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Are you a mobile home owner and need an insurance policy to fit your needs and budget? What about other insurance protection while you are at it? How would you like to have an insurance company behind you that has lots of insurance policies available to meet your need and focuses on specialty products, such as mobile homes and motorcycles? How about a company to protect your mobile home who has already over one million mobile home policies in effect? That is amazing in itself and why Foremost Insurance Group should be the insurance that you choose to protect your future.


Foremost Insurance Group was started in 1952 in order to provide insurance for mobile homes due to their rapid increase in population. Within 9 years, Foremost Insurance Group sold mobile home insurance in almost every state with the exception of Hawaii.


Foremost Insurance Group has began with selling insurance in one state and only having one insurance account set up at the time. They had a one room office with three people working in it and within a year, that number climbed to eleven people working there. After five years, Foremost Insurance Group was supplying insurance to 35 states and had 44 employees.


In 1974, Foremost Insurance Group wrote their first arson reward program that targeted mobile home arsons and it was called Fire Hurts! That program is still around today. Foremost Insurance Group focused on helping others to learn about safety and fought for tie-down laws for mobile homes. In the 1970’s, Foremost Insurance Group employees helped in establishing mobile home building codes.


In 1989, AARP approved Foremost Insurance Group to supply mobile home insurance to their clients and this program is still in effect today for AARP members. In 2000, Farmers Insurance Group bought out Foremost Insurance Group and that same year, Foremost began offering motorcycle insurance policies.


In 2001, Foremost Insurance Group developed a Website for mobile home owners (now called manufactured homes) and this site was to help manufactured home owners to learn how to maintain, decorate, landscape and more to their homes. This site was named

In 2004, with Foremost having a great relationship with AARP still, they decided to provide motorcycle insurance through the AARP Motorcycle Insurance Program from Foremost for all AARP members.


With Foremost Insurance Group having its main office located in Caledonia, Michigan, they also have offices in Kansas City, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland. With over 2,000 employees across the country, this also includes their area claims offices, area agencies and field and claim staff.


Foremost Insurance Group offers office insurance to protect your business and work for you as hard as you do for it. They have options to fit over 600 businesses so Foremost is definitely the group you should go to in order to find your business insurance to fit you and your needs. Foremost Insurance Group’s office insurance can cover buildings, structures, new buildings, income and expenses, breaking glass, sewer and drain back ups, the property outdoors and so much more.


Foremost Insurance Group offers polices to cover you if something should happen to your office. These are Professional Liability Insurance, Accounts Receivable Insurance, Employee Dishonesty Insurance, Electronic Data Processing Equipment Insurance, Business Income Loss Insurance, Business Personal Property Insurance and Valuable Papers Insurance.


Foremost Insurance Group offers policies to cover you if something should happen to your retail shop. These are Premises Liability Coverage, Business Income Loss Protection, Employee Dishonesty Coverage, Money and Securities Coverage, Seasonal Coverage Increases and Accounts Receivable Coverage.


Foremost Insurance Group offers policies to cover you for services that you provide such as Accounts Receivable Coverage, Business Income Loss Protection, Employee Dishonesty Coverage, Electronic Data Processing Equipment Coverage, Business Personal Property Coverage and Tools and Equipment Coverage.


Foremost Insurance Group offers policies to cover you for institution services such as school tuition and fees, accessory coverage, liability protection, extended coverage for items in a church, counseling coverage for damages that occur from incidents involving therapy or counseling, church directors and officers for damages that are made for wrongful acts towards them and sponsoring events coverage.


Foremost Insurance Group also offers coverage for your wholesale groups and this includes accounts receivable coverage, business income loss protection, employee dishonesty coverage, seasonal coverage increases, inventory coverage and personal property coverage as it is being transported. Foremost Insurance Group also offers insurances to cover your business automobiles, workers compensation and umbrella insurance protection.


Foremost Insurance Group offers Homeowners Insurance with comprehensive property coverage, named disaster coverage (for disasters named such as wind, fire, hail, etc.), liability coverage, actual cash value coverage, replacement cost and extended replacement cost coverage and other optional coverage that may be for you depending on what you are looking for in protection. Foremost Insurance Group also offers policies for your mobile home, vacant lot, seasonal home, rentals and flood insurance.


Foremost Insurance Group offers insurance policies to cover your automobile, motorcycle, mobile home, travel trailer, fifth wheel, luxury motor coach and collectible automobiles. Foremost has many policies to fit your budget and your needs depending on what automobiles you may own.


Foremost Insurance Group also offers insurance to cover your sports items and vehicles. These include off road vehicle, snow mobile, scooter, golf cart, electric vehicle, boat and personal watercrafts. Looks like Foremost Insurance Group has all of the basics covered to protect you and your investments.

Foremost Insurance Group sure has grown and came a long way from such a small business to a large business that is succeeding in the insurance industry. With all of the products and services that Foremost Insurance Group offers, it is easy to see why they are doing so well. Their growth is not only because they are innovative but also offer an excellent claims service. That has been an important part of Foremost Insurance Group since their beginning. They pride themselves with highly trained representatives and know what it takes to repair the properties that they insure. With over 2 million customers and counting, Foremost Insurance Group offers fast, fair and friendly service that keeps their customers coming back for continuous service.

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