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Do you have trouble getting auto insurance due to your past history as a driver, older age or a newer driver just beginning? Is auto insurance complicated and hard for you to understand? Are you looking for an auto insurance group who can simplify it for you and give you outstanding service, quality insurance and affordable rates no matter what your past history is behind the wheel? Well, then look no farther because that is exactly why Omni Insurance Group is here.


Omni Insurance Group began in 1986 and is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Omni Insurance Group has been a branch of American Independent Insurance Company since November of 2006 and branches out throughout the South and Midwest in fifteen states which include Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington.


Omni Insurance Group is a quickly growing auto insurance that is stable and trustworthy and has been rated a B+ (very good)  by A.M. Best, which is a financial rating service for the insurance industry. Omni Insurance Group main area of specialty is to provide customized auto insurance with affordable rates, low down payment options and payment plans that work for you, including the option of paying your premium every month so you don’t have to save to pay it quarterly, semi-annually or annually, which can be hard to do for most people. Omni Insurance Group strives to meet each customers individual needs by working with them to find the insurance plan and adjust it just for them to suit their individual lives and situations. Omni Insurance Group makes having insurance so much simpler so you can get out there and enjoy more important things in your life.


Omni Insurance Group recognizes that many people cannot afford a huge down payment to get the acceptable auto insurance that is required by the law so they will work with you to get a lower down payment to make it more affordable for you and a payment plan that fits your income so that you don’t struggle to keep your insurance or make your payments.


Omni Insurance Group also offers a Policy Reinstatement Plan for up to 30 days. This plan will cover you if you forget to pay your premium or a situation arises that you can’t pay it. Unfortunately, there will be a break in your coverage, but if you call within 30 days of not making the payment, all of your records will still remain and you can start back up at the next month without changing the premium amount or having to start all over with a new policy. This protects the customer and is a really vital plan offered by Omni Insurance Group.


Omni Insurance Group can provide you with an insurance quote in seconds with just some general information from the customer, such as name, date of birth, gender, address with zip code and vehicle information. Omni Insurance Group uses a real time agent website so makes getting coverage, policy number and ID cards possible in just a few short minutes. This provides the customer with instant coverage and payment schedules that are set up through the end of their insurance term. Omni Insurance Group prides themselves in making the insurance transaction fast and easy for their customers and giving them the reassurance that they are covered right away in the event that something should happen.


Omni Insurance Group also offers discounts on auto insurance policies that vary depending on whether you are married and living with your spouse, over 55 years old and have taken a driving course over the last three years, a clean driving record and situations as these. Omni Insurance Group does their best to make insurance affordable and reward those who deserve it. You owe it to yourself to check out the options that Omni Insurance Group has and let them help you to save money and time.


Omni Insurance Group does realize that not every driver out there has a spotless driving record so they will work with you to insure you and get you the best possible price for your insurance policy if you are a customer who has ran into a little bad luck and had too many accidents or other situations occur. Omni Insurance Group won’t just throw you under the bus and forget about you when this happens as some other companies would do.


Omni Insurance Group wants your business. They are dependable and strong in the insurance industry and want to help you have the peace of mind that you are protected if an accident should occur. Omni Insurance Group is available to help you all day long, each and every day of the year to help you in your time of need.


Omni Insurance Group has been around for many years and is there for you when you are behind the wheel of an automobile and need them for your protection and those around you. Omni Insurance Group has trained and experienced customer service and agents to help you to decide which policy, payment option and deductibles are right for you. At Omni Insurance Group, they value your business and your time and file claims in a quick and timely manner to get you back on the road. Omni Insurance Group rides on the roads right along with you so you can know that you are never alone. Now that is comforting to know when you are out there on the roads nowadays.

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