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Bankers Insurance Group

Bankers Insurance Group

Does the thought of looking at or buying insurance scare you to death and confuse you? Are there just too many big words and quotations that you don’t understand? How would you like for the whole insurance process to be simplified and so much easier so you can get back to doing things in your life that you would much rather be doing? Now, wouldn’t that be great? At Bankers Insurance Group, they will make this all possible for you.


Bankers Insurance Group knows that everyone must balance their chance of having a loss with what it may cost if that were to happen. That is where insurance comes into the factor. One must purchase insurance to cover some or all of your losses in the event that something should happen. Sometimes we purchase the insurance to cover our risks or simply because the bank makes us in order to have a loan through them or even both may occur. Whatever the reason may be, Bankers Insurance Group wants to help make sure you have the right insurance policy at an affordable price. Bankers Insurance Group wants to be there for you to ease your mind and take those risks for you.


Bankers Insurance Group was rated a “B+” by A.M. Best, who are the most highly respected financial rating company. Although this rating is no guarantee that Bankers Insurance Group will stand the test of time, they have impressively made it through 25+ storms and offer outstanding customer service and fast response time to your claims. Knowing that Bankers Insurance Group  has been through this many catastrophes and survived with a “been there, done that” philosophy, should help you to know that they have the experience to remain in business for years to come and to continue to compete at a high level against many companies who haven‘t had to weather the catastrophes that Bankers Insurance Group has.


Bankers Insurance Group is a branch of Bankers Financial Corporation and began in 1976 in St. Petersburg, Florida, and has grown from a small company to a large, leading company in the insurance business, that is spread out over 45 states. Bankers Insurance Group has the background and expertise of the larger companies but also keeps the personal service of a local business providing you with one on one service that you deserve.


Bankers Insurance Group offers a selection of property and casualty insurance policies. This includes personal and commercial products and includes homeowners, condominiums, renters, dwelling fire, general flooding, a large amount of flooding, general liability, people who own a business, contract guarantee and products that are specialized. Each of these services come with their own range of coverage and costs so it is best to meet with a representative at Bankers Insurance Group to let them help you pick which ones are suitable for you.


Bankers Insurance Group also offers Life Insurance Policies to help families protect what they have worked so hard to create in their lives and add peace of mind to their everyday lives. With this policy, there is also an option that Bankers Insurance Group has for a retirement fund. With over 30 years in the life insurance business, Bankers Insurance Group has the backing of a management team that is highly qualified with the latest breakthroughs and advances in the insurance business and a staff of customer service people who are highly trained and knowledgeable to help as you decide on the life insurance policy to meet your changing needs.


Bankers Insurance Group also uses the help of an Insurance Outsourcing Service with a lot of background and insurance know- how to help provide complete support and services with their marketing help to meet the needs of a lot of their clients.


Bankers Insurance Group also has a list of affiliated companies within their organization. These are Bankers Surety Services which help with bail bonding products and services, Bankers Warranty Group who work with manufacturers and suppliers of electronics and other equipment, Bonded Builders Risk Management who help to provide the warranties on new and remodeled homes, Emerge- Bankers Correctional Solutions which helps convicted criminals to be monitored electronically and helped through the court system as the enter back into society, Gilchrist Club which is a private hunting area in central Florida and Van Wagenen Financial Services provides collateral protection insurance (CPI) for automobile and real estate loans.


Bankers Insurance Group offers this wide array of insurance policies to help you if you should ever need it or a catastrophe should happen. They offer insurance policies, property development and even financial policies. Bankers Insurance Group knows there are many major risks for people that own homes and that being protected for these risks is very important. Among these risks are fires, flooding, water damage, hurricanes or storms, liability just to cover areas such as pools, swing sets, dogs, etc. and theft.


So, why chose Bankers Insurance Group to supply your insurance needs? Well, it is simple. Bankers Insurance Group isn’t your standard insurance company. They have been around a long time and know how to manage risks and they have been through many catastrophes since they began in the insurance industry many years ago. This proves that they are a solid group who are here to stay and can keep going through the hard times. Bankers Insurance Group is innovative, dependable and an industry leader. They provide quality, customized service in a fast and professional manner. Bankers Insurance Group has highly trained and friendly staff and agents who are there to help you with any questions you may have and to make sure you get the right insurance policy, with an affordable price that is just for you. Bankers Insurance Company is a one of a kind group who is designed to help their customers understand and become better with their insurance and, in the end, protect themselves.

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