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Would anyone like car insurance that offers multiple discounts? Furthermore, are our customers seeking coverage driven to provide high-quality insurance at an affordable price? How about an insurance company that is a leading competitor with automobile coverage to fit their needs? Would they like to be a part of a championship team? That is just what they have with Gainsco Auto Insurance Company.


Gainsco At The Start.

Gainsco car insurance began in 1978 as a Texas Corporation in Dallas, Texas. The company also has a regional office in Miami, Florida. Gainsco has its insurance operations directed by its parent company, the MGA Insurance Company. They are rated a B+ by A.M. Best, a financial rating company in the insurance industry.


Gainsco Insurance is a property and casualty insurance holding company mainly selling the minimum primary specialty and non-standard personal auto insurance policies. Most standard insurance companies are afraid to sell these policies due to their high risk. In addition, they are the proud main sponsor of GAINSCO Bob Stallings Racing #99 “Red Dragon” car. In 2007 and 2009, Bob drove it to the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series Championships. They have also won over 16 races and have set multiple series records. This car is a symbol and a tie between Gainsco Auto Insurance Company and its agent partners.


The Types Of Car Insurance Gainsco Offers.

Gainsco car insurance offers first- and third-party insurance sold through their many independent agents. These insurance coverages include collision to cover a car in an accident. If it were the other person’s fault, their insurance would be liable and kick in and cover the accident. Therefore, it is best to have collision insurance if the car is worth over $4000. In addition, it is essential to have enough insurance to cover the cost of the car and get a replacement should something happen to it.


Gainsco Auto Insurance has comprehensive insurance which can cover the cost of damages to a car caused by natural disasters, fire, robbery, theft, vandalism, and much more. In addition, they also have liability coverage that will cover claims that may arise from injuries or damages to other people and their property. Furthermore, liability insurance can also protect from a lawsuit. Furthermore, Gainsco offers a particular auto insurance policy with no discounts, special coverages, or policy packages. Still, it provides the state-required minimum limit for those who do not want more coverage, cannot afford more coverage, or cannot get more coverage. The lack of cheap auto insurance could be due to a person having a bad driving record or car type. People who may not get state-mandated insurance can come to Gainsco and be insured.


Gainsco Auto Insurance Company reminds people that it is the law to have at least liability insurance in all 50 states. Each state is different in the amounts that they require. However, there will be significant fines and possibly a suspended license if caught without insurance. In addition, they may lose their car due to many states now impounding vehicles that are not insured. Having uninterrupted insurance will save money by keeping insurance costs down.


Gainsco Agents Are Bi-Lingual.

Gainsco Auto Insurance Company offers fast claim response, customer service in English and Spanish, flexible plans, and the ability to add and make changes to the policy as needed. Unfortunately, at this time, Gainsco Auto Insurance Company does not offer 24/7 claims service or the ability to report an online claim. They do, however, offer extended hours to help out. Purchasers can also make payments by mail or at a local office in the area. There is also the option to have automatic payments taken out of a checking account. Additionally, customers can call 1.866.424.6726 to pay any time of day or night with a credit or debit card.


How Much Is Gainsco Auto Insurance Needed?

The amount of coverage required from Gainsco auto insurance may depend on the type of car and how old it is. It also depends on the risks willing to take for safety. The insurance plan will show a high coverage amount and low deductible. It also depends on how many passengers are in the vehicle, how many are children, and if other family members drive the car. Gainsco Auto Insurance also wants customers to know they may carry extra insurance besides liability. Additional coverage such as collision or comprehensive. However, only if the vehicle is leased or financed with a loan. Depending on the insured company, a driving record could also affect the premium paid. However, it goes back 3-5 years, so having a clean driving record can help you get a discount.


There At The Time Of Need.

If customers should ever have an accident, Gainsco Auto Insurance wants the insured to call them and report the claim right away, stay at the scene of the accident, call the police to report the accident right away, use the accident information card that Gainsco provides for customers with a policy to know what information should be exchanged and make sure to get all of that written down, do not talk about insurance or ever say they were at fault and take pictures with a camera of the vehicles and the damage.


Gainsco Auto Insurance offers many options for coverage for all drivers. They provide free quotes, too, and they would be surprised at how inexpensive a policy may be. They have the state minimum limits and up-to-complete coverage plans that are affordable and have low down payments. The company also has a lot of discounts available to help out. In addition, they have excellent customer service, competitive prices, and customized insurance policies to fit customers’ needs. Gainsco is a solid group in which shoppers can put trust. As Gainsco Auto Insurance likes to say, “Are you Driven? We are!”

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