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Classic Collectors Insurance: Get a Classic Car Quote Today

Classic Collectors Insurance Florida

Do you have a classic car that means a lot to you? Moreover, would you like to keep it safe and protected? But do you need more insurance in case something happens? In that case, you surely understand the immense value and sentiment attached to your cherished possession. However, it is essential to recognize that owning a classic car also comes with its fair share of risks. That is where auto insurance from Classic Collectors comes into play. By insuring your classic car, you protect its value and gain peace of mind, knowing they cover you in unforeseen circumstances. Collectors must have an insurance company that respects classic cars and provides auto insurance specifically for their protection. Classic Collectors Insurance By Infinity does that. You owe it to your classic car and your wallet to check them out. Read on to discover the importance of insuring your vehicle with Classic Collectors and how to get a Florida car insurance quote today.

Classic Collectors Insurance Gets Its Start

Classic Collectors Insurance By Infinity started in Georgia way back in May 1956. Around 100 employees working for Infinity Insurance went to leadership and pitched a company designed for collector cars. Since then, they have been given an “A+,” a superior rating, by the Better Business Bureau. This rating means that they meet the standards for resolving any complaints against them.

Classic Collectors Insurance By Infinity has been a leader for over 20 years in the classic car auto insurance industry. They have had very few rate increases. In addition, they offer a comprehensive, affordable insurance package. Classic Collectors Insurance loves classic cars, too. Moreover, they know you should be able to pay less to insure the automobiles you drive less often.

Classic Collectors Insurance By Infinity offers roadside assistance any time of the day or night with a free Driver Club membership to help you have the peace of mind that you are protected when you are out and about in your classic car.

Florida Auto Insurance From Classic Collectors

Classic Collectors Insurance By Infinity has some standards that their classic cars must pass to be insured. The vehicle you insure must be at least $5,000 if not modified or $10,000 if it is a custom build. In addition, you must appraise any car worth more than $50,000. This appraisal helps prevent fraud and keep the rates low. Classic Collectors Insurance in Florida can adjust vehicle values based on the Old Cars Price Guide guidelines, NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association), or the CPI (Consumer Price Index).

They use the Old Cars Price Guide at local area newsstands, NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) Guidelines, Edmunds, CarsDirect, Source One Services, and the American Society of Appraisers.

Classic Collectors Insurance By Infinity has standards to determine a classic car’s eligibility. Driving around for pleasure is never a problem. Also, going to work or school now and then is acceptable if you have the Drive-To-Work option on your policy. If you don’t have this option, you should only drive the car for:

  • Pleasure
  • Car Shows 
  • Classic Car Cub Activities
  • Parades
  • Other public functions

If you take advantage of their lower rates, you are not allowed to use your classic car for: 

  • Driving to school
  • Driving to work 
  • Regular or personal use
  • Business use
  • Racing, track, or competition events 
  • Backup for another vehicle
  • Car for second driver

Classic Collectors Insurance asks that you store your classic car in a locked and enclosed garage when you are not using it.

Types Of Classic Cars Covered

Classic Collectors Insurance ensures many traditional car vehicle types. Antiques are considered 25 and older and have mostly stayed the same from factory settings for their model year. This status includes muscle cars that generally have two doors and higher engine power and were made in the 1960s or 1970s. This title also includes modern classic vehicles 15-24 years old and have mostly stayed the same from factory settings for their model year. These vehicles typically have two doors and occasionally may have four doors with some approval.

What About Exotics, Hot Rods, Off-Road, and Kit Cars?

Classic Collectors Insurance By Infinity also requires that exotic cars be less than 15 years old and exist in meager numbers. These typically have two seats and can be altered, but they are appreciated. These cars are commonly used for pleasure driving and functions such as car shows, parades, and car club groups.

Classic Collectors Insurance also ensures Street Rods and Modified cars that are 20 years old and older. In addition, someone has significantly altered them from the mechanical or cosmetic aspect. For example, this policy type can cover low-rider cars and monster trucks.

