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Centauri Insurance Company

Centauri Insurance provides more than just insurance. Their main goal is to provide exceptional and competitively priced property and casualty insurance products. Centauri boasts experience in storm situations and is strictly dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of agents and customers. The Centauri team is united by a joint mission to be there whenever you need them and always to have your interest in mind.


Centauri Insurance Mission & Values

Centauri’s mission is to be there when you need them. This company wants to have your best interest in mind regarding everything they do. In the uncertainty of today’s world, Centauri Insurance ensures financial protection and peace of mind while minimizing risks and providing personalized service. Centauri wants to be the company choice for all customers. The core values of this company are being resilient, strategic, transparent, reliable, and elegant.

Centauri Insurance Company wants to provide our customers with the best service and insurance products. To protect your property and assets with a policy from Centauri. Learn more about the insurance products they offer below.

  • Homeowners
  • Condominium
  • Dwelling Fire
  • Renters
  • Flood
  • Commercial Residential
  • Business Owners


Homeowners Insurance At Centauri Insurance Company

If a loss were to occur, do you have enough homeowners insurance coverage to protect yourself from financial ruin? Your home is your biggest financial asset. What would it take to rebuild, fix, or completely replace your home at today’s pricing? Luckily, a homeowners insurance policy can provide you with the protection and peace of mind you need. A homeowners insurance policy from Centauri Insurance Company includes the following:


  • Property Coverage – If you experience a loss, your policy will ensure your home can be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced at current prices. This will also include other structures on the property, such as garages, sheds, and fences.
  • Your Belongings – This means your personal belongings are covered. For example, this includes your furniture, clothes, and electronics.
  • Liability Coverage – If someone is injured on your property and you are accused of the injury or damages to others, your policy can protect your assets from liability claims.
  • Additional living expenses– This coverage will provide other costs if your home suddenly becomes inhabitable.
  • Additional Coverages offered by Centauri Insurance Company – If you own any unique or valuable items, like jewelry or art, you may need to purchase additional coverage. Always ask an agent about adding an endorsement to ensure your personal belongings are protected completely. Also, remember home electrical/mechanical breakdowns are not covered. Luckily, Centauri also offers a homeowners equipment breakdown insurance policy for that.


Renters Insurance At Centauri

As you may already know, your landlord protects the actual dwelling of your rental. Safeguarding your belongings with a renters insurance policy is ultimately your responsibility. A renters policy is not mandatory. Sometimes a landlord will require you to purchase it before signing the lease. Centauri offers customizable and affordable procedures, so finding the coverage you need should be easy.


Condominium Insurance

Your condo association may cover the outer structure and other common areas of your condo. What about your belongings inside, though? This is when condominium insurance comes in handy! Never bet on your condo association’s insurance to cover you. That will lead to a risky gap in coverage! If you are in the market for condominium insurance, Centauri has the right policy for you.


Flood Coverage

Centauri Insurance also offers flood coverage. A flood can happen anywhere at any given time. No matter if your property resides inland or in a low-risk area. Flood insurance must be purchased separately because your homeowner’s policy does not cover these damages. Why do you need flood insurance? Well, this type of coverage will protect your property and possessions damaged as a result of a flood. Most flood insurance policies have a waiting period. This is usually around 30 days. Purchase a policy now to avoid delays.


Dwelling fire

Dwelling Fire is an option for homeowners or those who rent their houses to others. This helps protect their investments and source of income. If a loss occurs for a landlord and the tenants are forced to move out, they could face weeks or even months of income. In addition, they are faced with the costs of rebuilding, repairing, or replacing the property. A dwelling coverage policy here from Centauri can provide coverage for your property, possessions, liability, and income.


What {s Commercial Residential Coverage From Centauri Insurance?

Centauri provides commercial and residential insurance coverage ideal for mid-sized condominium associations, apartments, and homeowners associations that offer a range of buildings and contents and optional coverages.

Centauri Insurance Company is right for you if you are looking for superior protection for your home and family. First, collect a quote here if you are interested in purchasing a policy. Then, you will be well on your way to great Florida coverage!

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