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UPC Insurance Florida

Are you underinsured or uninsured and need protection and peace of mind should an emergency arise? UPC Insurance wants you to worry less and enjoy your life more. Even though UPC Insurance can’t stop a loss or disaster from happening, UPC can insure your recovery and give you the peace of mind to rebuild your future and protect your place in life. United Property & Insurance Company (or UPC for short) was rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau in August of 2003 and had a vision statement to be the premier provider of catastrophe-exposed property insurance.

UPC Insurance is committed to treating you not as a policy but as a natural person. As a result, they have access to multiple insurance companies and can offer you competitive pricing, various products, and valuable support. With over 4,600 agents and over 140,000 policies written and growing, UPC has successfully managed its business through multiple hurricanes and other tropical storm events.


UPC Insurance is based out of Florida and expanding its services outside the southeast. It is now entering northeastern states such as South Carolina, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and North Carolina and was recently licensed in New Jersey. UPC Insurance’s team of dedicated professionals manages a compound insurance company, including sales, customer service, and claims, from its headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Owning a home or business is more than just the contents. You and your family have a place all your own and count on a particular lifestyle. UPC can help with that and has many types of insurance available for your needs. They offer Homeowners, condominiums, Dwelling Fire, Flood, and even special coverages such as Identity Theft, Water Loss, and Equipment Breakdown to protect your property and your assets. UPC also offers a reinsurance program that covers frequent and severe events such as the 100-year event or risk of surplus erosion in multiple storms.

UPC’s Homeowners Policy offers above-average coverage compared to the products sold today in the insurance industry. The policy provides building, personal property, loss of use, and liability coverage to the owners or occupants of a dwelling used as a private residence. It also has the additional range to tailor your policy to meet your specific needs.

UPC’s Condominium Policy offers building, personal property, loss of use, and liability coverage to occupants of a residential unit only. It can also be tailored to meet your needs and has additional optional coverages.

UPC’s Dwelling Fire Policy protects the home against disasters such as fire, windstorm, or lightning but does not cover personal property or contents. Therefore, it is usually acquired by homeowners or for an investment property such as a vacation home.


As for UPC’s Flood Policy, a UPC insurance agent can advise which policy is best for the customer. With a flood being so unpredictable and possibly happening anywhere that it rains, all home and business owners in high-risk flooding areas with mortgages from federally regulated or insured lenders must purchase flood insurance. A homeowners policy does not cover floods, so flood insurance must be bought to have that coverage. UPC will also give you credit on your UPS homeowners policy if you accept a UPC companion flood policy.

UPC’s Identity Theft Protection Policy is a fully managed restoration service in case you become a victim. This will give you the peace of mind to help restore your identity to pre-theft status and remain productive in your work and life.

UPC’s Water Loss Policy will help you if appliances, hoses, pipes, or drains malfunction and cause damage. This protection will give you credit on your policy if you have a licensed plumber inspect your plumbing system, all connections, and all appliances attached to the system to be sure they are free of defects.

UPC’s Equipment Breakdown Policy covers central air, pool equipment, backup generators, central vacuums, electric power panels, well pumps, chair lifts, elevators, boilers and water heaters, ventilation systems and fans, furnaces and heat pumps, heaters, and solar heaters. These types of breakdowns can be very costly, and having this policy can save you a lot of money if something should happen.

UPC Insurance believes that innovation and outstanding customer service drive their business. They have a team of talented and committed employees that create value for their customers and shareholders. They will work with you to determine the right insurance and financial services for you, your family, or your business and use their access to multiple companies to deliver the correct products. At your request, UPC will explain the coverages and options available to you through their company. They will guide you through your claims process for a quick and fair decision, help you solve any problems related to your account or coverage, return your phone calls and e-mails quickly, and promptly respond to your requests or questions. UPC Insurance provides round-the-clock services for their customers, offering emergency phone numbers, internet account access, e-mail, and call center services. UPC encourages staff to continue their education to be more knowledgeable in serving their customers. They will use their experience and multiple company relationships to customize their client’s coverage.

UPC Insurance treats you with respect and courtesy, and they conduct their business ethically. In addition, in all the states where UPC Insurance operates, they commit itself to providing the highest possible service to its agents and policyholders.

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