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National General Insurance

National General Insurance Florida

Comprehensive insurance coverage is essential to protecting what matters most in life. National General understands the importance of safeguarding your valuables and loved ones. In addition, they offer complete coverage options that provide peace of mind. National General Insurance is a trusted name in the industry with a wide range of policies tailored to meet individual needs. This article will explore why choosing comprehensive coverage with the National General company is wise.

Do you need car, truck, van, or motorcycle insurance in Florida? Would you prefer an insurance company that takes the hassle out of insurance by helping you find the policy for you at the price you want? What about an insurance company that is there when you need them the most? Well, then, you have come to the right place. National General Insurance (formerly GMAC until recently) is the one for you and wants to serve you.

National General Insurance is Founded.

GMAC was started in 1939 in Winston Salem, North Carolina, as Motors Insurance Corporation. It is the only company in the United States to form out of the automotive industry. It was a branch of Ally Financial until it sold GMAC to Maiden Holdings in 2010. GMAC Insurance is the 15th largest underwriting company in the United States. In 2012, they added GMAC Insurance to Coverhound. On this technological internet site, people can see the best offers from the top insurance carriers before deciding on an insurance policy. Just recently, GMAC Insurance became National General Insurance.

In 2021, Allstate purchased National General Auto Insurance. It still focuses on car insurance in Florida. However, all the policies are now backed and supported by Allstate Insurance.

Products Offered.

National General Insurance offers a multi-line product package with a personal line of insurance for your automobile. They believe in experience, which is yours, and start with your needs, put into a policy that works for you, your family, and your automobiles. Furthermore, they have over 60 years of experience in the automobile industry. Finally, they take pride in their products and services to provide you with the best and most affordable plan, whether your 1st car or your 30th one.

National General Insurance Auto Insurance covers bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision, comprehensive medical payments, uninsured and underinsured motorists, and personal injury protection. These all come with features that are first class and have many benefits. One of these is Smart Valet, where a car will bring you a rental car and take your vehicle to someone for repair in case of damage or an accident. They will return your car once they fix it and take the rental car back to the agency.

They Offer Warranties On All Repairs.

National General also provides a lifetime guarantee on collision repair work at their certified agency. They also want you to be happy with your claims, so if you are unsatisfied, they will waive your deductible of up to $250. They will also supply up to a $500 allowance after an emergency to help you with food, housing, and travel expenses so you won’t be stranded should something happen. In addition, they also have a SmartReplacement service that lets you find the exact car you want should your current vehicle become a total loss. Finally, National General offers a Smartinspect Plan, where specialists inspect your vehicle once they repair it to ensure perfection.

National General Insurance also offers a Smart Services Plan for safety, convenience, and flexibility. The safety part of this plan has a lifetime guarantee on all repairs made at one of their participating shops. It will ensure they inspect your car after they fix it to be sure it is ready to go. In addition, they waive your deductible of up to $250 if you are not satisfied with your claim give you an emergency travel allowance up to $500 to pay for your housing, food, and travel expenses so you won’t strand yourself after your claim, offer a $500 theft reward for any information to find out who stole your vehicle so they can get it back to you as fast as they can and 24 hours claim to report with most claims that are minor being handled over the phone and taken care of within 48 hours.

Additional Services.

The convenience part of the National General Insurance Smart Services Plan offers a service where they will come and pick up your damaged car. Then, they bring you a rental until they repair your car and then swap it back for you and a replacement car plan where they will help you find a car you want should your car be a total loss.

National General Insurance Smart Services Plan also offers an inspection of your car after they fix it to be sure it is ready to go, with optional towing to the nearest station nationwide. In addition, they wave your deductible up to $250 should you not be happy with your claims experience, up to $500 in emergency expenses for food, travel, and lodging so you won’t be stranded if something happens, and 24-hour claim reporting you can make on the phone for minor claims. They usually pay those claims in 48 hours. If not, they offer convenient payment plans and options to fit your budget and lifestyle.

The National General Insurance Smart Services Plan’s flexibility part offers additional equipment protection to add things to your automobile. Items include but are not limited to bed liner, body lift, and custom wheels. Intelligent drive coverage, where you will get a full-size car delivered right to you and never see a bill for it. Moreover, convenient payment options allow you to pay all at once in whole or in payments to fit your budget.

Discounts from National General Insurance Are Available.

National General Insurance also offers discounts for their auto policies and intelligent drivers. These include a discount to use certified GM products and services, a deal to pay all at once and in total, a discount to have more than one vehicle insured on your National General Insurance policy, a value of all of your cars on the policy are made by GM, a discount for being a safe driver and a deal to have your auto and RV on the same policy.

National General Insurance also offers discounts for being a safe rider on your motorcycle. Furthermore, they have discounts for having more than one insured vehicle through them. In addition, they give deals for having a subscription to On-Star in your car, driving less than 15,000 miles a year, and discounts for active and retired GM employees and families. Finally, they have affinity discounts for specific organizations and employees who work for businesses that help supply General Motors.

They Even Offer RV Insurance In Florida

National General Insurance also offers RV insurance in Florida to protect your ‘traveling home’ away from home from damages or total loss and to protect you and your family. Your belongings should something happen while on the road and camping in your RV. This line of insurance also offers options, discounts, and services worth looking into if you own and operate an RV.

National General Insurance also has Homeowners Insurance, Renters Insurance, Condominium Insurance, and Specialized Insurance Policies to fit life. These plans provide insurance coverage that is comprehensive, flexible, and affordable. In addition, these insurance policies have many options, discounts, and services customized to fit your needs and protect what is important to you.

# Why Choose Comprehensive Coverage with National General Insurance?

Regarding insurance coverage, National General Insurance stands out due to its commitment to comprehensive protection. With comprehensive coverage, you can rest easy knowing you have protected yourself against risks and potential losses. Whether it’s your home, vehicle, or personal belongings, National General has policies to cover all aspects of your life. Their comprehensive coverage options include protection against natural disasters, theft, and accidents.

Moreover, National General understands that no two individuals are the same, so they offer customizable coverage options. By tailoring your policy to your specific needs, you can ensure that you are adequately protected without paying for coverage you don’t require. National General offers flexibility and peace of mind, from basic range to comprehensive packages.

Safeguarding Your Valuables and Loved Ones with National General Insurance

Your valuables and loved ones are priceless; protecting them should be your utmost priority. National General Insurance recognizes this and provides comprehensive coverage to safeguard what matters most to you. Whether it’s your home, car, or personal belongings, National General offers policies to provide financial protection during unexpected events.

With National General Insurance, you can rest easily knowing they protect your home against natural disasters like fires, floods, and earthquakes. Their comprehensive coverage options also extend to personal property, ensuring that it covers your belongings in theft, damage, or loss. Additionally, National General offers extensive vehicle coverage, protecting you and your loved ones on the road.

Get A Quote Today.

National General Insurance wants you to be delighted. In addition, they will handle your claims as quickly, professionally, and efficiently as possible to keep your business for years and get you back on the road quickly and safely! They want to give you peace of mind that you are protected in your home or on the road if something happens. Moreover, they want you to count on them and be there when needed.

In conclusion, choosing comprehensive coverage with National General is wise to protect what matters most in your life. With its commitment to providing complete protection, customizable policies, and a range of coverage options, National General is a trusted name in the industry. Safeguarding your valuables and loved ones should be a top priority. National General allows you to do so with ease and peace of mind. Don’t leave your future to chance – choose comprehensive coverage with National General Insurance today.

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