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Does Every Owner Need Small Business Insurance In Florida?

Do business owners have their small business insurance in Florida sorted out? Have they ensured that insurance has covered their business for the entire year? With the many problems arising from working with a company throughout the year, getting a small business insurance policy in Florida is wise. However, every state requires insurance for all businesses across the United States. A Look At Small Business Insurance In Florida Small business insurance encompasses the different insurance coverage options for business owners who want to ensure their business loses no ability to continue operating as-is. It provides various degrees of protection to […]

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Florida Business Insurance 101

When someone owns a business, they know the options to protect everyone. We must make Florida business insurance a crucial decision, but many options are available. This article will explain the different types of coverage known to an owner, so choose the best options for everyone’s needs. Business Liability A liability policy provides coverages that protect the business from financial losses if someone is injured or incurs property damage from a company or employee. This type of Florida business coverage generally includes the following types of ranges: Bodily Injury – This coverage pays for bodily injury that occurs to someone […]

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Everyone Needs Florida Business Insurance

Many owners go into business and expect only to take care of some legalities before opening. However, whether they are operating a small or medium-sized Florida business, owners need to emphasize what is known as business insurance. It merely protects enterprises of any size, mainly when things go wrong.  This coverage refers to any policy designed to protect them against operational losses. The type of losses covered by policies generally depends on the providers, the policy’s wording, and, most importantly, the limitations imposed by a policyholder’s location.  Although it sounds like a type of ‘all-inclusive’ coverage, it describes several policies […]

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Top 9 Florida Business Insurance Types That Everyone Should Have.

When owners start their new business, there are some insurance coverages that they should consider adding to their policies. While not all ranges are required, everyone should have the top 9 Florida business insurance types. Business Property Insurance This business insurance in Florida protects the business property and assets, including any buildings, equipment, computers, and other assets. These policies also include additional protections against earning losses due to business interruption. General Liability Insurance In Florida, this required business insurance covers the business against third-party property damage. In addition, it covers bodily injury caused by services, products, or employees. Commercial Auto […]

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Tips For Buying Business Insurance In Florida

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Are Owners Purchasing Business Insurance Services In Florida For The Very First Time? Owning and operating their own business is one of the best ways to secure their financial future today. Too many people discover that the old “get a good job” comments are not always from the most educated places. In addition, our modern economy shows just how difficult (and fast-changing) things will get in the future. By owning their own business, owners will be their bosses. Owners will be able to enjoy the profits the company creates and the freedom it allows to take advantage of moving forward. […]

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Florida’s New Fraud-Fighting Database Has More Benefits That People Realize.

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Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a new law changing the check-cashing business. It will offer state fraud investigators a new weapon in the fight against fraud. The law mandates that the check cashing stores check Florida’s new fraud-fighting database before cashing checks over $1,000. Check cashing operations must record and report: payer payee cost billed social security number workers’ compensation insurance plan number (in case the check out made out to a company) This database can cross-reference the Secretary of State’s database, allowing investigators to observe prospective fraudulent activity associated with workers’ compensation claims. Florida’s New Fraud-Fighting Database. Chief Economic […]

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Options For Florida Small Business Insurance

Florida has one of the largest economies in the United States. Therefore, that makes it a great place to start a small business. First, however, companies must know the law’s Florida small business insurance requirements. Furthermore, they may want to consider additional coverages when opening the business. Most companies provide packages designed to address the requirements stated by law and additional coverages that provide protections unique to Florida. The following are some of the most common Florida trim business insurance options. General Liability Florida Small Business Insurance These coverages protect the business from lawsuits or legal action. Therefore, they are […]

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