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Florida Commercial Auto Insurance

How do we know if we must purchase a Florida commercial auto insurance policy? Some businesses require us to have a commercial policy. However, we can still get by with just our coverage. For example, our insurance may cover our insurance if we do not drive over 100 miles daily. These jobs may include social workers, party plan independent consultants, and home health care workers.

 Our policy will not cover our vehicle when we start using it solely for business purposes like: 

  • Making deliveries 
  • Allowing multiple drivers
  • Transporting for business purposes
  • Other business-related uses

That is when we need to get Florida commercial auto insurance. It will allow higher liability coverage for our employees and additional vehicles. In addition, we will have more excellent liability coverage and other protections not covered by a standard policy when we get a commercial auto policy. For example, commercial coverage will protect our employees and us when driving other vehicles. Furthermore, it will save us even if our company does not own them. It can also cover additional items lost or destroyed in an accident as long as they are business-related.


Benefits Of Florida Commercial Auto Insurance

 A commercial policy protects our business in several ways. First, if we have employees driving business vehicles, we are liable for any accidents they cause. In addition, we will be responsible for paying their medical bills, lost wages, and any other expenses related to the accident. An accident could jeopardize our business if we do not have Florida commercial auto insurance. Just one lawsuit could ultimately cost us our entire business. Our carrier protects us from theft, natural disasters, and even accidents with commercial auto insurance in Florida.


Florida Requirements For Commercial Policies

 Florida generally requires that we carry higher coverage for commercial vehicles than private passenger autos. While there are options, purchasing a commercial auto policy is the best way to meet the state requirements and protect our business assets. In addition, speaking with a qualified commercial agent is the best way to assess the needs of our business and comply with all current laws.

 A Florida insurance agent will discuss the various options for our type of business. For instance, what type of vehicles we have and how our company uses them. The agent will determine what kind of coverage we need and our premiums. Working with an insurance company specializing in commercial policies is good to ensure they know current Florida laws.

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