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Granada Insurance Company

Granada Insurance Company

Are you looking for an insurance company that provides commercial property and casualty insurance in the states of Florida and Georgia? Do you need that extra support in case something should happen to your business? Are you worried about the storms in the coastal areas that sometimes do lots of catastrophic damage and could destroy your business and you don’t have enough insurance to protect yourself? Well, then you need to check out Granada Insurance Company.


Granada Insurance Company was formed into a legal corporation in Florida in August 1986, and began business in May 1987. Granada Insurance Company was purchased by Hattbert Holdings, Inc. (a Florida based financial services company) in November of 2003. Hattbert Holdings has left the name, Granada Insurance Company instead of changing it as some companies sometimes do.


Granada Insurance Company has been rated a “B” by A.M. Best, a financial rating company for the insurance industry. They have been offering commercial property and casualty insurances throughout Florida for over 25 years and counting and have offices in Miami and Sarasota. Granada Insurance Company strives to live up to their motto “The Agent-Partner Company” and delivers outstanding service and consideration for its companies force.


Granada Insurance Company offers Commercial Property Insurance helps a business including a farm or ranch to repair or replace the building and other property damaged or destroyed due to a fire, storm or other things covered by your policy. It can also help pay for lost or stolen property.


Granada Insurance Company offers Commercial Auto Insurance offers protection for your business vehicles whether you own one or hundreds of automobiles for your business. Whether you are a large company or a small business, it pays to have your company vehicles insured by a commercial auto insurance plan. Granada Insurance Company’s Commercial Auto Insurance can cover bodily injury, property damage, medical payments, uninsured motorist, underinsured motorist (in most cases), comprehensive physical damage and collision coverage. A friendly customer service representative or agent can help you decide which is the right coverage for you.


Granada Insurance Company offers Pest Control/Exterminator Liability Insurance which has general and professional liability for pest control operations, commercial property and equipment coverage, Business vehicle coverage for pest control operations, excess and umbrella coverage if requested, workers compensation, third party dishonesty bonding for pest control operations, pollution coverage, exterminator liability, pest inspection damage liability insurance coverage, blanket coverage and broad comprehensive general liability insurance coverage.


Granada Insurance Company offers Garage Liability which is for those businesses that own a garage or an auto service center to do repair work . It covers liability for the premises, operations and products. It can also cover the cars used for the business but does not cover the ones left in the shop for repairs.


Granada Insurance Company also offers Artisan Contractors Liability are the businessmen who perform skilled construction trade work such as electricians, plumbers and carpenters, etc. This type of policy can cover commercial auto, general liability included completed projects and products, workers compensation and business property.


Granada Insurance Company offers a Hotel/Motel Insurance Program and it covers the contents in the hotel such as televisions, curtains, furniture, etc. and their guests property such as clothing, electronics, etc.


Granada Insurance Company offers a Beauty Shop Program that is offered to a beautician/barber and includes protection for their property in most areas and also covers nails, waxing, eyelash and eyebrow enhancements, massage, body wraps and topical makeup applications.


Granada Insurance Company offers a Liquor Liability coverage that will provide a business that sells liquor with protection from bodily injury and property damage claims that come from selling or serving alcoholic beverages. Granada Insurance Company also offers an Office Program Insurance that will protect the important documents in an office setting should something occur such as a fire, vandalism or theft.


Granada Insurance Company offers a Restaurant Insurance Program that is personally designed for each restaurant depending on their specific needs. It offers bodily injury and liability protection should something happen to your restaurant. Granada Insurance Company also offers Renters Dwelling Liability Insurance that can provide coverage for your renter properties that you may own. It can cover things such as fire, lightning, wind, hail, explosions, smoke, riot, aircraft, non-owned vehicles and much more.


Granada Insurance Company offers General Contractors Liability Insurance that protects you should you own a business and something happens that you would get sued. In this day and age, with lawsuits happening a lot, it pays to protect yourself and keep your business going if something should happen.


Granada Insurance Company also offers a Manufactured Housing Community Insurance that will protect the owner of a community of manufactured homes that he/she may own in case something would happen to them. This policy can cover property including the building, contents, loss of income, equipment breakdown and more. It also covers liability insurance to protect the owner if someone should get hurt on the properties.


Granada Insurance Company offers Church Program Insurance that can cover should something happen to a church, monastery, convents, religious organization, religious shrines, temples, synagogues, retreat houses, denominational offices, schools, camps and senior living areas.


Granada Insurance Company offers a Delicatessen, Convenience and Grocery Store Insurance that can cover liquor liability, general liability, property, package and umbrella protection. Granada Insurance Company also offers a policy for gasoline service stations with convenience stores and it can cover property insurance to protect the buildings, gas pumps, computers, premises, equipment and inventory in the building and can also add general liability to protect against bodily injury or property damage.


Granada Insurance Company offers Apartments and Condominiums Insurance that would help cover in the event that your apartment or condo would be damaged or lost due to a fire, storm, etc. Granada Insurance Company also offers a Neighborhood Tavern Program that covers small area taverns and requires a minimum of 3 years in the owner/management in the bar or tavern industry.


With all of the policies that Granada Insurance Company has to help with your business, it shouldn’t be hard to find one that is right for you. Their highly trained representatives are there to help you find a plan for your business and customize it in a way that will benefit you in the event that something should happen. Granada Insurance has quality, affordable insurance and with the way things are today, you would be crazy not to check them out and protect your business and yourself so that you can keep on prospering for years to come.

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