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Omega Insurance Agency

See what Florida’s finest has to offer. Omega Insurance has everything set up for you when it comes to insurance. Be ensured in every way possible, so that you have everything need to move forward in life. Find out if Omega Insurance is right for you. We offer quotes with no obligations or cost. This is perfect if you are just looking to find out simple solutions to your problems. If it turns out that it is not right for you, then no worries we both learned something. In this article, we will dive into more details regarding what Omega Insurance is about and why it is a standout insurance agency.


Adapted for the modern age, Omega Insurance is far from an outdated, old school insurance company. Just take a quick glance at our website and our social media profiles. They adapt to modern day needs. This company is only a few years old so it’s brand new compared to some other insurance companies. Being the new kid on the block, this company can keep up with the latest trends. In our quick time in business, they have already accrued many high profiled customers. In addition, Omega has gathered an impressive list of customer feedback by providing exactly what customers want and need. Part of our success has been the fact that this company is completely independent, and do not work for other insurance companies. They provide insurance on their own, based on their own merit.


Customer service is number one. Our experts have a knack of finding you just the right fit, at an extraordinary price. Ripping you off is not our unspoken motto like it is for so many other companies. Our motto is simply to provide the best service at the right price. They can do that for you at Omega Insurance. They also offer insurance in a wide range spectrum. From home to auto it’s all covered to meet your insurance needs. Here is a more in-depth look at this company covers.


Commercial Lines Insurance


Work a physically demanding job? Need an emergency recovery plan in case you injure yourself? Be it construction jobs or any other physically demanding jobs, you are day in and day out putting yourself at danger. Risking injuries every time you head to work is not smart without being backed by insurance.


Some of these jobs also require lots of traveling. Business vehicle transportation through a truck or car can indeed be risky as well. If it is not covered, then you could risk losing a lot. The insurance here is separate than your personal car insurance so remember that. Driving for a companies vehicle and getting into an accident can be covered cheaply with Omega Insurance Agency. You can also make this work to cover all of your employee’s burdens when they take out or borrow your vehicles. Here is a list of vehicles things that are covered when it comes to commercial vehicles.


  • Pickups
  • Cargo Vans
  • Dump Trucks
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Tow Trucks
  • Public Auto
  • Charter
  • School transportation
  • Physical damage


Do you own a restaurant? Do you deal with thermal or nuclear energy in factories? Are the risks of fires high in the company you work? Believe me, buildings going down to rubber, thanks to the fire, is a lot more common than you probably think. This includes home business as well. Omega Insurance Agency offers a comprehensive coverage plan for buildings that go down thanks to the fire. It is called BOP coverage. This covers all businesses who suffer damages and losses due to accidental fires. It covers structure and content losses, including any damages caused to other buildings or businesses.


Sometimes things don’t always go as planned when it comes to our products or services. That is why they offer liability insurance. You guessed it, liability insurance covers anytime you have an accident or intentionally defect that causes harm or damage to another person or business. It can also protect you from legal issues surrounding this issue.


Crimes and trying times. Omega is all susceptible to horrible crimes that can cause us significant losses. This is especially true the bigger your business is. The more money your business appears to have, the more crime it could potentially attract. How much you lose however in the event of a crime or theft can vary greatly. You could lose everything, or very little. The risk could also be higher depending on your business type and location. Most insurances don’t cover all of the potential losses as a result of crimes in their packages. Omega Insurance Agency is different in this situation. They cover virtually all losses in the event of crime or theft. Just tell us exactly how much you are risking on a day to day basis so our brokers can best match the right package for your price and service wise.


They offer premium coverage services for individuals as well. On an individual basis, this company covers anything that is



  •     Auto
  •     Boat Insurance
  •     Dwelling Fire
  •     Investment Properties
  •     Flood
  •     Home
  •     Motorcycle Insurance
  •     RV
  •     Renters



On any occasion of transportation, driving to work, picking someone or something up, they got you covered if anything goes wrong. They will cover your medical expenses as well if need be. Natural disasters can strike at any time. Protect you, your home, and your family in the unfateful occurrence of a natural disaster. Omega has your entire losses covered for your property in the event of a natural disaster. All in all, you will be covered you in any situation. It is split into two large sections. Commercial and personal. You are covered when it comes to anything commercial, in business, and so forth. We all drive and maneuver vehicles every day, risking accidents and injury. Stay ensured so that you do not have to worry about paying your loses with your entire bank account. Premium and unmatched prices are offered here at Omega. If you are looking for the best insurance in the U.S, Omega is the best-kept secret that the world hasn’t caught on to yet.

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