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Maison Insurance Company

Maison Insurance company received its Certificate of Authorization only in November of 2012 from the Louisiana Department of Insurance meaning it has only been around for a short while.  It has certainly made a lot of noise in its seven-year history.  They are a wholly owned subsidiary of 1347 Property Insurance Holdings Inc. with their base in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  They began their homeowner’s, manufacturer’s home and dwelling programs in 2013 as well as took part in the Louisiana Citizen Depopulation program during December 2012 and in 2013, again in 2014 and 2015.  This company assumed upwards of 10,000 policies. By December of 2015, they were up and running full throttle in Texas having received their Certificate of Authorization in May of 2015.  While in 2017, Maison expanded their services into Florida.

Maison shines with well over four hundred representatives throughout Florida, Louisiana, and Texas.  The experience that their management teams bring to the table can’t be beaten with their combined years averaging over 150 in the coastal state industry as well as claims.  They are just large enough to bring security to their customers in the realm of financial security, stability, and protection, but they’re small enough that they’re able to give the personal touch when it comes to providing the customer with support.  They pride themselves on the approach that they take in making sure the customer has an individual, one-on-one, personal experience when they deal with their staff.



Maison makes sure that customers are satisfied with the way their plans don’t deviate in terms from one renewal to the next and the rates remain stable.



Initial premiums to renew are often competitive where clients will likely see savings.  These are capped at 10% so none of the customers will be subjected to rocky prices that will happen after an active season of storms.


Ease of Use

The clients and the agents have access to the accounts and the premium payments in a very user-friendly platform.  The customer support services are superior if there is ever any questions or concerns in dealing with the system.


24/7 Claims

The claim service area is open 24/7 for any type of emergency that arises.  They are seasoned professionals ready to handle the situation in a compassionate and immediate fashion.


Demotech, Inc., a financial analysis firm that rates insurance agencies on their financial stability and has been doing so since 1985, rated Maison at an A, exceptional.  That makes them stand out in the crowd as a safe, secure company to deal with.




Maison Insurance Company prides themselves on sitting down with their clients to analyze which specific homeowners plan will work better based on their individual needs.  They provide the client with the rates, terms, plans and help them figure out all of the variables involved in their overall situation.


Homeowners simplified:


  •  Covers damage to the structure.
  •  Covers damage to any other structure on the property, e.g. a shed or a garage.
  •  Personal belongings.
  • Coverage for valuables. (Within reasonable limits.)
  • Temporary living expenses in case you need them if your home has been damaged.
  • Personal liability if someone has been injured or else their property has been damaged while on your property.


Owning a second home or seasonal or renting: (A dwelling fire insurance policy)


  • Covers damage to a structure.
  • Covers damage to another structure on the property, e.g. a shed or a garage.
  • Reimbursement for the rental expenses.
  • The personal liability expenses in case someone were to be injured or else their property has been damaged while on your property.




Maison Insurance Company holds various policies for manufactured homes set up specifically to meet particular needs.  They will sit down and design a policy and a payment plan to fit the situation that you are in with your unique requirements.


  • Owner-occupied primary residence.
  • Not the primary residence.  Use it intermittently or seasonally.
  • Coverage for a manufactured home that the owner rents out.
  • Coverage for someone who is renting a manufactured home.


Maison offers a wide variety of payment plans for each of these situations.




Maison will offer wind and hail coverage for homes from 75,000 to 750,000. There are varying deductible options offered which will depend on the property value and where the property is from $500 for wind (other than an actually named storm) to a max of 5% deductible (for a named storm).  The homes need to be well-maintained dwellings which display pride of ownership.




This insurance company offers flood coverage to its clients and highly recommends that they consider taking it out.  They advise that floods are the number one natural disaster in the United States and that most homeowners are caught without a flood policy.  Regular home policies won’t cover damages done by floods or rising water.  Just an inch or two of water inside of a home can cause extensive damage and be very expensive. All fifty states within the past five years have experienced some type of flash flooding or flooding.  Each one. No one is immune to being in a flood zone.  Everybody is within a flood zone. If you’re considered to be living in a high-risk flood area and have a federally backed mortgage, your lender requires you to have coverage.


Maison provided all of that information to make sure that folks understand, floods are not something to mess around with.  Their damage is devastating.  A lot of people are under the misconception that having homeowners insurance will just take care of every kind of natural disaster, but it doesn’t do anything for this.  You really need to talk to a reputable carrier like Maison Insurance Company. Let their experienced team explain to you exactly what types of things your particular homeowners insurance will actually cover.  You may be very surprised and feel the need to obtain some of the supplemental policies out there to go hand-in-hand with your primary coverage so you’re very prepared.  A home is a huge asset, costly asset, to leave just partially insured. Let the experts help you get the right plans.

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