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St. Johns Insurance Company

St. Johns Insurance Company arrived on the scene in 2003 showcasing a seasoned managerial team racking up twenty-nine years of service in the industry between them.  The company is based in Orlando, Florida, and is a privately owned organization that specializes in homeowner’s insurance products/services.  St. Johns Holding Company is the owner and St. James Insurance Group is the major stockholder (underwriters of homeowner’s policies since 1984).  The commitment that this team holds for offering quality to its customers has made it among the most popular in Florida. You want quality when it comes to protecting your dwelling.  This is your biggest, most prized, most costly asset. Before you dive on in with St. Johns Insurance be sure to review these factors. By doing so, you can ensure this company is the best fit for you and your needs.


Financial Stability

You need to know the company is going to be in business for the duration of your needs.  Demotech, Inc., is responsible for ranking insurances companies based on their security.  For St. Johns Insurance Company, Demotech was able to give them an A, exceptional, rating. Simply, put this company is financially stable.



It’s important to find out if the company focuses on your need, e.g. homeowner’s insurance, or is that just one of the areas that they offer insurance for.  If they insure many different types of things, they aren’t experts in any one thing.  With St. Johns, their specialty is homeowner’s insurance. Simply put they have a lot of experience in the insurance world and can provide whatever policy type you need.



St.Johns have a good reputation for handling fair claims and having amazing customer support. Always make sure you read reviews left by customers. That way you can know 100% if St.Johns is the company for you and your needs.



Cost is not ultimately going to be your deciding factor, but it is something that you will take into consideration with your decision.  You don’t want to go based on price in order to get the cheapest company you can find out there because you lose standards.  Luckily you can find reasonable rates right here with St. Johns.


Product and services offered


St. Johns Insurance Company offers a standard H03 homeowner’s policy and a standard H06 condo policy.  With these programs, there are optional ‘endorsements’ which are upgrades that you can add to the plans. No matter what type of coverage you need, this company has your back.


For both Homeowners and Condo plans:


  • Replacement Cost Coverage On Contents
  • Scheduled Personal Property
  • Increased Ordinance and Law Coverage
  • Identity Theft Expense Coverage
  • Personal Injury Coverage


And for the Condo plans only:


  • Increased Loss Assessment Coverage
  • Unit Owner’s Coverage A – Special Coverage


These optional endorsements are available under either the Shield or Shield + plans with St. Johns.  These are plans that offer coverage on more items within the home to that of the basic plan.  The Shield offers a bit more than the basic and the Shield + offers even more than the Shield.


The H03 Homeowner’s plan:


  • Dwelling limits.  Coverage at 100,000 to max of 2,000,00.
  • Other structure limits.  2% standard of coverage A with a max of 25%
  • Contents limits.  At a standard max of 50% of coverage A.
  • Personal liability limits.  100,000.  300,000.  500,000.
  • Base deductible.  All other perils – $1,000.
  • Hurricane – 2% (when the wind coverage will be included)



The H06 Condo plan:


  • Additions/Alterations  Coverage at 5,000 to 150,000 max
  • Contents limits 25,000 to 300,000 max
  • Personal liability limits  100,000  300,000  500,000
  • Base deductible  All other perils  $1,000
  • Hurricane – 2% (when the wind coverage will be included)


Florida Dwelling Fire Policy is offered:


  • Coverage at 75,000 to 1,000,000 max
  • Base deductible $500



Equipment Breakdown Coverage:


This is something that St. Johns offers which is a plan that most homeowner’s insurance plans don’t.  It goes over and above by covering appliances and equipment that you would find standard in a technologically-advanced ‘smart’ home, e.g. computers, plasma television, central air/heating, pool or spa, any kind of equipment that you can think of that would pertain to essential household systems or personal properties.  This would actually, possibly be less expensive than the warranties that you obtain from the manufacturer’s of the products.


  • Coverage at 50,000 max per occurrence
  • Base deductible $500
  • Annual premium $50



Personal Umbrella Liability Policy:


A policy that provides coverage that goes over and above the limits of the homeowner’s and the condo plans.  It actually protects you from any type of lawsuit that would result from someone having an accident on your property or a fall.  It’s available to all folks who have a primary residence policy with St. Johns.  Coverage is available at 1,000,000 or 2,000,000.


Identity Theft Coverage


You don’t see this often so it kind of stood out among the homeowner’s policy information.  This insurance company actually offers a plan to handle your identity theft for you.  They will handle the entire process with an identity theft kit that they send to you.


  • $25,000 limit for the expenses as they pertain to the identity theft and the ID fraud
  • $25 per year premium


They will cover $1,000 per week for up to five weeks of lost wages.  It covers any kind of loan application fees that you need to take out as well as legal fees that you would need to get consent for prior to.  They will help you to defend lawsuits, remove judgments either criminal or civil that were entered wrongfully, challenge your credit report, and also smaller items like notary expenses or certified letters and use of your phone.  That is truly amazing.


When you want to find a good insurance company, St. Johns Insurance Company have their customer’s best interest at heart. This company is professional, boasts a great financial rating, and can provide you with any type of coverage you want. What more do you need?

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