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Infinity Insurance Company


Are you looking for an insurance company that has stood the test of time and knows how it feels to start small and work its way up? Are you looking for an insurance company that has earned its customer’s trust and respect through years of service and is widespread across 44 different states in the U.S., with almost 13,000 independent agencies and hundreds of agents to assist you? What about an insurance company that will go the extra mile and works hard to ensure people, even those that don’t have a perfect driving record? Then Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation (IPCC) is the one for you.

Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation began in 1955 in Anniston, Alabama, as The Dixie Insurance Group and later, in 1986, became Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation. In 1991, The Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation was bought by Pennsylvania Company (a company affiliated with American Premier Underwriters). IN 1995, American Premier Underwriters and the American Financial Corporation became the American Financial Group (AFG), which transferred the stock of Infinity and its affiliated companies to The Infinity Insurance Company in 2002, which began trading publically in 2003.

Infinity Insurance Company also maintains an “A” financial stability rating from A.M. Best. This financial rating company checks the financial abilities of insurance companies to see how they are doing and if they will be around for a while.

Infinity Insurance Company offers Personal Auto Insurance that is easy to understand, with many coverage options customized to fit each need at an affordable price. Infinity Insurance Company breaks down its auto products into three main categories to make understanding its insurance even more straightforward.

One of these is a Premier policy created for those with a good driving record and who desire higher limits with lots of coverage. It also offers low rates on collision and comprehensive policies but with excellent advantages, such as the ability to transfer your coverage to a different or even an additional vehicle. In addition, it allows the insured car to use the automobile for business uses and provides temporary expenses for transportation. It also offers coverage to transfer to a rental vehicle that you may be using just for a fun event, gives you access to a roadside assistance feature that will help you out if you should break down, get a flat tire, lock yourself out, or anything not related to an accident and offers an RSVP service where your repairs on your vehicle are guaranteed when you take your car to one of Infinity Insurance Company’s repair shops.

Infinity Insurance Company also has a Value-Added policy for those people who may want to purchase a policy but don’t have a spotless driving record. Infinity understands that those violations can affect a policy’s price, but they work hard to give their customers the help they need at a reasonable cost. Infinity has a Low-Cost policy that will help their customers if they are mainly looking to meet the basic requirements with the lowest coverage and prices. Infinity knows that sometimes this is necessary at specific points in life until the situation improves.

Infinity Insurance Company also offers discounts for being a good driver or good student, having more than one automobile on your policy, if you renew your policy in good standing, a deal for drivers aged 55 and older who have taken a course to improve on their driving skills and one for if you pay your premium in full for the whole year. This can all add up fast to help you save some money.

Infinity Insurance Company also has a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy to help cover the costs of your business-related vehicles, which will protect small to medium size automobiles, new businesses with up to 20 cars, many types of work-related vehicles such as for farms, deliveries, sales, etc. and some cars that weigh up to 54,000 pounds before loaded. But, again, this protection varies by state as to whether it is offered in your state.

Infinity Insurance Company has a DriverClub benefit where, if you join, you can have 24/7 assistance along the road if you break down. It will cover you in any automobile at any time of the day or night, even if you are not the driver. It provides tire changes, gas, locking keys up in the car, a jump start, and much more. The best part is that it only takes a couple of minutes to sign up for it, and the membership is free, so you only pay for what you use. Assistance will be sent out immediately after you call the number on the membership card. A participating provider of these services that live right in your area and can help you with your problem will be there to help you.

Infinity Insurance Company also has a classic car insurance policy to help protect those unique cars you have cared for and taken pride in for years. It started in 1992 and continues proudly serving those who have this insurance through Infinity.

Infinity Insurance Company also has a life insurance policy that provides fast and affordable life insurance that never goes up in price, with no tests, examinations, or waiting period for it to kick in, and can all be done online without ever meeting with an insurance person. If approved, this policy begins within a few minutes and only asks a few health questions. In addition, it offers four different Term Life Insurance policies at 10, 15, 20, and 30-year terms.

Infinity Insurance Company has been in service for over 25 years and continues to grow and offer insurance to many people across the United States. They are a leading insurance industry and strive to continue providing exceptional service with quality products and affordable prices. Whether you do business with Infinity Insurance Company in person at one of their convenient locations, by telephone, or online, they are committed to serving you and making your insurance task much more enjoyable.

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