calling a customer service Voice Response system toll-free anytime, day or night, and the ability to pay online with a checking account and a safe and secure transaction sight. Southern Fidelity Insurance Company also offers electronic billing and notifications, which not only help with the environment by eliminating some paper but also help eliminate some of the junk in your home.

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company strives to be the insurance company for you and to make you feel protected and safe if an emergency should arise. Tarisesr is committed to being fair and quick in getting your claim looked at and processed so you can put your mind at rest.

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company is there for you and has your best interests in mind. They have professional staff who are courteous and highly trained to answer any questions and work together to ensure you have the right policy for you. This training will ensure that whatever happens to you, whether it is a big or small loss, Southern Fidelity Insurance Company will work together to be sure they give you a correct evaluation of your coverages and damages. Then, you can get your life back on the path to being normal again.

Get Accurate Insurance Quotes for Florida Residents

Finding accurate insurance quotes is essential for Florida residents looking for reliable coverage. Southern Fidelity Insurance understands the importance of accuracy when it comes to insurance. They have developed a streamlined process that allows residents to obtain accurate quotes quickly and easily.

By visiting Florida Insurance Quotes’s website, Florida residents can enter their information and receive accurate insurance quotes tailored to their needs. The online platform considers various factors, such as the property’s size and location, the desired coverage amount, and any additional options required. This detail ensures that the quotes provided are as accurate as possible.

Southern Fidelity Insurance also offers the option to speak with an agent directly. Their knowledgeable and friendly agents can guide Florida residents through the process, answering any questions and providing accurate quotes based on their unique circumstances. By offering multiple avenues for obtaining quotes, they ensure that accuracy is at the forefront of their service.

Southern Fidelity Insurance: Reliable Coverage for Floridians

Southern Fidelity is a trusted provider of reliable coverage for Florida residents. With their extensive experience and knowledge of the unique challenges faced by Floridians, they can offer quotes tailored to meet the needs of the state’s residents.

One reason they can provide accurate quotes is their understanding of the risks specific to Florida. From hurricanes to flooding, Florida faces a range of natural disasters that can cause significant damage to homes and property. Southern Fidelity considers these risks when providing Florida hurricane insurance quotes. Then, they can ensure that they adequately cover residents in a disaster.

In addition to their understanding of the unique risks faced by Floridians, Southern Fidelity Insurance is also known for its exceptional customer service. Their team of dedicated agents is committed to providing personalized assistance and accurate information to Florida residents. Whether helping residents understand their coverage options or assisting with claims, they are there every step of the way.


Accurate insurance quotes are essential for Florida residents seeking reliable coverage. Southern Fidelity understands the importance of accuracy. They provide accurate quotes that customers trust. With their dedication to meeting Floridians’ unique needs and exceptional customer service, they are a reliable choice for insurance coverage in the Sunshine State. Whether online or through their knowledgeable agents, residents can obtain accurate quotes that will provide the peace of mind they deserve.


The Southern Fidelity Insurance Company, SFIC, was ordered into receivership liquidation by the Second Judicial Circuit Court in Leon County, Florida. If you are a customer and need support, contact us for assistance.

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