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Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance in Florida

How many insurance companies can remain in business with 128 hurricanes, 2,996 thunderstorms, high wind happenings, 613 tornadoes, 725 events of lightning, and 210 wildfires in Florida over ten years? This catastrophe created almost $32 billion in property damage. It caused many insurance carriers to cut back or leave the state entirely. But not the Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance Company. They remained and are growing stronger all the time.

Cypress has been careful with its risks and chose ways to grow that would focus on protecting its customers. Moreover, it will keep them in business for a long time.

Cypress Property and Casualty Founded

The Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance Company started in 1999. It is owned and operated by two insurance companies. One is their main headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. However, the other is the Cypress Texas Lloyds agency. They founded it in Texas in 2003. Both locations offer property and business owners protection and have grown since their beginnings.

Cypress has a robust financial background through being careful with what risks they take that will help them to provide the insurance and protection their customers need if the time arises. Because of this, Demotech Financial rated the Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance Company an “A,” which means exceptional. Demotech operates the Stability Ratings, a financial company that ranks insurance industries.

Who Can Receive Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance?

Cypress focuses on products that ensure people and their property. They have various options that they can customize to fit your needs and budgets. They offer Florida homeowners insurance, condominium, and renters insurance. They also provide unique products for residential real estate investors and a contractor liability policy. They make these policies for Artisan Contractors to protect them while working in over fifty areas.

Types Of Coverage Offered.

Cypress offers comprehensive homeowners protection to protect your most important and valued possession, which is your home. Their homeowners’ policy will protect your home and possessions with the appropriate coverage and value of insurance that you need.

Cypress homeowners insurance in Florida covers your home and everything in and around your property. These items include:

  • Personal Items 
  • Sheds 
  • Garages
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Emergency Living Expenses 
  • Personal Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Fine Jewelry 
  • Furs Art
  • Silverware
  • Firearms

Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance Company also offer Commercial General Liability Insurance. It can protect you and your business from unfortunate events while on the job. For example, it covers injuries and property damage. This insurance has no limits on how many people you have employed, covers up to $1,000,000 of your payroll amount, can be increased if needed, and offers unbeatable rates and discounts for more prominent companies. They also provide comprehensive coverage on this Commercial General Liability plan. Moreover, it pays for over 50 jobs that your company may do.

Additional Products

The Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance Company offers Comprehensive Investment Property Protection for those businesses. It protects people in Florida who may purchase a place just to rent it out to others. This rider has a dwelling fire coverage that includes the home. Furthermore, it covers personal items and buildings not attached to the house, such as a shed or garage. Additionally, it has coverage to help you if you can not rent your place, personal liability to cover if someone gets hurt, and medical payments for people who may be injured on your property but are not your immediate family.

Cypress Property and Casualty also offers condominium insurance in Florida. In addition, they provide rental property protection that covers all of the property inside the condo unit, including:

  • The walls
  • Curtains
  • Appliances 
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Heating Units 
  • Cabinets 
  • Personal Items 
  • Emergency Living Expenses 
  • Liability Protection

Suppose you rent your condo to someone else. In that case, Cypress also offers coverage if someone damages the rental where you cannot live. In addition, they offer insurance if someone is hurt while your tenant is renting the condo. This coverage will keep you protected in the event of a lawsuit.

They Also Provide Underwriting Services

Cypress also offers Homeowners and Commercial Underwriting Services. They provide these services online. Cypress uses a short application process on their website. It makes it easy to screen for risks. In addition, they can check the location to help Cypress review the risks given to them.

The Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance Company is there for you. They have highly trained and experienced service agents and representatives to help customize an insurance policy to fit you, your family, and your business needs. In addition, they aim to supply excellent products and services at affordable and competitive prices.


The Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance Company continually looks for ways to improve. Moreover, they strive to create new and improved processes as technology changes and advances. Their vast experience with hurricanes by providing a rapid response to claims during these challenging times has put them in place to be an industry leader. That experience will help them remain around for their customers when needed. Florida Insurance Quotes can provide you with a quote today.

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