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Home Insurance in Tallahassee FL

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You probably just typed “home insurance quote Tallahassee FL” into Google and saw all the results. Yeah, there’s a lot.  Every insurer wants you at their site getting a quote from them and making an on the spot decision.

It’s not enough to just get a quote; you need to be able to get the right quote on the right policy and the right riders.  Sound confusing?  You’re not alone.

So, what constitutes a good home insurance quote in Tallahassee, FL?  Well, first, what constitutes a good home insurance policy for Tallahassee?

Bank On It

That depends on what is important to you or your mortgage company in an insurance policy.  Why your mortgage company?  For the same reason the bank that owns your loan has a say in the type of policy you need, to protect their assets.

When you’re in the process of purchasing a home, the mortgage company will give you a specific coverage level they require you to have.  If you’ve owned your home for a while and are looking to change companies, give the bank a call and ask what level of coverage you need.

Show You the Money

Once you know the policy you need, it’s time to get some quotes.  If you go to the website for the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, you can narrow down the hundreds of property and casualty insurance companies by area.  That way, you’ll only be looking at the ones for Tallahassee. Check with your friends and neighbors, too.  Some will have the same Tallahassee FL home insurance company.  Make sure you really focus on asking in-depth questions so you can compare the answers about the same company.  If you get a lot of the same answers, whether good or bad, from different people about one company, you can pretty well trust it.

Choice Agent

Get the name of the local agent they use.  Again, some will be the same; some will be different, even for the same insurance agency.  Again, listen for the same answers. Before you call the agents, get some background information.  Feel free to go to the insurer’s website and get an online quote.  Then you’ll have a basis for comparison when you talk to the agent.

Remember, the agent has specialized knowledge of the local laws governing coverage levels for different types of hazards.  This may mean a higher quote if you keep the same deductible amount, but add coverage; or a lower quote, if you increase the deductible and keep the same coverage. Getting Tallahassee homeowners insurance quotes doesn’t mean you have to go to every single company that services the area.  We narrow the fields, do the research, collect all the quotes, then compare coverage, deductibles, and finally, cost. We then deliver this information to you so that you can make an educated decision.

We take into account the strengths and weaknesses of each insurer, from size to the time it takes to get a claim paid.  Homeowner’s insurance is important; it’s there when disaster strikes and your home needs major repairs.  It’s there to protect not only your home, but also your stuff.  Do your homework, and get a quote on your needs.

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