Classic Collectors Insurance insures vehicles of particular interest, such as: 

  • Trucks
  • Jeeps
  • Military vehicles
  • Farm vehicles
  • Classic motorcycles
  • Fire engines
  • Kit cars
  • Rat rods
  • Specialty vehicles

However, all vehicles must be over 25 years old and in good condition. They require photos of the bed to cover jeeps or trucks. Moreover, these vehicles also must not be able to tow, haul, be used for utilities, or go off-road.

Classic Collectors Insurance also ensures replicas when assembled by an experienced shop or built from purchased packages. However, they will ask for the shop’s credentials before considering insurance in these cases.

They Can Not Insure Some Cars

Classic Collectors Insurance’s vehicles that will not qualify for their classic collectors’ program have chassis or interiors that don’t work or are weather, stripped, and wrecked. In addition, any vehicles that are only used for parts or have had significant amounts removed.

Classic Collectors Insurance also has rules for their insured drivers. All licensed drivers in the home cannot have more than one moving violation or be at fault for an accident in the past three years. In addition, there is only a maximum of two allowed overall. If you have a significant traffic offense, you cannot be insured to drive a classic car through them. You must have at least ten years of experience operating a vehicle to get their coverage and drive the classic car. Each driver in the home must have their everyday vehicle that is currently insured at least equal to higher than what you are applying for on the classic car. Finally, they require that you list all licensed home members on the application.

Protect Your Classic Collectors Auto: Insure it Today.

Classic Collectors Insurance By Infinity offers low, stable rates and many discount options. In addition, they have highly experienced agents and representatives to help you get the right insurance plan for your collector car. Classic Collectors Insurance By Infinity understands your love affair with these automobiles and knows you are passionate about them. They want to help keep you and your investment on the road for years. As Classic Collectors Insurance By Infinity likes to say, “You perfect it, we protect it.”

Every classic car is unique and deserves specialized protection. Unlike traditional car insurance policies, Classic Collectors specifically designs auto insurance to cater to the distinct requirements of classic vehicles. These policies consider your classic auto’s rarity, craftsmanship, and historical significance. Insuring your car not only safeguards its financial value but also covers the cost of repairs or replacements in case of damage or theft. By opting for auto insurance from Classic Auto, you can protect your cherished possession and ensure it stays in excellent condition for years.

Furthermore, classic auto insurance offers additional benefits that regular insurance policies often lack. For instance, some policies provide coverage for spare parts and accessories. In addition, they cover 

the cost of travel accommodations if your classic auto breaks down on the road. They also offer agreed-value coverage, which means you and the insurance company mutually decide on the value of your classic car. This agreement ensures you will be compensated for the agreed value without any depreciation if your car is declared a total loss.

Get a Quote Today: Safeguard Your Classic Collectors Auto

Obtaining an auto insurance quote for your collectible car from Florida Insurance Quotes is quick and easy. With the advent of our online quote calculator, you can now secure the protection your classic auto deserves without leaving the comfort of your home. Visit Florida Insurance Quotes to get a quote today. To ensure an accurate quote, be prepared to provide details about your classic vehicle, such as the make, model, year, and current condition. Additionally, Classic Collectors may ask about your mileage usage, storage arrangements, and any modifications made to the car. By providing these details, you can receive a tailored insurance quote that meets the specific needs of your classic car.

Remember, insuring your classic auto is about complying with legal requirements and protecting your investment and passion. Don’t let unexpected events or accidents ruin the joy of owning a classic car. Safeguard your cherished possessions today with a comprehensive auto insurance policy.


Securing auto insurance from Classic Collectors through Florida Insurance Quotes ensures that your passion and investment remain protected throughout your ownership journey. So, why wait? Obtain a quote today and take the first step towards safeguarding your classic auto. You can confidently and safely drive your classic car with the right insurance coverage. You will know that you have taken the necessary steps to protect it. Insure your vehicle now and continue embracing the joy and pride of owning such a treasured piece of automotive history.


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