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With the way that the world is today, what are you looking for in an insurance company to help you in your time of need? Are you looking for one that has been around and stood the test of time through hardships and purchasing other companies to form new companies? What about one that offers many different types of insurances even during times when other companies had only offered one or just a few types of insurance?


Then Travelers Insurance Company is the one for you. Travelers Insurance Company began over 150 years ago when two of  America’s oldest leaders in the insurance world came together to form Travelers. These well respected men formed one of the nation’s biggest and most regarded property casualty insurance companies that has adjusted to the ever changing world and times we live in to be able to continue to meet customers changing needs.


Travelers Insurance Company began as St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company in 1853 when Alexander Wilkin and 16 other St. Paul businessmen saw the need for an insurance company due to fire threats. It wasn’t until 1864 that Travelers Insurance Company finally came into existence to insure people against injury or loss of life as they were traveling by railroad or steamboat.


Based out of Minnesota with its main agencies in New York City, St. Paul, Minnesota and Hartford, Connecticut, Travelers Insurance Company is the 2nd biggest commercial property casualty insurance writer and 3rd biggest of United States personal insurance through agents. Travelers Insurance Company has offices in every state in the U.S. with locations also in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, China, London, Canada and Brazil and has more than 30,000 employees, 13,000 agents and brokers with revenues of over $25.7 billion and assets of over $104.9 billion.


Travelers Insurance Company has three main areas of insurance which are Personal Insurance, Business Insurance and Financial, Professional and International Insurance and then they are broken down into categories under these three main areas. The first of these are Auto Insurance which can cover bodily injury and property damage, uninsured or underinsured people, medical bills, fire and theft events or collision. You can also add other insurances to this such as towing, gap insurance, rental and many others and discounts are available based on safety features and the type of vehicle. The second one is Renters Insurance which can cover personal item damage such as clothes, appliances, furniture and more whether they are at your home or somewhere else. It can also cover another person should they get hurt or their items get damaged or destroyed while they are on your rented property. You can also get discounts based on safety and security features that you can have installed. The third one is Condominium Insurance and it can also cover the personal property and the liability of the condo itself, such as personal items whether they are at the condo or somewhere else and also covers if someone gets hurt or their property damaged while they are there. The fourth one is Flood Insurance and it can cover the home itself as well as a furnace or hot water heater, clothing, appliances, furniture or rugs. Also can cover costs to remove trash and clean up after a flood and expenses to try to protect your home in the event that a flood is likely, such as sandbags and other items. The fifth one is Boat or Yacht Insurance and it can cover damage that has happened from coming in contact with something including another boat or injury to people involved or any other property involved, personal items on the boat that are damaged, boat needing towed or running out of gas and needing some brought to it or if boat is stranded somewhere. There are also savings/discounts depending on safety features, education courses, type of  boat insured or how many Travelers Insurance Company Policies the person has. The sixth one is Umbrella Insurance and it is named after the logo which has the red umbrella on it representing that Travelers Insurance Company is there to shield and protect their customers. This type of insurance can provide extra coverage to help in instances of protecting your future such as retirement or extra costs of assets such as home, auto, boat or income. It also helps in cases of lawsuits with lawyers fees, court costs, slander or privacy issues and misrepresentation of words or actions. The seventh one is Wedding Protection Insurance and it may cover an unexpected problems with cancellations, photos, gifts, jewelry, deposits or other expenses during your important day. The eighth one is Identity Fraud Protection and it can help in the event that your identity gets stolen by someone getting your personal information. With identity fraud growing rapidly, it can ruin what you have worked so hard to establish. With Travelers Insurance, they can help you restore what has been taken and get you back to where you were quickly.


Travelers Insurance Company also offers many other insurance plans such as An Affinity Auto and Home Program that offers savings to its members or staff of participating agencies that gives you a reduction on your car and home insurance if you have them both through Travelers Insurance Company. Their Valuable Items Coverage helps protect your most treasured and expensive possessions and has two different coverage types available to meet your needs. These are Personal Articles Floaters which valuable items are appraised, insured that go beyond what a regular homeowners policy would insure and have separate protection with no deductible. Their Valuable Items Plus is coverage you can add to your homeowners policy for limits that are higher on expensive items giving you more protection and also with no deductible. These policies insure against many different issues and need to be checked into to be sure which is the right one for you if this is your personal situation.


Travelers Insurance Company also has policies available for small and large businesses, customized commercial insurance for your particular industry and International Business Insurance.


Travelers Insurance Company works hard to keep up with the changing customer needs and provides the best products and services based on the information they collect and study. They are dedicated to protecting their customers and their possessions in the event that something would happen, as the company looks to the future and continues to grow.

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