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Florida Car Insurance Laws in 2022.

Florida car insurance laws

No two states in the United States are identical regarding auto insurance laws. Therefore, when purchasing a policy, it is essential to understand Florida car insurance laws. Additionally, we must follow appropriate rules to be fully protected while driving in Florida.


Florida Car Insurance Law Required Minimums.

According to Florida State law, all drivers must carry coverage to meet the minimum requirements. Drivers must have bodily injury coverage of at least $10,000 for single drivers. For two or more people, the coverage requirement is $20,000. In addition to physical injury coverage, all drivers must have at least $10,000 in liability coverage for any property damage. Additional requirements come into play when DUIs, accidents, or suspended driver’s licenses.


Florida Rental Car Requirements.

Renting a car means that the driver must still meet the minimum requirements. Florida auto insurance laws still apply to rental vehicles. When renting an automobile in the State of FL, each renter must ensure that they still have the minimum coverage required by law. The driver can obtain this coverage either by buying from the rental car company or having a rental-car rider on their policy.


Florida Penalizes Drivers for not having coverage.

The State of FL clearly outlines the requirements for what is required. If drivers let the policy lapse, the state can suspend their driver’s license. The vehicle registration is no longer valid when Florida revokes a driver’s license. Therefore, they must pay all penalties before the State of Florida can reinstate the driver’s license and registration. These fines are why it is crucial to ensure no lapses in the policy if we reside in Florida.


Florida’s No-Fault Laws.

If we drive in the State of FL, we are subject to the state’s no-fault law. The law does not require drivers to carry personal injury, comp/collision, or coverage for uninsured motorists. However, companies must present the option for customers to buy uninsured motorist coverage. Suppose the customer declines to purchase this option. In that case, they must state this election on a declaration page within the policy documentation.


Florida’s Laws for Households.

The State of FL does not mandate that the policy includes all household members. However, just because the state does not require this does not mean that the company will not ask for all drivers in the home. For example, suppose they have one member with a poor driving history and choose not to list them, and they drive the vehicle and get in an accident. In that case, there is the possibility that the company will not pay the claim.

Laws vary from state to state, so we must ensure that we meet all appropriate state laws. Familiarize ourselves with all the rules not to lose our license or revoke our registration.

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