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Do you want an insurance company that doesn’t just think of you as a number or statistic? How would you like an insurance company that is driven by its relationships with its customers and is placed in an insurance category with inspection and audits so they know how to make sure you are properly insured and protected? That is just where Bass Underwriters Insurance is and they can be the one for you.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you are with an insurance company that values you, as a person, and wants to get to know you so they can help you make the best choices with your insurance plan?

Bass Underwriters Insurance Company began in Plantation, Florida in 2006 and has locations all across the United States with 18 regional offices in those states to be accessible to you and your needs from an insurance company. Bass Underwriters Insurance Company has learned that a lot of the larger independent agents no longer have the ability to serve their customers on a one on one basis so this is where Bass Underwriters Insurance rises above the other companies. Bass Underwriters Insurance excels by having fast and professional claims experiences and provides the quality and individual service to their agents, which helps help them create business that is underwritten in the correct way. Bass Underwriters Insurance has progressed from a vision that an agency should have good, meaningful connections with a few chosen groups of agents.

Bass Underwriters Insurance Company provides insurance programs that are vital for self-sufficient agencies or groups of self-sufficient agencies to acquire quality service from their brokers. Bass Underwriters Insurance Company understands the way the insurance market it today and how complicated it can be.

Bass Underwriters Insurance Company offers many types of insurance policies. They offer commercial, professional and personal lines of insurance products. Some of their specialty insurances are Restaurants, Bars and Clubs insurance, Commercial Transportation, Commercial Casualty, Commercial Property, Target Programs, Commercial Package and Special Programs.

Bass Underwriters Insurance Company also offers many Commercial Lines of insurance policies and these are Builders and Renovations, Comprehensive General Liability, Discretionary Credit Limit (DCL), Distributors/Wholesalers, Environmental & Pollution, Equipment, Family Services, Garage Operations, Health and Beauty, Hospitality, Inland Marine, Leisure and Recreation, Ocean Marine, Owners and Contractors and Product Liability. Bass Underwriters Insurance also offers policies for Property, Recycler, Reinsurance Intermediary Programs, Religious Institutions, Retail, Security, Special Events, Transportation, Umbrella and Excess and Vacant Insurances. Bass Underwriters Insurance also has an Affinity Insurance Program and a Bulldog Premium Finance Program. A qualified and friendly agent can help you to go through these and see which is right for you.

Bass Underwriters Insurance Company has agents that know they must consider several key areas when selling and providing insurance to their clients. The quality of the markets that the risk is put into is the key. Bass Underwriters Insurance Company will be sure that they look at your individual needs and make sure that you have the right policy for you.  The agent must also look at the financial stability and background of the carrier of the policy. The quality of the insurance company shows a lot about the reputation and expertise of the group. Bass Underwriters Insurance Company values the quality of their insurance plans and offers a wide selection to cover whatever you may need.

Bass Underwriters Insurance Company also knows how important having a good reputation can be. Bass Underwriters Insurance Company takes pride in keeping a good reputation. Bass Underwriters Insurance Company wants their clients to be able to rely on what they say.  They want their customers to be comfortable with them as an insurance company and with their staff. Being open and honest and communicating is very important.

Bass Underwriters Insurance Company also values their expertise in the insurance market. Having knowledge and experience helps them to be able to keep up with the changing economy and provide the right policy options for their clients. In turn, this will keep customers returning for service through Bass Underwriters Insurance Company and help them to grow by clients letting others know how well Bass Underwriters Insurance Company manages their business.

Being stable and having values in the insurance industry is also essential to Bass Underwriters Insurance Company. They don’t believe in cheating anyone to get ahead. They are not out just to make a dollar but care about and want to help their clients  Bass Underwriters Insurance Company strives to remain trustworthy and do their business properly so they will keep their clients happy for years to come and remain an insurance industry leader.

Bass Underwriters Insurance Company likes to get to know their clients. They never want someone to feel that they are just a number but want to establish long lasting relationships with their customers.  This allows them to be able to gather the right information, create a bonding relationship and provide the correct products and services to their customers. Bass Underwriters Insurance Company has highly trained, experienced and friendly customer service and agents that care about the clients and want to help them in any way that they can. Bass Underwriters Insurance Company is there for you anytime of the day or night and will quote and issue a policy in real time to you.  They provide a wide variety of quality insurance products that are customized for you and made affordable. Bass Underwriters Insurance Company wants to create a relationship with you and they are ready to do business with you!

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