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Allstate Insurance

Allstate Insurance Florida

Allstate, also known as the Allstate Corporation, is the nation’s largest public personal insurance company. They currently serve over 16 million households across the United States and Canada. This insurance company is considered one of the better choices for insurance. Especially since Allstate insurance was rated as one of the industry’s best insurance companies at one point. In addition, they provide insurance to millions of people across the country. Furthermore, they’re also considered the second largest personal insurance provider in the United States. They also have several local offices throughout the country to promote that further.

Allstate currently provides several types of personal insurance, including famous home, auto, and life insurance. They also offer various financial products besides their different insurance policies. Allstate was founded in 1931 after Sears, Roebuck & Co. first held a national contest that eventually decided on a name for their new brand of car tires. It was the board’s name from the competition out of over two million submissions. Allstate tires were so successful that Sears Chairman General Robert E. Wood praised them and their contribution to Sears’ retail success.

Though, the insurance company idea didn’t arrive until 1930. That would happen when a neighbor of Wood proposed that Allstate start selling auto insurance by direct mail. Allstate Corporation is based out of Northfield Township in Illinois, where they continue to be the leading insurer of many urban areas across the United States.


Advertising And Logo

Allstate’s advertising campaigns are presented across many media formats, including television, radio, print media, the outdoors, and the Internet. Their famous slogan, ‘You’re in good hands,’ is usually seen in these advertisements. However, they also say, ‘Are you in good hands,’ occasionally.

Their slogan was first created in the 1950s by Allstate’s sales executive, Davis W. Ellis. The catchphrase was first used by a doctor taking care of his sick child; later in the year, Ellis recalled the slogan during a brainstorming session with Allstate’s marketing team. They were to develop the motto used in the company’s first national advertising campaign. However, Ellis provided the slogan before they finished the session for the day, which was later used in all advertisement campaigns from now on.

Throughout the 1960s and the 1970s, the slogan ‘You’re in good hands’ became instantly recognizable to many people across the country. It’s also now ranked as one of the most recognizable marketing slogans in the United States.

By 2001, Allstate changed its famous slogan to ‘The right hands make all the difference.’ That slogan was accompanied by an advertising campaign that featured the hands of people who could make a difference in the world due to their unique talents and abilities. Though, into the 2000s and the current decade, Allstate has continued to use its most recognizable slogan, ‘You’re in good hands.’ A recent example of their logo’s use is in their 2010 advertisement campaign, ‘Mayhem,’ where narrator Dean Winters followed pitfalls that commonly affected drivers and homeowners.

As for the logo, Allstate’s current logo is typically depicted with white or blue letters bearing ‘Allstate’ with a globe above or beside it. In addition, the world commonly shows two hands cupped together in a ‘giving’ gesture, either blue or white. Much of the same Allstate logo has appeared on all its advertisements since its founding in the 1930s.


The History Of Allstate

As mentioned, Allstate was first founded in 1931 as a part of Sears, Roebuck & Co., which was somewhat different in the beginning than some people would expect. The company was initially founded with a name based on a tire brand, eventually becoming an auto insurance company after a specific event.

That event occurred during a bridge game on a commuter train sometime in 1930. On that train ride, insurance broker Carl L. Odell pitched an idea to Robert E. Wood about having them sell auto insurance by direct mail under the Allstate brand. Wood liked the idea and eventually took that idea to the Sears board of directors. After their approval, the Allstate Insurance Company went into offering auto insurance via direct mail and through the Sears catalog by April 1931.

By 1934, Allstate began expanding throughout Illinois, opening its first permanent sales office in a Chicago-based Sears store. By 1949, the first Allstate Headquarters Building was completed; however, the company relocated in the following post-war years.

You’re In Good Hands With Allstate.

The year 1950 saw the creation of the company’s famous slogan, ‘You’re in good hands with Allstate.’ By the decade’s end, the slogan was frequently used in the company’s first network advertising campaign. In addition, throughout the 1950s, Allstate started adding more insurance products to their already diverse line of products, including fire insurance (in 1954), life insurance, and homeowners insurance (1957).

They did, however, start selling insurance in Canada by 1953. Eventually, their Canadian division, the Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, was incorporated by 1964. Then, inĀ 1967, their headquarters finally moved to Northbrook, Illinois. Since that move, they have continued adding more insurance types to their already available product line. That included worker’s compensation insurance (1964), surety bonds (1966), inland marine coverage (1967), and a policy package for businesses (1969).

Throughout the following decades, Allstate continued offering customers its insurance packages. However, by the 1980s, Allstate started to move their agents out of Sears stores and into independent neighborhood offices. By 1993, about 20 percent of their company became public; by 1995, they became independent after Sears spun off the remaining 80 percent of Allstate’s company stake to their shareholders. Since becoming independent, Allstate has risen to become of the top insurance providers within the country.


Services At Allstate

Allstate currently sells various insurance products that cover diverse insurance-related needs. Their different insurance products are sold through their exclusive Allstate agents, contracted to Allstate to sell insurance products under their label exclusively.

People can purchase Allstate insurance products via various sales and service centers affiliated with Allstate, in addition to Allstate’s official website. Due to the conditions of their policies, they’re one of the most commonly recommended insurance providers within the United States. Allstate also provides a comprehensive database of information about their insurance products on their website, mainly for people who want to learn more about Allstate insurance.

Allstate’s various insurance products include asset protection and wealth transfer insurance. Their asset protection products include auto insurance, homeowners insurance, condominium insurance, renter’s insurance, commercial auto insurance, business umbrella insurance, motorcycle insurance, mobile home insurance, and various other insurance policies.

Their wealth transfer insurance policies include estate planning insurance products, business succession planning products, long-term care, and supplemental health products, universal life insurance, term life insurance, variable life insurance, and more.


Allstate also sells various insurance products through the Encompass and Esurance brands. The Encompass brand is usually sold in a package policy for homeowners and auto insurance. People can buy Esurance brand insurance products via the official website and at various select insurance agents, in addition to call centers.

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