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Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance Florida

Erie Insurance, also known as Erie Insurance Group, is a company that provides multiple lines of insurance for Florida customers. They’re best known for providing auto, home, life, and commercial insurance. But, on an exciting note, they offer those personal and commercial insurance services. This is done through their network of independently working insurance agents.

Their insurance network extends well across 11 states and the District of Columbia. Those states include the likes of North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, and Wisconsin. But, despite their presence in over 11 states, they’re one of the smaller well-known insurance companies in the country.

How modest in size is Erie Insurance compared to other Florida insurance giants? They are currently the thirteenth-largest auto insurance carrier in the United States. They’re also the nineteenth-largest property and casualty insurance provider in the country. To provide another exciting note, the insurance company has managed to be listed as one of the U.S. Fortune 500 countries, a distinction held by very few companies in the country.

Erie has over 4 million policies written under their company. Erie Insurance serves people with complete insurance services from locations across the country. However, their primary is found in Erie, Pennsylvania.


Benefits Of Erie Insurance In Florida

Many people choose Erie Insurance, if they’re in their state, for their vast benefits for insured members. So, what kind of benefits does Erie Insurance offer to customers? Erie Insurance provides various benefits that correlate with its many personal and commercial insurance packages. Their Additional Payments perk, to give an example, allows policyholders who have physical damage coverage under them to receive up to $75 per person in travel costs following an accident. They’re also eligible to receive up to $350 for personal property losses. They also provide coverage in cases where you call a locksmith service.

They also provide transportation expenses for auto insurance customers, particularly if you have a comprehensive collision coverage policy. As soon as you experience an accident, Erie Insurance will help cover your transportation expenses following the accident; their coverage options apply to bus fees, taxi fares, and car rental fees.

Erie Insurance also provides unique coverage for F customers. For example, if you happen to get into a collision with another Erie Insurance customer, to give another example, Erie Insurance will waive the collision deductible resulting from that accident.

Of course, Erie Insurance’s benefits and perks are subject to different availabilities across different states. If you’re curious about whether your Erie Insurance location does provide those benefits, as mentioned earlier, it’s advised to contact them to get more information.


Advertising And Logo

There’s a secret behind Erie Insurance’s advertising. Unfortunately, the secret is that the company hasn’t dedicated many resources to a national advertising campaign. Throughout most of its history, the company hasn’t done much advertising. Instead only relied on its independent agents and, to a lesser extent, its customers to spread goodwill about the company via word of mouth.

They did, however, take a step toward advertising their insurance services in 2011, when they started an advertising campaign known as ‘Seriously Good.’ The advertisement focused on raising the overall awareness of the Erie Insurance brand, taking a more severe approach to insurance advertising among the rather humorous take on insurance advertising that rules the airwaves today.

A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article noted that one of Erie Insurance’s advertisement slogans commented on the discrepancy between funny insurance ads and the reality of insurance. It read, ‘Funny ads are great. Until you have a claim.’ Erie Insurance also secured naming rights to the former Tullio Arena in downtown Erie, Pennsylvania. The arena, which had its naming rights purchased in May 2012, was later renamed the Erie Insurance Arena.

Florida Insurance Quotes can attribute many Erie Insurance’s marketing to its network of insurance agents, hosting more than 2,000 independent Erie Insurance-affiliated insurance agencies. All of those agencies employ well over 10,000 licensed agents. Those independent agents help promote and present Erie Insurance look easy, especially since the company continually presents itself as a ‘serious alternative’ for personal and commercial insurance.

The logo of Erie Insurance is relatively simple in design. The logo mainly features ‘Erie Insurance’ in thin black letters, ‘Erie’ on the top line, and ‘Insurance’ on the bottom line. A blue rectangular box with a stylized building, presumably a local Erie building, sits to the left of the Erie Insurance name.


History Of Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance started in 1925, when founder H.O. Hirt founded the company, basing its headquarters in Erie, Pennsylvania. So, naturally, the company still resides in Erie today. Hirt’s positive business attitude was immortalized in the form of a plaque that hosted the word, ‘think.’ That same plaque was often found in his office, promoting the positive attitude of intelligent and innovative business management that has helped t┬ábecome one of the best personal and commercial insurance companies for customers today.

In 1925, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department issued a license to the newly founded Exchange, primarily allowing them to operate as an automobile insurer. They started operations in April of that year. By 1928, Erie Insurance was able to open its first office outside of Erie, Pennsylvania, right in Pittsburgh. T953 was when they could expand their company’s services outside Pennsylvania, opening a branch in Silver Spring, Maryland.

1968 was the year when they founded the Family Life Insurance Company. Their expansion as a company continued when they were listed on NASDAQ as ‘ERIE’ for the first time in 1995; the following year, Erie Insurance expanded its services to the web by launching its official website. And all of that led to their debut on the Fortune 500 in 2003. Erie Insurance continues to grow its services despite its lack of advertising. With a modest advertising push in the current decade, Erie Insurance looks to see even more growth within the next few years.


Services At Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance, as mentioned, provides a good selection of personal and commercial insurance products for a wide variety of customers. Something unique about Erie Insurance is that they have high customer retention ratings, scoring in the high 90s in various publications that have reviewed their customer service by consulting customers about their services. According to those polls, Erie Insurance has a lot of content customers that are completely satisfied by the customer service, affordable insurance policy premiums, and the claims provided by them.

Erie Insurance notably provides a ‘perk’ that many customers like, known as their ERIE Rate Lock. This particular feature holds a customer’s insurance rate ‘steady’ until they change a driver, vehicle, or even their home address, allowing them to maintain a relatively low rate on their auto insurance. So naturally, Erie Insurance provides various products, including auto, life, and commercial insurance services. For example, their auto insurance policy covers liabilities, medical expenses, underinsured/uninsured motorists, collision, and comprehensive coverage. Furthermore, complete with features and bonus discounts to use to their advantage.

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