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AIG Agreement is a Win for Florida Life Insurance Policy Holders

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Florida regulators need to pay back to residents some $25 million in unclaimed property which has been returned to the state in a settlement agreement with American International Group over life insurance advantages.

In October, AIG consented to settle a case stemming from the insurance providers problem to compare their policyholder rolls from the Personal Protection Death Excel at Register in order to uncover beneficiaries of existence insurance procedures.

Regulators billed which AIG’s troubles to do this resulted in thousands of residents not being aware they are due existence insurance benefits. Farther along, regulators mentioned the insurer would not follow government legislation that demands the insurer in the event just where a beneficiary should not be found, to homecoming the facial skin value of the policy to Florida’s Bureau of Unclaimed Property, which serves because a clearinghouse for occupants to look for money.

The twenty-five billion settlement is merely the initial of exactly what is anticipated to feel several payments from AIG to the government.

Florida’s agreement with AIG is the 5th this kind of agreement the government has got settled with national insurers for their problems to utilize the Personal Security s information base. Up to now, those settlements have generated around 73,000 accounts with even more than $51.25 million being came home to Florida for submission to occupants.

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