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Olympus Insurance Company


Are you from Florida and in need of a homeowners insurance company that is steadily growing even through the financial market isn’t always so great and some of the storms in Florida make it hard for companies to survive? Are you looking for a leader in the insurance industry in Florida? Whether you live along the coast or more inland in Florida, Olympus Insurance Company could be the one for you.


Olympus Insurance Company was started in 2007 in Orlando, Florida, with the goal to meet the needs of homeowners need for insurance coverage. With the housing market growing in Florida, Olympus Insurance Company began writing homeowners policies with the help of over 2,000 agents by their side. Olympus Insurance Company has received an ‘A’ as their financial stability rating score by Demotech (a financial rating company). With their outstanding service and strong financial ability, Olympus Insurance is a company that is going to be around for a long time.


When other larger companies were leaving the state of Florida, due to financial problems from the bad economic times or the many storms, and many smaller companies were coming on the scene and taking over billions of dollars of policies even in the most dangerous coastal areas, Olympus Insurance Company took a different approach and did not take over any of those policies, but instead, decided to slowly build up their financial strength by focusing on their growth within their company. This has seemed to become a smart strategy as Olympus Insurance continues to grow and thrive.


To make this possible, Olympus Insurance Company put their focus on three main areas in their business. One of these areas is their financial strength. Olympus Insurance Company developed a Catastrophe Reinsurance Program to provide the stability they need in their finances and to protect their company in the event of a catastrophe. Olympus Insurance Company also chose to maintain a cautious level of exposure within their financial abilities. They learned that sometimes too much exposure beyond your financial means could ruin a company as seen by several others in that same situation.


Secondly, Olympus Insurance Company puts their focus on their agents and customers to provide outstanding service and a wide selection of products. Olympus Insurance selects the risks that they take carefully to keep their prices competitive. Putting themselves in a financial position that is strong helps Olympus Insurance Company to manage their risks better, which in turn, allows them to be able to give their agents and customers the confidence they need to know that they are with a company that is going to succeed.


And lastly, Olympus Insurance Company puts their focus on their experience and expertise. Olympus Insurance has many, experienced people who have been with the insurance industry a long time and know how to manage risks to provide the plan of action for Olympus Insurance Companies future growth in the Sunshine State of Florida. This experience allows them to know what may work and what may not and helps them to gain insight to ideas that the more experienced professionals may have dealt with before.


Olympus Insurance Company has each home that is being insured to be inspected by licensed, trained and professional inspectors to look at certain areas of your home at no cost to you. It ensures that each risk Olympus Insurance are taking by ensuring your home is a proper one before one of their over 2,000 independent agents underwrite the policy on the home. This inspection is a vital part of the process of keeping costs low for Olympus Insurance Company’s customers.


Olympus Insurance Company offers many products and services. One of these is a Homeowners Insurance Policy which can include dwelling fire and condominium policies. This policy can provide anywhere from $100,000 to $2,000,000 in property and liability coverage and can be customized to fit your individual needs. Some of the additional policies that fall under the homeowners protection are animal liability coverage, sewage or water backup, extended replacement costs, etc.


Olympus Insurance Company also offers a Condominium Insurance Policy that provides up to $1,000,000 on the dwelling and up to $1,000,000 on the contents. It can also provide additional insurance for items not covered on your basic policy form. It can also cover for when the unit is rented, increase deductibles on hurricanes, coverage for dwelling and unit to be replaced and much more.


Olympus Insurance Company also has a Rental Insurance Policy that provides various forms of insurance for those that rent a place to live or vacation instead of owning their own home. This policy can protect against fire, explosions, smoke, vandalism and wind.


Olympus Insurance Company also offers a Scheduled Property Coverage Policy that goes beyond normal homeowners policies and protects items that are lost or stolen and can also offer a blanket coverage to protect your jewelry and other valuables at a pre-determined value before the policy has been started.


Olympus Insurance Company offers access to claims or questions with live support or chat with a representative on the computer anytime day or night. They also offer secure on line bill paying options to make it more convenient for you. Olympus Insurance has highly trained and experienced customer service representatives to assist you in any way that they can.


Olympus Insurance Company is a leading insurance company in the home insurance business in Florida. They strive to radically change the insurance industry and keep growing as they offer the support and integrity to their customers and agents that a business needs to succeed.  At times when the economy isn’t the greatest and life can be tough, Olympus Insurance has maintained and grew through these moments and don’t back down easily. They plan on being there through it all and keep on thriving. At Olympus Insurance Company, they offer superior strength, stability and service and are an insurance company that you can trust to be there for you in your time of need.

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