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How many have seen the commercials on TV with Flo? She is the insurance girl with black bobbed hair, a white shirt with a white apron appliqued with a logo, white pants, and a name tag. In addition, she has an “I Love Insurance” button, red lipstick, and blue “Chuck Taylor” shoes. We have seen many exciting and sometimes corny commercials representing an insurance company. However, how many remember the name of that insurance company? If anyone said Progressive Insurance, the commercials help advertise the Company effectively. As a result, people can remember one of the leaders in auto insurance.

Progressive Insurance In The Beginning.

Progressive Insurance began in 1937 as the Progressive Mutual Insurance Company when two lawyers decided to start an auto insurance company to give people peace of mind and protection while on the road. They have always tried to remain ahead of the competition. In addition, they were the first to provide drive-in claims. Furthermore, customers can pay their premiums in installments to help make insurance more affordable and accessible for people to insure their vehicles.

In 1931, Progressive Insurance Company moved into its new location in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The move gave them much-needed room due to their growing business. They started exploring ideas to set the Company apart to keep the business growing.

Progressive Insurance formed Progressive Casualty Company in 1956. Their focus was writing policies for drivers without a good driving record and considered a higher risk. However, today, they insure all kinds of drivers. Their continued growth formed The Progressive Corporation in the 1960s. Then, they became a public company in 1971 and moved their main headquarters in 1974 to the Cleveland Suburb of Mayfield Village.

Progressive Generates Its First Billion In Premium.

By 1987, Progressive grew steadily and had made over $1 billion in premiums. Then, in the early 1990s, they launched the Immediate Response claims service, available anytime, day or night, any day of the year, to process and handle claims quickly and efficiently. As a result, Progressive became the largest seller of auto insurance in 1992. By 1994, they were above $2 billion in premiums.

That same year, they initiated a phone service called 1-800-AUTO-PRO. The number later turned to ito1-800-PROGRESSIVE. Both permitted a person to discover their rates on a phone call. Furthermore, customers can view competitors’ rates. Then, after hearing the rates and comparisons, they decided it was the perfect coverage. In that case, they could sign up for Progressive Auto Insurance. Also, in 1994, they launched an Immediate Response Vehicle (IRV) that would bring experienced and licensed claims professionals right to where customers needed them, even if that meant to the actual scene of an accident.

Modern-Day Progressive Insurance.

By the early 2000s, Progressive was looking for even more innovative ideas to help make the whole insurance and claims experience better for everyone involved, from the customer to the body shop person. This concierge service is where the customer drops the vehicle off at any Progressive claims office. They take care of everything, reducing the time between 4 days to 15 minutes. Then, all the customer has to do is get the vehicle once someone repairs it.

How great is that for an insurance company? So, customers may ask what to do if the car is totaled and nobody can repair it. In 2006, they started a total loss concierge service for that too. They will help the customer find another vehicle at a reasonable price and even help find financing.

With these services, Progressive Insurance has grown an average of 17% yearly for nine years straight, increasing revenue by almost $11 billion. They were the first Company to launch its website when the internet took off in 1995. Progressives’ website has continued to advance and grow. It offers many different options that anyone can access every day or night. Customers can make payments, report claims, or talk to a live representative.

Types Of Coverage Offered.

The Progressive Insurance Company offers more than just an insurance policy for a car in Florida. They offer motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles (RVs), business vehicles, snowmobiles, and Segway HTs. They will also help find a Florida homeowners policy to fit their needs.

Progressive has top-rated, highly trained customer service representatives who are there to help with their customers’ claims. Furthermore, agents are ready to answer any questions and solve any problems. In addition, they work through local agents who know each area well. This interaction helps determine what insurance best suits customers’ needs. With more than 30,000 independent agencies in the United States, there is likely one locally in the area ready to assist in any insurance need required.

Progressive strives to be forward-thinking. It keeps advancing and creating new ideas by providing customers with what they want. As a result, they develop new ideas to offer state-of-the-art and cutting-edge products and services. As one of the top companies in the insurance business, their goal is to continue growing and staying in the insurance industry.

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